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Your post just made me realize that I have the white site running on one computer and the black site on another. Totally didn't even notice until this very moment, and I've been a member of this site since the very first day it came online. Shows how much I pay attention to this stuff.

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I have several of these but I have been wanting to try Prison Architect but I can never convince myself to spend full price on an early access game. For $10 and including the couple other games I don't have I'll go for it. Also, before this I was at 298 Steam games so this purchase puts me over the 300 mark.

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So when Drew and Dan mentioned Fuel on the Demo Derby today I remembered watching a video of Drew playing this game. At least I think it was this game. I just remember him trying to get to the top of a hill or something like that. But if it was this game then it must have been part of something like Unprofessional Fridays because the only videos on the game's page are trailers and some coverage of an event.

So does anyone know what video it was where Drew played this or am I thinking of him playing some other game?

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@ikilledthedj: No problem. Although, FYI that game was announced several years ago, although at that time it was a PS3 game using PS Move as its sole control scheme.

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@ikilledthedj: You mean the one that was just revealed? That would be Until Dawn. I'm not sure if that is co-op but it is a cabin in the woods game.

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This thread has made me realize that I've only played one game that came out this year. Child of Light. So right now that wins by default, although I can't say I would wholly recommend it. Looking at other people's lists, Wolfenstein, Divinity, Transistor and Trials Fusion all seem worth trying. Yup that pretty much covers it right now. I want to try out the new Dragon Age when it comes out and that is about the extent of my gaming desires at this point.

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Every Ubisoft open world game fits your description. Assassin's Creed I believe started having the base liberating mechanic with Brotherhood. Watch Dogs had it earlier this year. I'm sure The Division, Assassin's Creed Unity/Rogue and Far Cry 4 will have similar mechanics as well. The only non-Ubisoft game I can think of would be the Prototype series. The stealth isn't as open ended there. You really have only a couple of options but you can stealthily take over bases.

As far as other similar games go, I would say Dishonored has the stealth part but no base taking. The Infamous games sort let you take control of bases but there is no stealth. The most recent Splinter Cell is mainly focused on stealth but you can complete missions guns blazing if you want. And the STALKER series has a focus on open world stealth as well.

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Well here are a couple of thoughts. Firstly, SSD's don't improve general performance they improve load times. Everything will "seem" faster, though, as it will just load more quickly. So in that sense, yes, it can be a big upgrade.

Secondly, upgrading to 16 GB of RAM won't make a difference in CAD or Photoshop because you are going to be GPU limited, considering you don't have a dedicated GPU. You'll hit a bottleneck long before you can load 16 GB of data into RAM. Plus, with the SSD you'd be able to get data into and out of the RAM quicker so that might aid in RAM limitations as well, of course depending on the speed of your current RAM.

Thirdly, before going through all the trouble of buying a new hard drive and reinstalling Windows, might I suggest using something like CCleaner or SlimCleaner. They are programs that will search your hard drive for potentially unwanted files that you may not even be aware exist and let you delete them. They also include options for starting and stopping services Windows may have running in the background, and for selecting which programs you want to run at startup. I use both of these programs once a month or so to keep my drive free. After using them, if you delete a large number of files, be sure to run a drive defrag.

Lastly, and most importantly, your drive could be dying. Laptop drives are notoriously bad, and if you've had this computer for four years then your hard drive could simply be nearing the end of its life. Please do yourself a favor and backup all of your important files immediately. Like as soon as you read this. If you don't have an external drive then either purchase some online storage space until you get one, or at the very least back up as much as you can on something like Google Drive or Dropbox.

EDIT: Here is a link to CNET's optimization downloads page. You can be sure you are getting legit versions of those programs there. Also, DO NOT delete anything that you aren't absolutely sure Windows doesn't need to run. You can do more harm than good that way.

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