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On the entire internet people spew hate at anyone for anything. I've never read a bad word about Ryan Davis. It was an honor to bare witness to that great man. My heart goes out to everyone affected. Today I will wear my CDC shirt in remembrance of the good times he brought us all. RIP

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My heart goes out to Patrick and his whole family. It's tough to lose a loved one.

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Here's my skills. I just went and bought new armor, shield, and weapon from AH so maybe I'll be alright. I'm also replaying act 4 on normal just for funs

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So I've been trying to get through ACT 1 of Nightmare with my Barbarian and have hit a very hard difficulty wall. I've gotten to the point where I HAVE to trade or use the Auction House to continue moving on. I have 0 interest in that. The auction house isn't very user friendly. I am not interested in researching what items I should have or how much is a fair offer... so my question is am I done with Diablo 3? I've put a few bids in for things but I have to wait for those auctions to finish to make any progress. Should I just go grind? Does that even work? Do I just not play Diablo until those auctions are done?

I don't like this situation. I want to play more. My current solution is starting new characters with different classes.

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@Toxeia: Im sorry you feel that way. I've been defensive of my idea, sure, but I'm not an asshole.

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@killacam said:

duderhood of the traveling asura's wrath.

You sir are a better man than I. I wish I would've named the thread that....

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@gamefreak9: I understand that, but I'm not a forums type of guy. I just watch the videos. Also the whole meta videogame website quest thing isn't my bag either. Also we all have to start somewhere right?

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Everyone is piling on this idea, and I understand why. I want to make it clear I know it's a dumb idea. I was just putting the idea out there and apparently everyone hates it. Wouldn't it be awesome if the idea worked though? Wouldn't it be at the very least an interesting story to follow?

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@Daiphyer: The idea is to find people who aren't assholes

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@TEHMAXXORZ: Yes I'm very naive. I assume the best of people, so sue me. Regardless of price the basic idea can still work with the right people. Where would be better to find honest people than Giantbomb?

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