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Hi, would love to play with patient and cool duders on ps4. I have a level 32 Titan and 30 hunter please send friend request to raulito137 on psn. I'm on NA pacific time n usually down for nightfalls but can't find enough people 4 raids.

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PSN ID: raulito137

Time zone: Pacific Standard Time

Games: Killzone , Battlefield 4, Need for Speed, Injustice, AC 4, Warframe, and Blacklight.

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Friend Code: 1075-2016-1658

Pokemon Y

Trainer Name: Raulito

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PS3: Raulito147

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raulito137 and i have the game

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Ok so if you choose offline in network settings, then the game will let you pause but not when you are navigating the menus. Also there is apparently a way to change the control settings to make it play similar to RE 4, which I'll try to experiment with.

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@DeF: I have only played two chapters of Revelations, but that felt more like a traditional RE game than the entirety of the Leon campaign. Its cruise ship setting was dark and eerie and brought me back to the memories I had of the mansion from the first one. This game feels like its dark and gray just to hide blurry textures. There is also no weapon upgrades, true there are upgradeable perks but it takes so long to get the points needed to upgrade them. It feels like Capcom wanted to make a "AAA" third person action shooter but its execution is marred by clunky controls and terrible design decisions. If I am playing by myself, why won't the game pause when I PAUSE the game?! If the game wants to be a shooter, why is ammo still so scarce? From having played one of the 3 campaigns I can definitely say RE 6 doesn't hold a candle to RE 4, an it's not even as fun as RE 5.

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I have finished Leon's campaign and from what reviews are saying, that is the best of the three. Makes me not want to play the other two.

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@PeasantAbuse: mmm topless zombies

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Interested in Heavy Industries GT: Raulito137