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As a paraplegic, I would have to say yes to this most likely.

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There are vastly more important and immediate issues to be worrying about, than something your great great great great grandchildren will never even experience.

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I don't know about the DS2 being sturdy and all, at least not compared to the 360's. That controller is built about as sturdy as one can be. I don't play fighting games, so for me the dpad is a non issue.

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You know what I wish ? I wish that people would just let them fade away into nothingness. That won't happen I realize because people will continue to post about their antics. Ah well, just my opinion and such.

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Oh hey...Look, its this argument....Again....

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I can sympathize with you on this issue. I am a T4 paraplegic and have been so for 23 years. I started to get very similar headaches as of around 7-8 years ago. I had a few appointments with a local neurologist who had me get an MRI, and found that I have some sort of cyst near my spinal cord injury. I was told this is most likely the cause of the headaches that I receive. I get them very randomly, case in point: I sometimes get them in the late evening for an entire week every evening of that week or sometimes once or twice a month, when they do hit, they hit like a freight train.

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Easy.... Battlefield 3.... I much prefer the way DICE does their multiplayer (aside from MoH).
 @ Dad_Is_A_Zombie: I realize its your opinion and you are entitled to it, but I loved the banter back and forth between the characters in both BC's 1 and 2.

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Grrr.... all this positive talk of the game, really makes me want to just go ahead and buy Rift. Although I suppose there is no guarantee of me liking it as others do...So I believe I can resist the temptation to rush and buy it and wait for a potential free trial.

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Bought the first off Steam and loved it... So I guess that puts me in the minority?

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I was hoping for a nice epic storyline here, perhaps I expected to much. I still look forward to picking it up and enjoying it however.

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