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Back in my day, we called a remaster a "port".

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MGSV-Bloodborne-The witcher 3 and Batman for me

This. There are plenty of highly anticipated games coming out over the next few months. Jeff just doesn't like any of them.

That's three games for the rest of the year, the last one to come out in September. As someone else said, compare that to 2007: Haze, Lair, Forza 2, Halo 3, PGR 4, Ratchet and Clank: TOD, Heavenly Sword, BioShock, Assassin's Creed 1, Mass Effect 1, Uncharted 1, Call of Duty 4, Lost Planet, Crackdown, Dirt, WarHawk, The Orange Box.

Granted some of those weren't good, but lots of new IP (at the time) and some absolute classics. It's hard not to feel that big console games have taken a huge step back in terms of number of releases and risk taking since that time. Even if there still is some exciting titles to look forward to this year.

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Started sending friend requests to people in this thread. Psn name is RasMag76

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Dan has freshened up the content so much since he arrived. Metal Gear Scanlon, Mario Party Party, the rollercoaster ride, Demo Derby, all some of my favourite content on the site last year, all brought about by Dan. Frankly, it was a much-needed shake-up, too.

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something literally no one wanted - the harmonix motto

I laughed, because it's kinda true.

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Reading up on the Metal Gear Wiki, it reminded me that it is Raiden that rescues Sunny from the Patriots and gives her to Snake and Otacon, and it's Sunny who programs the virus that shuts down the Patriots. So in that sense, not killing Raiden at the end of 2 directly leads to their end.

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After seeing the ending again on Metal Gear Scanlon, I also have a thing that bugs me (ending spoiler): Why do the Patriots let Raiden and Snake go at the end? They both have detailed knowledge about the S3 plan, why would they just be allowed to leave with that information? Has this ever been addressed?

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@karkarov said:

I like this list better than the sites list though I am still mystified how Shadows of Mordor is game of the year. It is fun sure, the nemesis system is cool, but it is still a one trick pony.

It's a game that no one really hates, so it's probably easier to reach consensus on, than a lot of other games that came out this year.

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Yeah the no nudity thing is ridiculous.

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According to Lucas Pope on Twitter. I'm massively excited about this. Seems like a perfect fit for the platform.