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I was liking the game up until the brother's death because of the fact that it felt so out of place and unearned. I understand that the developers wanted to tell a story about loss and all, but I feel like they could have come up with something much better to carry out that plot point. Having the older brother basically turn into a sociopath and try to murder the spider-lady felt completely idiotic. Yes I understand that she was trying to kill them and in a real life situation any normal person would be distraught and wouldn't be themselves, but the developers went out of their way to show that she was totally powerless with only 2 legs left. At that point the brothers would have been able to escape easily, but the game gives you no choice but to revenge-kill her in a way that feels completely unnecessary other than to serve to kill the older brother.

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Damn. I was hoping for a Payday 2 TNT

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Wow, this is incredibly sad

I wonder what happened

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@fourwude: The Inception Bwaaaa is actually the sound you hear when you hold bacon up to your ear

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@lackingsaint: Yeah that part creeped me out so much the first time I found it

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Awesome. I just hope I didn't spoil anything for you :P

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Bump because I've really got to stop posting things late at night when nobody is online

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Hey guys, I'm looking for some bombers who would be down to play ranked games

A bit about me: I've been playing league for about 2 years now and am trying to climb my way up the ranked ladder. The only problem is that for some reason, despite working my way into silver with a pretty solid 2:1 win/loss ratio, for some reason the game now matches me with people in bronze V every time I solo queue, which after dealing with endless trolls gets really infuriating.

I was hoping to alleviate some of the pain by finding someone fun to duo with. I mostly play top lane, but I'm also a solid mid, jungle and support. I'm also the kind of guy who's generally very fun and polite in-game (and out), and until very recently had a great teammate badge (which went away due to inactivity while I was moving :( ).

Anyways this is starting to sound like some bizarre dating profile so I'm gonna end it here. Username is Mackin Cheese on the NA servers. Hit me up if you wanna play

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Well you could essentially play an old 360 game while using the snap features to do skype chat or anything else.

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During an interview with some girl from reddit Major Nelson quickly dropped the fact that you will be able to connect an Xbox 360 to the Xbox One via the HDMI in, essentially allowing you to play 360 games while overlaying the new interface (though I imagine you'd still have to use your old controllers)

the video:

http://youtu.be/2lMhjM9BK7M (starts at 6:53)