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Prepare for online petitions!

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I'm so bummed by this. I loved the first one but no way am I buying a console for the sequel. Have to hope it's timed.

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@theht: the Mako itself was fine, everything around it was terrible.

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@oldirtybearon: To me it just feels like some people completely lose all critical thought when it comes to exploration elements and RPG elements. These were cookie cutter landscapes, mostly completely empty except for a few collectibles and the way they gave you to navigate it felt terrible to control most of the time. To me It made the galaxy feel empty and lifeless. I much preferred the side missions centered on helping your squadmates in the latter games, missions that felt properly designed.

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Lauda just said that Rosberg wasn't close enough and Hamilton was right not to let him pass. I guess that settles that.

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I hope they make the Mako stuff a seperate game where y'all can pick up audio logs and Turian insignias while getting stuck on geometry to your heart's content. They may even let you palette swap the color of the sky yourself.

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It's really funny how often Hamilton's out because of some technical mishaps. But oh well, in the actual race he'll probably catch up to podium once again.

Also once more a fantastic strategical job by Ferrari.

VERY unlikely IMO. Hungaroring is basically impossible to overtake on. Maybe if there is rain and safety cars.

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@karkarov: Aiden decides to kill his old partner, the partner just kidnaps his sister before he can do it.

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@hailinel said:

@zeik said:

@impossibilium: The point is that there is no non-dick path. There is no way to complete the objectives of the game without being a dick to someone somewhere. You only get to choose how much of a dick you are.

And even then, the choices range from complete dickwad to total asshole. There's no "well-meaning vigilante" here. Just a selfish cretin that threatens the lives and safety of numerous innocents to avenge a single death.

I had no interest playing Watchdogs whatsoever until this article and reading the comments.

But now I do. Very much so.

I'm tired of playing good guys, or loveable assholes, or han solos, the self defense excuses all that bullshit. People seem to be saying Aiden is a selfish dick and a piece of shit. That actually sounds 99% more interesting then your average videogame protagonist. Playing the bad guy, I want to do that.

(and not the psychopath type of stuff Infamous: SS does, or Kratos for example, but everything i've read here so far, paints a picture of a somewhat realistic and believable bad guy, a bad guy going down that road naturally)

That would be fine but the game doesn't know he is a bad guy. It tries to sell him as a basically good, if flawed, guy, and it just doesn't add up with what he actually does. There is no consistency to his character, one moment he is handwringing over the moral grey area he inhabits, the next he is icing fools in cold blood. One second he is doing criminal work and stealing cancer patients' money without a second thought, the next he is rescuing civilians out of burning cars. And he does this all in this charmless monotone that mostly makes him seem sort of bored.