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Steamalerts.com is amazing tool to use, I just set a game at a price I'm willing to buy and it will let me know when it gets that low, so far saved some dough on a few games unlike last year where games I bought went even cheaper than I bought them

I'd recommend http://www.cheapshark.com. It checks deals from Steam, Amazon, Origin, GOG, GMG, Gamersgate, and several others and will update you when a game falls below a certain price. I haven't purchased any games on Steam this year as at least one other site has consistently beaten Steam on every major sale. And most games on GMG and Amazon use Steam anyways and will even get you those trading cards so if you are looking for a specific game just put a price alert on that site. I promise you that not a single deal on Steam this year has been the best deal for any game they have outside of a select few older games. I got Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, DMC, and several other major games from other sites for $5 or more less than on Steam.

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I had all four removed. Was knocked out. Funny story, I have a major resistance to a lot of anesthetics so most surgeries require doctors to keep giving me more sleeping juice beyond what most people would need. I've been told that the amount of gas it takes to knock me out would knock out a rhino.

Other fun fact. I had an extra front tooth that came in behind my normal front teeth. Had to have that one removed as well and I was not put under for that.

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So I just heard about this beautiful thing called the Cronut. It is described as a half croissant, half doughnut and people in New York are supposedly lining up for several hours each morning to try one. We Americans love combining multiple unhealthy foods to create some artery crushing concoctions that few will survive eating. That said, this thing sounds amazing. Next time I am in NYC I'll have to get up early one morning (or more likely not go to sleep the night before) and try one of these things.

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Hhmm. I'm not sure if we are talking about the greatest experience or greatest achievement. I wouldn't say I've ever done anything especially great in a game. I kind of suck at games. As far as great experiences I'll share a couple -

1. Walking out of the dungeon in the beginning of Oblivion. I hate those games but just the sense of wonder was one of a kind.

2. The second act twist in Bioshock.

3. The twist at the end of Spec Ops: The Line

4. Playing Call of Duty for the first time and seeing dozens of enemies and allies all fighting around me. Nothing like it at the time.

5. In The Witcher in the second act when the Elves I had saved in the first act ended up killing the guy I needed to talk to. The whole idea of there being unknown and major consequences to your actions was just super cool.

6. The ending of Braid

7. And I guess this isn't a single moment, but playing Half Life 2 when it first came out was one of the defining experiences of my life. My career path, my philosophies of art and game design were pretty much all cemented when I played that game.

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@quarters said:

Bioshock series, Half-Life series(ESPECIALLY HL2), System Shock 2, Final Fantasy IX, Red Dead Redemption, the GTA series, just to name a few.

Wow. That's pretty impressive. I'm curious are you a multiplayer only type of gamer? I can't imagine someone who enjoys single player games not enjoying any of the games you listed.

For me I would say LA Noire and Dead Space 3. Both games I really wanted to like. LA Noire I ended up just not finishing and Dead Space 3 I had to really force myself.

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Well people have pretty much covered everything I would say except I'm really shocked no one has mentioned the Crystal theme from the Final Fantasy games.

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Saw it in 3D D-Box and I enjoyed the hell out of it. Afterwards, though, I thought about it for about five seconds and the whole premise just fell apart for me. Before anyone judges me, I really enjoyed it but that doesn't make the massive plot holes acceptable. Basically I started thinking about how the Marshall said that there were 30 mechs at each base at the height. And there was one monster coming at a time. Yet they only would send one mech against each monster? Why not send like 10 mechs against each? That would pretty much solve their problem. Also, why would the aliens send only one monster at a time? I feel like this was a battle of idiots. Two armies who insist on 1 v 1 battles? Really? This is the strategy of the greatest military minds of the world?

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Nothing as at least one other site has undercut Steam on pretty much every sale so far. People love Steam but Amazon and GMG have pretty much just taken the best deals on Steam each day and sold them for at least $5 less. And they all use Steam anyways and even come with the cards and such. So literally no reason to buy anything on Steam. I love the Steam sale but only because it causes everyone else to undercut them making games ridiculously cheap.

