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I'd say the Italian and the Spanish seem like they would be too much for breakfast. Starting your day off with a spoonful of pesto might taste great but all of your loved ones and coworkers will hate you. With the Spanish one the only person that will hate you more than your family and coworkers will be yourself.

Overall, though, I don't have any problem with savory breakfasts.

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@flarephoenix: Dunno if you were referencing this or joking, but they did a video series called "Building a Bomb" where they showed the behind the scenes stuff of getting the site up and running. The recent videos Vinny and Alex did for showing off the new office were a callback to those very early Giantbomb videos.

Also, in one of those videos, Jeff explains the origin of the name. A lot of it had to do with the names they wanted all having been taken. People basically buy URL's they think people would want and then sell it to them for thousands of dollars at the point they actually want it. Since no one thought someone would actually want a website called Giant Bomb, no one owned the URL so they were able to get it for cheap.

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There are several story beats that would mean a lot more to you if you have played the first two. It works fine as a stand-alone experience, though. I would say it actually makes the most sense of any game in the series. It will probably be super tough to go back and play the first two after playing it, though, just because it improved the gameplay so dramatically. I don't think it would be a bad choice, but I would personally play them in order of release.

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Yea for a New Yorker this weather could be T-Shirt weather, but if you've never been in temps colder than 60 degrees I would recommend bringing a sweater and some sweatshirts. It's probably going to be somewhere between 40 and 60 most days, but at this time of year you never know. Last Thursday I think it was it dropped below freezing and then the next day we were back up in the high 40's. That happens a lot in March here. Just make sure to check the weather the day before you leave and bring at least one heavy outfit (flannel stuff) just in case. I wouldn't wear something that warm in the 30's, but for someone from SoCal a 35 degree day can feel like what we think a -5 degree day feels like.

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Sony is famous for its slow starts so I'm not especially surprised by them. Microsoft, on the other hand, nailed the first couple of years for their previous consoles. Sony has a habit of starting off slow and then getting better over time. It wasn't until 2009 that we got Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Infamous 2, and a couple other major Sony exclusives. God of War 3 hit in 2010 I think. And in the PS2 era it likewise took a couple of years before we saw the big guns like Jak, Ratchet, God of War, and SOCOM start coming out. And you can say the same about the PS1. If Sony can't pick things up by Holiday 2016 then I'll be worried. But I never expect them to start off running, cause that just isn't what they do.

But Microsoft has always had a really strong opening year so it's a bit worrying to see them slacking so heavily during what is normally their best period. Halo, Crackdown, Gears of War and PGR all hit within a year of their respective systems launching. Fable and Forza both came out at the end of the original Xbox era but by and large most of Microsoft's biggest hits have come out within two years of the console's launch, which has never been true in Sony's case.

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Maxis has been dead since Will Wright left. It's just getting its ventilator shut off and feeding tube removed.

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@hassun: My bad. Didn't realize it had hit some parts of Europe yet. In the US it always takes at least a year if not more after the Japanese release for it to hit here. GKIDS will have it at their big animated film festival in New York later this week actually and then it will likely be a couple more months before a theatrical release to like 10 theaters in the country and then another couple months before it hits DVD/Blu-Ray.

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First off, Tales of Earthsea can be skipped entirely. It sucks.

Of Isao Takahata's films I would say that only Grave of the Fireflies is a good starting point for someone not familiar with Japanese culture. Both Pom Poko and his new film which I'm not even going to try and spell are based on Japanese folklore and thus can be difficult for Westerners to grasp as things that any child over three in Japan will know, most Americans or Europeans have no clue about. My Neighbors the Yamadas is even more difficult for an American to watch. It's based on a comic strip about family life in Japan and not a single joke or sequence hit the mark for me. The film isn't bad, it's just lampooning cultural norms that are not our cultural norms and therefore means nothing to a Westerner. I enjoyed Only Yesterday but if you live in the US you are going to have to pirate or import the film as it has never been released in the US as it contains nudity and the distribution rights are owned by Disney.

I would recommend every single Miyazaki movie. I love Nausicaa (not technically a Ghibli film but an absolute masterpiece) the most but every single one is great. Ponyo is a children's film that I enjoyed a hell of a lot but your mileage may vary. Other than that I would say that Porco Rosso is Miyazaki's most unique film. It's the only one that doesn't revolve around a either a girl or a couple. It also is the most violent and has the least thematic similarities to his other films. Still worth seeing but not emblematic of a Miyazaki film.

Then you have the five films by other directors. Whisper of the Heart is a lovely little romance with a great tinge of mystery. It was written and produced by Miyazaki but directed by another man who died shortly after the film was made. The Cat Returns is often considered a lesser film than Ghibli's other work but I really love it. It takes place in a fantasy realm and involves a talking cat and a girl going on an adventure. Arrietty is an adaptation of the British book The Borrowers, about a family of finger sized people living beneath the house of a normal sized family. It is one of the most beautiful films you will ever see. From Up on Poppy Hill is something of a soap opera that takes place at a High School where some students are trying to save their clubhouse from demolition. Unlike most of Ghibli's films there are no fantasy elements to that one. It's just a teen romance. Lastly, Marnie and Me is Ghibli's latest film but it has yet to be released outside of Japan so I can't tell you anything about it.

I would recommend starting with one of Miyazaki's films, though maybe stay away from Ponyo and Totoro is you prefer more mature fare. Both are incredible films but are definitely targeted at children. Also Miyazaki's last film The Wind Rises is his only non-fantasy film so depending on if you prefer fantasy or drama you might want to either start with that or steer clear.

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Well, shit. What a bummer. Valkyrie Profile is maybe my favorite game of all time. I was still holding out hope they'd make a third one, whatever that would be.

They did make a third one. It was on the DS. Don't remember the name although I feel like I might own it.

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Well I guess we are going to finally see if Bethesda Game Studios really has been working on Fallout 4. I can't imagine them doing this without a new BGS game in the mix. Dishonored 2 or some other new game from Arkane seems like a good bet, and we'll certainly get more Doom 4 stuff but without Fallout 4 or TES 6 they are going to have trouble building major hype around this conference. I wouldn't be surprised if they also had a couple games by independent devs they are publishing.