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@spaceinsomniac: I'm sure it won't last. It's an interesting situation. This was a woman born in a place and time where saying something like that was an acceptable, normal thing to do. I think the issue is more how she initially handled the situation. If she had immediately admitted what happened, apologized, condemned the whole situation and so forth then she would have been fine. I think in trying to defend herself she made it much worse. That isn't something you try to justify doing. You admit you were a true idiot and did a horrible thing, like she eventually did. The problem was that she didn't feel bad about it until after it ruined her career. It's one thing to use a word years ago in a situation where it was socially acceptable to use it, and another to shrug it off like you did nothing wrong today. That's what people were upset about. But, again, this is a lady born in a very different time and it can be hard for someone her age to change her beliefs so completely. Look at cartoons from the pre-civil rights era. These are cartoons that are enormously offensive if viewed today, made by people who were known to be genuinely good and kind people. It's just that it was a different time and things were acceptable then that aren't now. Hell, look at Song of the South. Disney refuses to even admit that film exists but my parents remember watching it as kids very fondly. They never looked at it as racist. Today it would seem insanely racist, but the people who made the film were the same people who helped keep South America from joining the Nazis in WW2 with Saludos Amigos and Disney's goodwill tour. No one could call these people racist or hateful. They merely portrayed people how they were viewed at the time.

@blu3v3nom07: Yes she was fired the day she admitted it.

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I went with The Cloud, although I agree with others that Roguelike is one of the most misused terms out there today. It feels like it now refers to any game with perma-death. All the other elements like randomly generated environments, turn-based RPG gameplay, simplistic graphics, and great difficulty seem to have been dropped. A lot of games have had perma-death over the years. Having that one element doesn't make your game like Rogue.

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I had Dead Space 3 from Gamefly for 2 months. Played about 4 hours of it. I was mad uninterested in it. And I loved DS 1+2.

I came really close to doing the same thing. Finally forced myself to finish it. Waste of money. Could have bought the game for less than the money wasted on renting it and trying to bring myself to finish it. So ridiculously boring. And I loved the first two games. Played both of them in just a couple sittings and went back and played them a second (and in the case of 1 a third) time right after. I was hoping this would be a case like Mass Effect 3 where people hated the third game but I thought it was fine, but boy was this one of the most boring games I have ever played.

As far as games I didn't finish, I'm pretty sure there are at least a dozen games I've put on hold currently. Most I will finish eventually. It is rare that I simply don't finish a game ever, but sometimes it takes a really long time (like years worth of time).

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If this happened anywhere else in the US I'd be surprised. In Texas? Hell they execute men for less. If he happens to be a minority or gay then he'll be lucky if he doesn't spend the rest of his life in prison.

Anyways, that is grounds for getting your account banned but 8 years in jail seems pretty excessive. He spent a couple months behind bars so he's learned his lesson. Anything more is ridiculous.

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The third console curse roughly states that you will stumble (but not necessarily fail) with the third console you release.


  1. PlayStation
  2. PlayStation 2
  3. PlayStation 3


  1. Xbox
  2. Xbox 360
  3. Xbox One

Nintendo (Portable)

  1. Game & Watch
  2. Game Boy
  3. Virtual Boy


  1. Game Boy Advance
  2. Nintendo DS
  3. Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo (Home Consoles)

  1. Nintendo Entertainment System
  2. Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  3. Nintendo 64


  1. Gamecube
  2. Wii
  3. Wii U

So confirmed?

Edit: Here is Sega too apparently


  1. SG-1000
  2. Sega Mark III
  3. Master System


  1. Genesis
  2. Saturn
  3. Dreamcast

Sony - Okay that one works

Microsoft - No way to tell yet but not proven wrong yet.

Nintendo (Handheld) - Well speaking that the Game and Watch were a series of handhelds not a single device, and the Gameboy Color is left out entirely, I can't say that works at all.

Nintendo (Handheld 2) - The 3DS stumbled no more than the DS did in its early days. Both had tough first years before a bunch of Mario games saved them. So I guess the third did stumble, but so did the second.

Nintendo (Console) - Okay I guess that works but the Gamecube was no more successful than the N64

Nintendo (Console 2) - Again, that works but you are ignoring how big of a failure the Gamecube was.

Sega (Console) - Assuming you are counting these as three full consoles, then the Sega Master System was by far the most successful of the bunch so not confirmed at all.

Sega (Console 2) - The third did stumble, but so did the second so what is your point?

And I'll also add Atari just for yucks.

2600/CVS, 5200, 7800 - Well two and three were failures but three was especially in this case. But it was the Jaguar that truly destroyed the company so I guess it's pretty much 2,3, and 4 in this case. You could arguably count Pong as their first console, at which point your theory would be slightly more accurate.

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@thehbk said:

The thing is that these guys still live in the early 90's where games were simpler. Taking their "time" to make a game doesn't fly anymore and the business has grown up. It annoys me when they say, it will be out when it is done. Doom 4 needed a plan, and just do it. Don't be rebooting it. Start out right the first time. Same with studios like Team Ico. Clearly don't have a plan and the game is not worth the wait, no game is, not when other great games get made and put out in a timely manner like the Last of Us. id is dying a slow death because they couldn't make fresh games and stick to a schedule.