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@karl_kablisk said:

Comstock knows the future, but more than that he knows about every action Booker will take. I doubt he used the machine so much that he could draw up that detailed prophecy in the room right before you meet him. He sees Elizabeth killing Kilroy etc. I guess he had a time machine and a dimensional machine since you see him old fleeing the young booker. Male Lutece is there and I think its his first time to cross (so the jump was back in time AND in another dimension since Comstock had to pick a world where he didn't get reborn as to not endanger another Comstock lol). So he could have done stuff in these times so much he became old (20 years of jumping around time and then going back to "home base". But thats something I'd expect to be explicit in the game and I didn' see that). BUT I think his prophecies and foresight lies in him merging memories with Booker. He sees EVERYTHING booker does makes that detailed 6 panel summary of the game in the room before you meet him (for what reason?). The reason I think this is because he knows small stuff like the fact booker wrote AD on his hand. Since Comstock doesn't have this. I'm guessing he did it AFTER his failed rebirth. Unless he has a sharp eye while fleeing time holding a baby under pressure and in a tug of war lol. Although I think that is the official explanation :/ He does seem to have that advertisement up rather fast about the mark on his hand (side note how could Booker forget when he literally has Anna's Death AD engraved in his hand @_@ ) Anyway I support my idea because he has a WHOLE false profit prophecy. It goes beyond just a mark on his hand to identify him.

What I just said doesn't make any sense. Because Comstock doesn't try to kill Booker with any foreknowledge He just taunts him, does a half assed attempt and then doesn't do anything directly. He just throws up hurdles. There is not 1 attempt to kill Booker using foreknowledge either through shared memories or seeing the future. Whats the point of the prophecy, whats the point of putting Elizabeth in a tower? Whats the point of knowing everything Booker will do, write it on the wall and then let him kill Comstock? When he dies his final words is something like "AND NOW IT IS DONE". Him dying doesn't lead to the goal of destroying the world. His stated goal is what it always seemed like. Destroy Sodom, indoctrinate his people, groom his biological daughter to take his place since he saw his attempts will work and thats why he does it since he'll be too old by the time his civilization is able to take over the world. My only guess is that he couldn't anticipate OLD ELIZABETH'S time altering to make them win the final VOX fight. But if he knew they'd lose the VOX fight WHY COMMIT SUICIDE. He had no weapon and just talks about the finger and rages like a senile old man. Was he so sure nothing could possibly go wrong that he had to die right then and there? That accomplished... what

He does kill him. Just like you said, he kills him every time you die. Elizabeth says in 1984 that Booker always fails as Songbird always defeats him. At the beginning of the game the twins mention how they know it won't work because it never does. Everything happens the way the Prophet expects except for one thing. Elizabeth changes the timeline when she brings Booker forward to 1984 and gives him the card. Since this is the lone timeline in which this event occurs, it is believable that Comstock missed this one key event. By writing it as a cipher she is able to assure that Comstock wouldn't be able to understand its importance since he would likely see it at some point in some dimension. But the key is that because there are infinite timelines, in some timeline Booker overcame every hurdle Comstock throws against him except for Songbird. Songbird is Comstock's final piece of security, a device designed specifically for the purpose of keeping Booker away from Elizabeth.

At the end when Comstock and Booker meet he doesn't try to kill Booker because he realizes this won't convert Elizabeth and will in fact turn her against him. So he tries to tell Elizabeth the truth instead but Booker kills him before he is able to do so.

Personally I didn't put all of the pieces of the ending together beforehand but I had a general idea that Booker was Comstock in another dimension and that Elizabeth was his daughter in some way. I didn't get the whole thing, but for people saying they didn't reveal it until the very end, I disagree. They made it painfully obvious by the end, but after the 1984 part I was able to figure most of it out by the time the whole thing was revealed. There was a ton of foreshadowing in this and honestly this sort of infinite loop ending is a sci-fi favorite so it wasn't entirely out of the question to solve the whole thing long before the ending.

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@video_game_king: Eh I trust you. And if I cheated it wouldn't prove anything to me anyways and I obviously don't care what other people here think of me so unless you plan on cheating that doesn't matter to me.