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@AaronChance: Agreed. Anyone who saw all the DS revisions should have seen this coming. I will however, have no problem buying a vita on day 1, as my PSP-1000 stayed totally viable for the duration of its use (minus upgrading the battery once).
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Seriously, you can't use amazon or gamestop online?

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good to hear they will be supporting this for a long time to come.

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I have gotten quite good at it regretfully. To be honest, I use it when I need to get something done. Like telling a professor I had a family emergency to get an extension on a paper, things like that. 

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yeahhh boy!

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I totally get where you are coming from SolemnOaf, but I do think there was a lot of great things for the hardcore amidst the motion control bullshit. 

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Its only 20 dollars, great single and multiplayer.
Definitely pick it up if you have the cash to spare.
Haha im still working on platinum'ing the game.
EDIT: Yes, it still has a very healthy online community

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I occasionally smoke, maybe 3 times a month

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Id say nicki, I also appreciate her more musically as well. I don't like her, but I do believe she has some talent as far as rapping goes, while keisha is a dumb slut with a karaoke machine.

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is excited