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The problem is this feels much more like a lecture then a discussion. It feels like a parent chastising their children. There does not seem to be any room for negative feed back, it is met with either hostility or excuses as to why as men we cannot understand the discussion. It also seems a bit like a platform to get your friend a job, I have never felt talked down to by the staff here and I hope any new hires they do have will continue to respect the audience.

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@mracoon: I've got to second Tone Control, it has been very good. Even a lot of Patricks interview dump trucks have more of a developer lean to them.

Idle thumbs get really deep into some of the more minor aspects of what makes games interesting. Although unless you really like those guys and their discussions it might sometimes sound a bit pretentious.

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@narujoe93: just finished this over the weekend was very good. That season ended has my dying to see where it goes next.

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Some that I think are great that haven't been mentioned are:

Trailer Park Boys: even if you think the premise sounds stupid you should try it, I never wanted to give it a chance and when I finally did I was hooked.

The Inbetweeners: Kind of a coming of age story, a British American pie...but funny.

Pramface: it's another British comedy about two teens who meet at a party get drunk and get pregnant. The both come from different social and economic circles and decide to have the baby. A lot like knocked up it's really funny and has a lot of heart. Really finds it's stride near the end of the first season.

Better off Ted: a comedy about an evil research lab and the people employed there. It's very similar to Arrested development.

Raising Hope: kind of a traditional corny comedy, but it has some really great moments. An underachiever from a redneck type family gets a serial killer pregnant and when she is executed he has to raise the baby.

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I've played only with a controller and feel like I have had great success with it. Out of 33 games 21 I have been top 3 and I've been MVP 3 times.

My accuracy on the carbine is 31% and on the sniper rifle 60%. Mind you with headshots they are both at 1%.

In almost every PC fps I've played I am always destroyed when trying controller, and always have to go back to mouse and keyboard. In this it hasn't hindered me at all. I love it, my PC is hooked to my tv show I can just kick back in a chair and comfortably play.

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Looks fantastic, I know nothing about the characters except rocket raccoon. Chris Pratt is great on parks and rec and looks to be funny in this. Can't believe how cut he is now

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I am finally going to let my sub lapse. I feel the video content isn't appealing to me as much as it used to. Some of the content feels like I am watching a YouTube lets play or something.

It sucks for the loses the site has endured this year but honestly I feel like the guys maybe are losing the enthusiasm for this and it shows in the work.

I still really enjoy when Vinny does videos (GTA and darksouls have been fantastic) an Drew and Matt being in more content is amazing.

I'm hoping when the new consoles come out it brings the excitement back around here but right now it just feels gone.

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"I want a Final Fantasy XIV key"

Thanks for doing this really cool of you.

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Not sure if its still on but its worth checking, I got Infinite on Wednesday for just over $10 at Gamefly. They have a sale going on this week for all 2K games and they also have a 20% off coupon. Its the steam version of the game.

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Guild wars 2 is amazing although its about $40 for the game.

I also have to give some love for The Secret Workd which is on sale (on their site or gamefly) for $14.99. It's completely unique Ive never played an Mmo quiet like it.