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@boozak: Yea if CI Games know how to do anything it is to make their crap look way better than it is. Their use of the CryEngine has helped of late. Makes for pretty pictures and videos despite their games being ugly, buggy, messes when they are actually released. And I should note that Giantbomb doesn't even list all of their games. They made something like 3 first person shooters a year between 2000 and 2010. Just an insane number of nearly identical games none of which are especially good. Mind you they aren't terrible. I've played much worse. They are just super uninspired and rote and, again, often filled with a lot of bugs.

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@boozak: I'll trust CI Games to make a good game after they do so. Until that point I wouldn't put too much faith in a studio whose most successful franchise is the pretty bad Sniper series (the last two of which were subtitled Ghost Warrior or something like that to try and separate them from the earlier even more broken titles). Point being at their best I expect a workmanlike competence from CI Games. At their worst I'm lucky if I can get some of their games to make it to the title screen without crashing. They make Techland's games look like AAA polished masterpieces. Insomniac, meanwhile has a history of making excellent games. Even their worst games are more inspired than the best stuff put out by CI Games.

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Not exactly "death" per say, but maybe my favorite system related to failure that has come about recently is the rewind system from Forza and Codemasters' racing games. Frustration for me in a game sets in when I have to do something I've already mastered over and over just to get to the point of failure. Since you don't get to practice that one section multiple times in a row it is tough to get better at it. It's actually quite similar to the Sands of Time system from the PS2 era Prince of Persia games. Because you can practice doing the same thing multiple times in a row you are much more able to get better at it, also in part because you are more willing to make a risky jump or take a corner at what might be a little too fast of a speed.

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@bybeach: I want to say Vinny enjoyed the first one. I could be wrong about that but that is what my memory is telling me. I bet Rorie at least tried it. I would place my bet on one of those two being most receptive to it. This is one of those situations where I really miss Dave. He would definitely be into this.

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@believer258: My issue with both random encounters and turn based battles is the amount of time it can take to just get from point A to point B. As a kid spending a dozen hours just getting to a quest location sounds awesome because you are a kid and you get like five games a year if you are lucky. But as an adult with a Steam library of over 300 games and things to do other than play video games an RPG that just lets me get from point A to point B quickly is pretty much a requirement. And the other element that I think defines Might and Magic games, the requirement to find a trainer to level up, just makes having to travel the world fighting turn based battles all the more frustrating. With the system from VI, VII, and VIII you could go turn based when you really needed to strategize during a tough encounter, but if you just wanted to get somewhere quick and you were a dozen levels higher than the enemies in the area you could just walk past them all and take the handful of damage you would receive from their hits. Or if you were trying to get somewhere outdoors you could just fly there and assuming a lack of flying creatures you wouldn't have to worry about combat at all. Remove those options and you are left with a game where you have to fight every encounter regardless of how pointless.

One of my favorite things about modern MMO's and some JRPG's is how enemies that are way lower level than you will just flee when they see you. It's not that I don't like strategic encounters. It's just that as an adult you learn that time is valuable and wasting dozens of hours fighting level one creatures to get back to a town to turn in a quest is not how I personally want to spend my gaming time.

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@believer258: Might and Magic X isn't real time is it? I seem to remember reading that. As a fan of Might and Magic VI and VII I ended up not getting X mainly because I really enjoyed being able to swap between real time and turn based combat. It gave you the best of both worlds. Also those games let you fly which was my single favorite part of them. I haven't heard anything about flying in Might and Magic X. I always thought one of the great tragedies of The Elder Scrolls last generation was how Bethesda had to make cities separate from the world map which meant no more flying. I'm probably the only person in the world who finds the lack of flight in modern RPG's so tragic, but I always loved flying around the open worlds of the late 90's/early 00's RPG's.

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So I have noticed a distinct lack of anyone talking about this game whatsoever so I thought I would take it upon myself to inform those who maybe don't check the Steam new releases page on a daily basis that Legend of Grimrock 2 has in fact been released. Just the other day I was wondering to myself what happened to that game and low and behold a week later it pops up on Steam with nary a hint of a marketing push. I haven't tried it yet, but the sole review I could find (on Rock Paper Shotgun) thought it was incredible. So I guess if you are one of those people who enjoyed the first game and hoped the sequel would involve a lot more of what made the first game great then this is the game for you. Massive outdoor areas as well as multiple dungeons. Dozens of new enemies. More varied and more complex puzzles. Just basically more of everything. At least according to RPS and the game's Steam page. Strange to see almost no previews, only a single trailer, and absolutely no buzz around this.

