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@icemo: BFG, of course, it's the BIG FUCKING GUN! Why is this answer only the 37th post? You shoot that thing and the entire room just gets disintegrated.

I was thinking the same thing. Sadly I think the reason is because we are "old" enough to remember the BFG.

My thought as well. I feel like if we had this conversation 10 years ago anyone who didn't mention the BFG right away would be labeled as insane. I mean people are listing guns that one shot people. The BFG would destroy every living being in the room and you didn't even have to aim. I dunno how any gun could possibly compare to that, at least in MP. In single player as someone mentioned we've had guns that destroyed entire planets, but as far as guns that really feel powerful the BFG just has to be at the top.

Also if we are only talking real world weapons then the AWP/Desert Eagle combo in CS would have to take the cake for me. I don't think I can think of a more rewarding gun to fire than the desert eagle.

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Braid is definitely up there. Ryan mentioned one about how indie games today, especially in the sense of the more meaningful ones, wouldn't exist without Braid. So that, COD4, and Gears of War would all be up there. Also, counter based combat was first don by Assassin's Creed, not Batman, although Batman certainly perfected it.

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So basically this went the FF15 route? But unlike FF, KuF is not a long running series and out of the 4(?) games released only 2 are worth playing at all and I highly doubt either hold up very well. And Blue Side's output since has been nothing?

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They are enjoyable games but not for the story. I think half the people here have mentioned Rico and for a reason. He is maybe the worst character in shooter history yet he is the only character to be in every Killzone game up to this point, even the PSP one. I just don't understand what the developers see in him. Overall, though, the stories have so much potential but it is just all terribly wasted. It's a brilliant concept that could really flourish under a talented writer, but up until now the whole thing has just been awful from a story perspective. The gameplay is decent but nothing special. As others have said, 2 had issues with controller latency that made aiming a bit of a chore. Plus the game follows more of a Halo route on the control front. Unless you are sniping iron sights aren't required, and as such they are put onto the R3 button not a trigger. The encounters can feel very Call of Duty, but the actual shooting mechanics are much closer to Halo. This series started out as "the Halo killer" and in a lot of ways it never really overcame that. It is a unique game in that sense. It mixes a lot of different styles into its own thing and while it is a very dark and grungy world I think it has a very interesting and well realized artistic direction. So if you want to know the story, just skip them. If you want to see an interesting take on the FPS from a gameplay and setting perspective then give it a whirl.

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@tobenderzephyr: I'm pretty sure I know the game you are talking about. I have some terrible port on my iPod but my iPod is dead right now so reply to this in like 6 hours or something if I haven't gotten back to you and I'll check what the name is.

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To everyone saying this was a known thing - Yes it was mentioned, but to the average person, as in not someone who visits game sites, isn't going to know about this. And if something goes wrong then the system will do pretty much nothing. Which, again, for those average consumers is going to cause a lot of confusion. It's not about us on this site. We understand that if there are technical issues they will get fixed. It will suck but we'll understand what is happening. That isn't true of a lot of people. For the PS4 you need to patch the system to use any online features. But you won't be able to use those features if PSN is down regardless so it is an easier concept to grasp. Servers are down so I can't go online. Most people can understand that. But saying that servers are down so I can't play anything is a lot harder to understand especially with the initial requirement of being online.

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I wouldn't upgrade until next year. Too many unknowns right now. Call of Duty required 6 GB of RAM just to start. Watch Dogs wants a top of the line CPU but only a mediocre graphics card. It will take six months or so before we start getting a good picture of what types of PC's people will need for next gen games. Plus we have the whole Steam Machines thing going on which has the potential to change a lot of things, and AMD has their Mantle tech they are pushing while Nvidia has things like PhysX and TXAA that they are pushing. Just so many unknowns right now. Wait six months to a year. Then you'll have a much better idea of what you'll need.

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I think that there hasn't been any huge revolution since COD4. I don't think Call of Duty is really all that much better than all other shooters, but it is just as good in a lot of ways, and most other games aren't better enough that people who are used to Call of Duty would want to spend the time to learn them. Battlefield is hugely ambitious but it takes a lot longer to get up to speed on it. Halo and Killzone are both pretty straightforward but they both have a very unique feel and style that is very different than Call of Duty. And then you have some of the super complex PC shooters like Planetside that take forever to get the hang of. I guess the thing is there is no game that does what Call of Duty does better. That is simple and fast twitch multiplayer. Most games are either more complicated or just have a very different feel. If you like that twitch feel, or if you just don't feel like taking the time to learn the complexities of a Battlefield or the different controls and feel of a Halo then you'll stick to Call of Duty. Probably Titanfall is the game that has the best chance to dethrone it just because it has a focus on fast twitch play but adds in some new features.

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@probablytuna: I know that. But saying it is a "shoot ‘em up Mecha game like Gundam" is a terrible comparison. Gundams are mechs and they do shoot but they have done so in quite a few different formats over the years. Why not name a gaming series with a distinct gameplay style? Saying it is like Gundam tells me nothing outside of it takes place in space and has mechs. And then he goes on and says the game is like Bejeweled so it isn't a shooting game at all. So why not just say the game is about mechs and ignore the whole shoot-em-up part? Just a really terrible comparison.

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Well this has to be one of the worst spam attempts I have ever seen. Unless it is a joke. For one Gundam is an anime not a game. Two the game is called Bejeweled not Bedazzled. Unless there is some clone called that. Either way why not say Bejeweled?

And lastly, their website has Wordpress in the URL? I'm all for saving money but they couldn't be bothered to buy a URL to put their wordpress blog on? Just wow.