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Thanks for the heads up. I just checked and Mass Effect is going for only $4.99! That is almost impossible to pass up.

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As a huge fan of Batman TAS this game was like a godsend. Paul Dini writing it, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill returning to voice the characters. it was impossible for this to fail. Oh yeah, and it was a great game too!

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Fantastic! This is my personal GOTY. I found myself making decisions I normally wouldn't just to gain favor with certain party members. Rarely am I that invested in a game and its characters.

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Even though my heart lies with Demon's Souls, I had a great time playing this game. Great pick. 

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This game totally deserves it. It's really hard to stop playing once you get going. I had to check out every question mark.

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@Zenaxzd said:
"At this point I would say it is to early to even predict. "

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Wow, I thought my sarcasm was measuring off the charts with my post. I guess I need to level that skill up. I understand that the list is humorous in its intent and the categories aren't meant to be taken seriously.  But come on, how many other games have an unusual homage to an Italian plumber in them? (+2 Sarcasm!)
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I don't think they take into account past GOTY winners when picking new ones. If they think MW2 deserves it this year the fact that COD4 won in 2007 shouldn't stop them from giving it the nod.    

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Excellent GOTY list! I have a feeling the awards are fixed though. Some of the categories seem to favor specific games.        
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I think a case can be made for "best" platform for any one of the choices on the list. But since the neutrality platform isn't a choice I'd pick the PC for the lame, obvious reasons.