If you have ever worked in any creative field you'd know that your initial plan doesn't always work out. That is especially true in gaming. The thing with making a game is that the first year or more of development basically involves making each of the different elements work. It isn't until these elements are all finished and put into a working level that you know whether or not the game will actually be fun. That is the issue with new IP and innovative game mechanics and such. A lot of the time you work on something for a year or more and then realize for whatever reason it isn't going to work. At that point you have a couple of options. If you are a big publisher and have the money to scrap the project and just write it off then you may do that. Or you may push forward and put out an inferior product in hopes that you can at least recoup some of the costs. If you are an independent developer or a publisher without a lot of capital to waste, your options are slightly different. You either put out the game or you go bankrupt.

You'd probably be surprised to learn that there are probably at least five games a year at each major publisher that get cancelled before they are ever revealed. Even the best developers in the industry cancel tons of games that you never hear about. And many of the games that are announced and released were being worked on for several years or more before they were revealed and most likely had gone through numerous iterations before they settled on what was eventually shown to the public. The only difference with Doom 4 and the other 99% of games out there is that Id revealed they were working on the game while they were still in the planning stages. And their initial idea turned out not to work and because they are now owned by Bethesda they had the money to drop that initial idea and go in another direction.

While people hate when developers sell out, the reason they do so is because of that advantage. How many developers this generation were forced to put out a bad game because they had no other option and ended up going under as a result? Great developers mind you. Everyone from Warren Spector and Miyamoto all the way down to the lowest people on the poll have both good ideas and bad ones. Sadly, it is often incredibly hard to tell which ideas are which until you actually build them and see. And the key issue with the industry right now is that a couple bad ideas are all it takes to sink a company. Id is in the lucky position of having its technology to provide funding for its development. Epic is the same way, as is Valve. Not that many games from any of those companies fail, but if they did they would still be taking in enough money from their tech (Unreal Engine in Epic's case or Steam in Valve's) that they could weather that loss. Hell, Half Life 3 has most likely been scrapped a half dozen times already.

It isn't that these developers suck. It's just that they have the luxury of starting over when their idea doesn't work out. Trust me when I say every developer in the industry wishes they had that luxury at least one point in their career because everyone makes mistakes. The question is did you have enough padding to bounce back from that mistake, or does it end your career or studio?

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@arbitrarywater: I'd just tell them to include the dungeon version of Jolly Roger so all these youngsters can experience the true challenge that New World Computing was known for. And us old timers can reminisce about the years of childhood wasted trying to beat that map. Also, I want at least one character named Ironfist and also lasers. Cause best ending to a Might and Magic game ever. Fucking lasers.

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I guess I haven't really played enough of those games to vote, but I hear that the developer of Might and Magic X is looking for input on their forums or something like that. I'm pretty sure you should just dedicate your next several months petitioning for Sandro to be in the game because no one really cares about modern M&M characters right? I also want characters to scream "It's just a flesh wound!" over and over until I mute the game. You'll take care of that for me right?

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@darthorange: The official line was that the studio was going to be supporting Guerrilla exclusively going forward so they decided to simply make the studio part of Guerrilla. I think in the end it comes down to brand management. Guerrilla is associated with a certain level of quality and is a known entity. If you call it Guerrilla then people will associate it with Guerrilla even though the companies share nothing but a name. It's the reason Take Two calls a dozen different studios Rockstar. The name Rockstar has come to mean something. EA is king of doing this. Visceral is just a bunch of EA studios previously named after the cities they were located in. EA thought that associating all of their action game lineup with a single brand would improve customer loyalty. They did the same thing with Bioware and RPG's and they tried to do it with Danger Close and Medal of Honor. The games didn't do well so now what is the studio that was initially born from Westwood and called EA LA known as? DICE LA. Why? Because DICE, like Bioware or Rockstar or Guerrilla has a level of quality associated with it. Brand management. People make millions coming up with these things.

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@dxmagma: Superman isn't a game. SE does it that way to let the player sort of project himself onto Lightning. It's supposed to give agency. It's sort of their take on character creation in an RPG. They don't let you actually create the character physically, but they leave her as open as possible to let the player make her who he wants her to be. You are supposed to be role playing after all, hence the term RPG. It has been their strategy since Kitase took over the series with FF7. It's really no different in this game than any previous entries. Even Cloud is a pretty empty character. He's far from the most interesting person in the story. He is just kind of an avatar for you to play as. Master Chief from Halo or Gordon Freeman from Half Life are made in a similar way. They have physical traits and personality traits but they are largely empty shells for you to fill. It's kind of the issue with Halo 4. Master Chief was never designed to have emotion or a deep backstory. He was meant to be the player.

Now you might argue that you prefer playing games where you play a very defined character, and that is great, but it isn't fair to ask that of an RPG. The whole point of that type of game is to place the player in a fantastical setting and have them react how they feel is best.