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It's been a while since I've posted anything relating to the project I was working on, so I figured I'd share it! http://mkrgames.com/?page_id=9 will bring you to my site, where you can play the most recent version of Gharge! using the web player. Same rules apply, and there are instructions inside in case you need em.

Have fun and gimmie some feedback!

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@snail: Yeah I should be able to make that happen. I'll be sure to let you know, right now the only problem is I don't have a mac to test on haha. I'll find one! Assuming you have the proper drivers for xbox 360 controllers.

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So ... as a student project I created a 2-4 player competitive sports game similar to Windjammers and FIFA and I thought you guys might be interested in checking it out. Be warned though, it is still really early and is in development.

It's called GHARGE! and it's currently being developed by myself only haha. It originated as a school project at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT, for my "Building Games" course where we are attempting to learn Unity and some game development strategies.

Anyways, the game! It requires 2-4 Xbox 360 controllers to be hooked up BEFORE loading the game. Unity games have a problem with the way it recognizes controllers, and I'm not really sure why. You use the left stick to control movement and the A button for everything else. When you press A without holding the disc you dive a set distance. When holding the disc and a direction with the left stick you throw the disc in that direction. In all game modes you can traverse past the middle line to shoot the disc or to attempt to steal the disc from your opponent(s). When you shoot the disc and score from your half of the court you score 3 points, and from your opponent's court you score 1 point.

I'm still working on it but I would like to see what some other people think, apart from my colleagues and classmates.

Here's a dropbox link for the zip containing an exe.

https://www.dropbox....E! DEMO 1.2.zip

I hope you guys like it, and thanks for trying GHARGE!

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Okay, so after a few months of goofing around with Unity, and two or three real weeks of work I have created GHARGE!


It's pretty experimental, as I'm adding new things to it everyday, but I think it's pretty fun!

Controls are the same, left stick for movement and A button for everything else. No lob throw yet though. Requires Xbox 360 controllers to be hooked up BEFORE running the game, as most Unity developed games go.

Let me know what you guys think!

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@geraltitude: Oh I hope so! I thought I read about one being made a while ago..

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@baillie: Haha it's become a staple game in my house, so I'm still pretty into it. How could you not be?!

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With the crazy amount of Windjammers on the site, I decided to create a clone as a project for my Building Games course. And then I got to thinking...how awesome would it be, if the game had the GB crew as the games characters? Anyone else think this would be cool? I'm pretty jazzed about creating the clone, but I think this would be a cool addition as a tribute to the guys that brought this great game back to light haha.

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As much as I think it's fair for people to get excited about meeting famous people, it's important to know that they're just normal people and usually are very down to earth. This PAX East I met some of the GB staff and I thought it was super exciting, but the most astounding part of meeting them was that they were just average people that you could talk to. It was really great. I guess it just depends on who you're meeting.

I once met Zack Wylde on his tour bus when he was touring with Ozzie a few years back. That was exciting, and more importantly he was also very down to earth. They all seem to be nice people. I wonder how much of it is an act...

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