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I've got all the materials, but I can't find all three of the judges for the contest. I've found Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Bagley, so where's the third judge?

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What kind of reaction would I get if I suggested Sentry? Anyway 

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@Axxol said:

" So "who do want" to learn proper English? I want Nightcrawler, Havoc, Mr.Sinister, "

A simple typo oh unforgiving lord of the critical. Excuse me for being a little hasty with my post.
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So who do you want, fans of both Marvel and Capcom must have suggestions. And no Batman and Superman are not part of Marvel (just in case of the occasional newbie). Here's my list; 
Iron Fist 
One more of the X-men 
Moon Knight (he's obscure but it's the closest to getting bats in there, and I'm a fan) 
Fantastic Four 

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Doctor Strange 
Iron Fist 
Fantastic Four 

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ALRIGHT! I have been waiting for this thing for so long. Now those next 2 days are going to seem like a eternity.

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I'd like to see a life sapping plasmid so you can battle it out with some splicers but then one of them gets hit and starts to become a helpful factor in your fight. I also think a plant based plasmid would be cool, and relevant to the whole "genetically altered" theme that stands out, like a vine or a flytrap. No wait a smoke screen sort of plasmid that blinds enemies.