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@ratcabbage: That really really sucks. But let me say that your post was enjoyable to read, even though the story told was sad. You write quite well, I actually paused my podcast after the first few sentences

Thanks! That's high praise. I rarely pause a podcast for anything.

I can't believe that this is still happening a year into the console's life. I checked the manufacturing date on the back and it was only May 2014!

Oh, well. On the plus side, my replacement PS4 gets here today and if my luck holds out I'll be able to write the sequel!

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I'd appreciate and invite on Ultros as well. Name: Uhn Tiss. Conjurer planning on going White Mage. Thanks!

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I spoke with China and it turns out that Ryan's passing is something they care about.

The world is worse off without Ryan Davis.

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For some reason the Bombcast and Gaming Minute artwork don't show up on my phone. This happened once they launched the new site. I've tried all the normal "is it plugged in?" solutions to no avail. They update fine, just no art. Obviously it's not a bid deal, just a smidge irksome. I'll understand if no one cares. Thanks for reading!

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I forgot to cancel my original Xbox Live account when I created a new one after getting the 360. My sweet old mom didn't know any better so for a couple years we were paying double. Where's my Avatar hat?!

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I want to see a Superman who's frustrated with stopping petty crimes and pulling kittens out of trees and decides the only way he can really change the world is to rule it. Then who do the people turn to to bring down a dictator with the powers of a god? Lex Luthor, baby! BOOM! M. Night Shyamalan plot twist! But the world is actually a better place with Superman in charge. BOOM! Another Shyamalanian plot twist! Where's my movie check?

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Just picked up the 2K Strategy pack. Always wanted to check out the Civ games. Those Stronghold Quick Looks were nuts so I'll probably load one of those up, too. Thanks for the heads up OP!

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Can't get to the Bombcast page. Urge to kill rising...

Update: Page works now. Urge to kill fading... fading... gone.