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Maxis has been dead since Will Wright left. It's just getting its ventilator shut off and feeding tube removed.

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@hassun: My bad. Didn't realize it had hit some parts of Europe yet. In the US it always takes at least a year if not more after the Japanese release for it to hit here. GKIDS will have it at their big animated film festival in New York later this week actually and then it will likely be a couple more months before a theatrical release to like 10 theaters in the country and then another couple months before it hits DVD/Blu-Ray.

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First off, Tales of Earthsea can be skipped entirely. It sucks.

Of Isao Takahata's films I would say that only Grave of the Fireflies is a good starting point for someone not familiar with Japanese culture. Both Pom Poko and his new film which I'm not even going to try and spell are based on Japanese folklore and thus can be difficult for Westerners to grasp as things that any child over three in Japan will know, most Americans or Europeans have no clue about. My Neighbors the Yamadas is even more difficult for an American to watch. It's based on a comic strip about family life in Japan and not a single joke or sequence hit the mark for me. The film isn't bad, it's just lampooning cultural norms that are not our cultural norms and therefore means nothing to a Westerner. I enjoyed Only Yesterday but if you live in the US you are going to have to pirate or import the film as it has never been released in the US as it contains nudity and the distribution rights are owned by Disney.

I would recommend every single Miyazaki movie. I love Nausicaa (not technically a Ghibli film but an absolute masterpiece) the most but every single one is great. Ponyo is a children's film that I enjoyed a hell of a lot but your mileage may vary. Other than that I would say that Porco Rosso is Miyazaki's most unique film. It's the only one that doesn't revolve around a either a girl or a couple. It also is the most violent and has the least thematic similarities to his other films. Still worth seeing but not emblematic of a Miyazaki film.

Then you have the five films by other directors. Whisper of the Heart is a lovely little romance with a great tinge of mystery. It was written and produced by Miyazaki but directed by another man who died shortly after the film was made. The Cat Returns is often considered a lesser film than Ghibli's other work but I really love it. It takes place in a fantasy realm and involves a talking cat and a girl going on an adventure. Arrietty is an adaptation of the British book The Borrowers, about a family of finger sized people living beneath the house of a normal sized family. It is one of the most beautiful films you will ever see. From Up on Poppy Hill is something of a soap opera that takes place at a High School where some students are trying to save their clubhouse from demolition. Unlike most of Ghibli's films there are no fantasy elements to that one. It's just a teen romance. Lastly, Marnie and Me is Ghibli's latest film but it has yet to be released outside of Japan so I can't tell you anything about it.

I would recommend starting with one of Miyazaki's films, though maybe stay away from Ponyo and Totoro is you prefer more mature fare. Both are incredible films but are definitely targeted at children. Also Miyazaki's last film The Wind Rises is his only non-fantasy film so depending on if you prefer fantasy or drama you might want to either start with that or steer clear.

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Well, shit. What a bummer. Valkyrie Profile is maybe my favorite game of all time. I was still holding out hope they'd make a third one, whatever that would be.

They did make a third one. It was on the DS. Don't remember the name although I feel like I might own it.

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Well I guess we are going to finally see if Bethesda Game Studios really has been working on Fallout 4. I can't imagine them doing this without a new BGS game in the mix. Dishonored 2 or some other new game from Arkane seems like a good bet, and we'll certainly get more Doom 4 stuff but without Fallout 4 or TES 6 they are going to have trouble building major hype around this conference. I wouldn't be surprised if they also had a couple games by independent devs they are publishing.

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@xeirus: It honestly isn't that crazy in my mind. SOE was originally an entire different branch of Sony from SCE and even when they were both put under the same umbrella, SOE remained a mostly separate entity. And while SCE is among Sony's most profitable divisions, the SOE part of it likely isn't nearly as profitable considering the company hasn't had a major hit in years. Add to that the fact that the MMO as a genre has not had a major hit in several years and you can see why Sony would want to get rid of that studio. If they want to make a MOBA or a DayZ style survival game they can do so under the SCE name. That is where the money is these days in the PC realm, not in classic MMORPG's, which was SOE's bread and butter.

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@xeirus: I would have to assume so. Why would any company buy SOE but not the rights to their most successful IP? And since the head of the studio has said they are going to bring their games to Xbox going forward I can't imagine Sony remains involved in any way.

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@xeirus: If this worked like a normal studio acquisition then Sony likely sold some or all of SOE's IP along with the company, at the very least including all the games they are currently working on. And I would imagine that Sony is no longer involved in publishing the games meaning they won't be paying the developer. Being an MMO maker Daybreak doesn't need a publisher. They just put the games onto their online platform which they have already developed or on PSN/XBL, neither of which require developers to have an official publisher anymore. So I would assume this is a complete break. Retaining publishing rights to the games they are working on would be really crazy. Then they'll be funding the game but not reaping all of the profits.

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I think there is a lot of good advice here, but the best of it is that just because you majored in something doesn't mean you have to stick with it. It sucks that you turned out not to like what you majored in, but that happens. Instead of feeling bad for wasting money, try to get some experience in fields that do interest you. Maybe you'll just be the dude who gets the rich executive his coffee, maybe you'll even have to do it for free, but don't get more schooling until you know for sure you will need it for the job you actually want to do.

And I'll second the guy who said that there is no shame with moving back in with your parents or rooming with anyone who will take you in. Pride isn't going to pay back your student loans. It isn't going to pay your rent or put food on the table. Take whatever help is offered with humility and the intention to return the favor should that person ever need it when you are in a better position.

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@nictel: Ah the march to and battle of Helm's Deep. The only added part of the movies I actually enjoyed. Humorous to mention that quote in this thread, though, considering Peter Jackson had to literally make up a female character from scratch for the Hobbit films because there isn't a single female character in the entire book and the three female characters in Lord of the Rings each have like a paragraph dedicated to them.