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I played through the entire of Batman: Arkham Asylum on hard when my save got corrupted just before the final boss, making me lose my whole progress through the game. I never started over :(

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I found it weird that there are no nazi salutes in the game. You see some statues depicted doing it but with the wrong (right) hand. Does anyone know the reason behind this? Is it to be able to sell it in Germany?

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The post above is the forum equivalent of that dude in Men in Black who wears a human skin to try to blend in on Earth.

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Watch Dogs and PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate. I think WD is a pretty decent game. It's main problem is that is it a bit dour and charmless but I enjoy the gameplay itself and the hacking other people bit is still kind of fun and gives the world some color.

PJSU is actually pretty great. There are elements of it that are frustrating in a bad way but mostly it's got some really well built challenges. It's more of a puzzle game than a shooter though.

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The War on Drugs - Lost in the Dream. What a fantastic album this is.

I'm with you on St. Vincent too. Saw her live too and she killed it. Great talent.

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What's the point of a countdown if you're not going to start when it ends?

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Alright, I feel like I have overstated my original point. I'm not saying it's not more risky to launch new IP, just that I believe it's not to the point that some publishers seem to believe. Those of you who say that it's mostly about perception of the stock holders are probably right.

Obviously the I've picked and chosen the list I posted, it was only because I felt there was this idea that the first game in a new franchise can't do well.

I totally get why we keep seeing new Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, GTA and so on, but I don't really get why publishers will keep pushing franchises that are not even big sellers. Why not take the chance to actually have a huge success, rather than launch something that you know will just keep the wheels spinning?

But you're probably right that it's all about making a financial forecast you can count on.