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Now that the migration to steam is complete and everyone has free access to the game, any of you dudes playing? Im finding the game very interesting at the moment and Id love to group up.

I highly recommend people give this a try, it plays pretty well and looks very nice. The FPS+mech combo saved me from dumping money into Titanfall (although the games are quite different it scratched that particular itch for me I guess).

Add me on steam if you wanna give it a try! Rattle618

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This thread made me laugh a lot more than I expected it to...

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I would feel a lot worse about this if that kickstarted game wasnt already in the works, I didnt even know EA had done this.

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Get it! It will probably be longer than what you´d want, but I got a lot out of it. Sneaking around and stabbing fools was fun as hell.

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@tribeard: Success! Im happy to report that the problems are gone almost completely. Spider-man still hitches now and then but nothing compared to what it was yesterday. I also installed Hitman Absolution (which used to run so crappy I could never bring myself to play it) and it runs butter smooth now.

Thanks a lot to you and everyone else that pitched in! Im still 100% sure I will switch to Intel, but I´ll do that down the road and by building a new rig from scratch, I might even be able to hold out until DDR4 stuff becomes available.

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@tribeard: Yeap, those numbers make a lot of sense and I can save a bunch of money cause prices are quite inflated here, I guess I was trying to move away from AMD but the performance difference is not that great compared to the cost. I´ll get the 8350 now and just build a new Intel pc from the ground up when is time to upgrade again (hopefully in a long time).

I did notice that the fps drops happen every time any of the processors go around 60% or more... Ill get that new cpu tomorrow, hopefully it will solve this!

@crazybagman: I turned that off a while ago and I remember it making a difference at the time, but its been off now.

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@tribeard: Ive done some reading on cpus and even though it would be cheaper not to change the mobo Im seeing Intel greatly outperform AMD in benchmarks and reviews of all sorts, specially in single-thread operations (which as I understand is most important for games), do you think the jump from my phenom to a 8350 would be enough or should I just bite the bullet now and change the whole thing? I am looking to spend as little as I can, but I dont want to be dealing with this kind of shit every month or so, Ive usually been able to build a pc and have it perform well for 2-3 years (with the occasional upgrade) before I have to build a new one.

Im using now HWiNFO + the OSD Server from MSI afterburn to see cpu/gpu load and fps ingame (as seen here http://www.overclock.net/t/1229915/how-to-cpu-and-gpu-usage-along-with-fps-in-game ) and even though I still see the same kind of issues they do not show up in the numbers, maybe the processors will be around 40% load and I see a big fps drop for a second and MAYBE load jumps to around 60%, but I never see either the cpu or gpu go above 70%. So Im either reading it wrong or the logging is unable to report such quick drops in performance or what?

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This is what my setting have been for a few months, I left them like this so I could control graphic settings from the games themselves.

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@tribeard: @stonyman65: @believer258: @jjbsterling: Ive messed to no end with all the graphic options, and it doesnt make a difference.

Unigine gave me a score of 1083, 43 fps on average, the only noticeable fps drop was at the begining of the thing but the rest of the thing ran as I expect games to run. I set it to high settings (not ultra), x4 AA and temp stayed around 70 for both gpu and cpu.

I also tried today unplugging my HDD and DVD drives to see if it helps, but there is no change, either they do not consume enough power to make a difference or it is not a power issue. The power supply I have is supposed to be high quality, but I cant get good brands here for anything close to a reasonable price.

Is a cpu bottleneck the conclusion we are arriving at? Id hate to get a new mobo and cpu just to have the same problem, but Ill get one if I have to.

Something like a i5 4670k would be ok, right?