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@hailinel: @naoiko: I wasn't expecting any votes for Valkyrie Profile, much less two. It's a personal favorite of mine as well, despite never managing to get the "good" ending. I even printed out a guide once to walk me through it but still couldn't manage it. I have it on PSP still. Maybe I should go back to it with the aid of life experience and give it another go. I have both the sequels but I always wanted to finish the original before I got into them and thus both have been sitting unopened on my shelf for like a decade now.

@billymaysrip - I've seen that War and Peace version as well at the Gene Siskel Center in Chicago. Definitely one of the more unique movie experiences I've had. Not sure I would say it was a great film, but the novelty of seeing the entirety of War and Peace adapted to film was definitely a one of a kind thing.

@fredchuckdave - We might have but Rorie said in the new forum rules that he would prefer we duplicate topics over necro-ing threads that are months or years old. So I'm just trying to follow the new rules.

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@glottery: Now that you mention it, I would love to be able to experience Half Life 2 again for the first time. I didn't even think of that when writing this but outside of Bioshock that might actually be my top choice.

@sparky_buzzsaw: I had a feeling that was going to be one of the first games mentioned. I think for quite a few people that was a defining game for them.

@Everyone Else: I am surprised by the lack of Nintendo titles. Seems we have a lot of RPG fans around here. I have to say that Morrowind for me was a super cool thing to experience at the time, as was KOTOR and Mass Effect later on. Not a huge Final Fantasy fan but I can imagine that some of those story beats would hit a lot of kids/teens quite hard. And after listening to Dan and Brad talk about MGS2 the other day I really wish I had played it when it came out not a decade later.

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So I recently got my Dad into the TV show Arrow. Hold on if you don't watch the show. This is leading into something game related. So getting him into it meant I had to rewatch the first season and be reminded of how awful it got for the middle 10 episodes or so. Of all the terrible melodramatic and overly romantic lines spewed during those horrible episodes one line has always stuck with me. In episode seven Tommy Merilyn says this while on a date with Meryl

Tommy: I read this article by a film critic once who said, if he could have one wish, it would be to watch his favorite movie again for the first time.

It made me start thinking about movies or games or books or songs/albums I wish I could experience again for the first time. For me the game would be without a doubt Bioshock. The awe of the initial opening sequence, the shocking world of Rapture, and a couple of the greatest twists in gaming history make it an easy choice. Looking further back, in the PS2/Xbox generation I would love to play Ninja Gaiden again for the first time. For the PS1/N64 I'd have a tough time choosing in part because even playing a game like Ocarina of Time for the first time right now would not be especially impressive in this day and age.

I have a handful of movie choices you can read about below but if you aren't interested the question is this: if you could play any game again for the first time what would it be and why? I think the choice depends a lot on whether you say you are playing it having played everything that has come out since, or if you were playing it as you were playing it the day it came out. Feel free to choose whichever interpretation you want, as like I said it is all but impossible to be too impressed by things like any Mario game or the early Metal Gear Solid games when you have modern games to compare them to.


As far as movies go I think the question is easier to answer as movies have been technically proficient at telling stories for 80+ years now. For me I would love to see A Beautiful Mind again for the first time. Such an awesome twist and one of the greatest performances in the history of film. Another choice would be A Clockwork Orange, or really any Kubrick movie. To see that level of mastery for the first time again would be an honor. A third choice that maybe wouldn't be as common would be Picnic at Hanging Rock. Not because the film has some amazing twist ending, or because it was an excellent example of any specific part of the filmmaking process, but because it captures a specific tone and place in my mind better than any film before or since. And my last choice would be seeing Pan's Labyrinth for the first time again, just to be able to capture the brilliance of every aspect of that film.

So what about you guys? What game, or movie, or any other piece of media really would you love to be able to experience again for the very first time?