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Yea that was one of Brad's worst moments.

I wanted to comment though that the "bad" controls are intentional. Just like in Ico the character isn't supposed to be a Kratos like killing machine. He is awkward and weak and unprepared for the fight ahead. The controls make you feel a certain way. You feel helpless against these giant beings, more helpless than you would if the controls were perfect. Everything just isn't as accurate as you would expect. And that isn't a flaw, it is a strength. It is the point of Team Ico's games. They connect you to the character through the controls, and the animation, and the gameplay more than through dialogue. That's why people consider those two games two of the best in the industry.

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They said on ILM that they had to shuffle things around this week due to some scheduling conflict. They didn't specify what it was but I assume things will be back to normal next week.

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A couple points

1. The combat starts out slow but gets a ton better as the game progresses. They take far too long to ease you into it, but by the halfway point the combat easily becomes the highlight of the game. I never had a battle take 10 minutes. Not even a boss battle. Staggering requires you to combo moves together. If you are timing everything right and using the correct paradigms you should be able to stagger any enemy within a couple turns, unless they are much higher level than you, in which case you probably can't stagger them at all. The thing is, the combat here is different than your standard JRPG combat. The challenge isn't choosing the correct attacks but choosing the correct paradigm for the situation. Again, it starts out really basic, but eventually you'll have to be switching paradigms so quickly and so deftly that actually inputting each attack manually would be impossible. Honestly, it is the best turn based combat SE has ever made. They managed to make something that was quick and action packed, while being incredibly strategic at the same time. Again, it starts out really slow. And it takes a good 8 hours at least before the depth is fully revealed but it does end up being the best part of the game.

2. Lightning comes into her own as well. Again, give it time. I honestly never made it to the end of the game, but she definitely improves over time. I'll also add that there is a very specific reason Lightning was chosen as the playable character even though she may not be the most interesting. It was the very fact that she wasn't interesting that they chose her. That way the player could kind of put themselves into the character instead of feeling like they were playing a character they didn't like. Lightning is mostly a blank slate, at least for much of the game. SE always chooses characters like that as the lead. Vaan in FF12 is probably the best example. In the grand scheme of things he doesn't matter at all. You could easily remove him from the story and make something just as good with some rewrites. They do that on purpose. You aren't supposed to be playing the lead. You are supposed to be along for the journey.

3. As for your point on exposition, I definitely agree. Don't expect things to become clearer anytime soon. I played for like 15 hours and never got any closer to understanding what was going on even after reading through every entry in the journal. And, yea, the levels are linear as hell but my point about that is that while many previous FF games had open worlds, it's not like you could do tons of side quests or something. Usually you had an illusion of freedom but there was always only a handful of quests you had at any one time. You could wander around, but eventually you had to go to your next objective. The open world was just window dressing. Final Fantasy has always been super linear.

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@thegreatpaulio said:

Feel like I should chime in with what I've got, since I'm hitting a wall with my line of thought. I don't think the script was shot on the 18th. All that "yellow revisions" means is that it is the third revision of that page. Later on it says "blue revisions", which I think means second revision. Anyway, I tried to look at film permits, but couldn't find anything. However, I came across this site http://goo.gl/dGR8Z. It looks like something called TEW shot at the studio on March 23-26. I haven't been able to find anything on what TEW could stand for other than "The Erotic Woman". However that's more erotic literature than anything else.

It stands for The Evil Within. It is where they shot the live action trailer for Bethesda's new game. Dunno if that helps but I did figure that out.

Edit: Does anyone from Bethesda stop by the forums who might be able to help? I don't remember anyone from there ever being on the Bombcast or the live shows but maybe there is someone?



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On a scale from Sardine to Whale, how much fishing would you guys say there is in Nier? This directly influences my pick.

I never beat the game but I will say that I got stuck on the fishing mini-game for well over an hour even after looking at a guide. It is one of the worst parts of any game I have ever played. Other than that, I never really got far enough to truly judge, but I will say that after playing for 10 hours or so I still hadn't experienced any of the incredible parts that people talk about. And the game is ugly. Not just technically, but artistically as well. Just flat out one of the worst looking games of this generation. That said, unless you are playing the HD remake of Ico, that games runs in 240i and looks like complete shit on a modern TV. It truly is an awful sight to behold. If you don't have the HD version I might advise waiting as the original version looks truly awful on a modern TV, to the point where it can almost be distracting. Also, you can beat the whole game in a couple of days so I would say start with that, beat it and then move onto Neir.

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Should be fine. Only minor stuff carries over, but there is one larger element towards the end that changes based on your choices in the first game.

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Depends on a lot of factors. The key one is how does it spread? If it's a virus or fungus or some other microorganism then it won't be as easy as killing all the zombies. You would have to find a way to cure the illness, which as we know from the decades long attempt to find a cure for AIDS is not an easy thing. But it wouldn't destroy the world. People would just have to be put down as soon as they show signs of infection. That of course also depends on how it spreads and how easy it is for our body to fight it off. If it is air born and easy to get then obviously it would be a lot more difficult to manage than if it was, say, an STD or only traveled through blood like normal zombie fiction. Still, unless this is a thing that infects a ton of people really quickly, I think we could likely manage.

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Dear god, why do people still give a shit about Half Life 3? Wouldn't you rather the talented guys at Valve make something new? I know I would.

After the cliffhanger ending from Episode 2? Hell no! I've waited half a decade to take my vengeance and I'm going to get it. And sleep with Alyx and make baby Gordon. And we've waited nearly 20 years to find out the secret behind the G-Man. I want a Half Life 3.

I agree HL3 wont live up to hype but I also think games are so ahead of HL2 sometimes I wonder if Valve is afraid of not being able to compete. With games like Last of Us, Fallout3, Mass Effect series, Bioshock, etc. I sometimes feel their afraid that HL3 won't set the standard like HL2 did.

A lot of people said the same thing about Half Life 2. After the first game was a defining moment in gaming, everyone thought they would never be able to live up to it. But they did and more. They haven't messed up yet so until they make a game that doesn't live up to my expectations I just assume they will. Of course, to your point, I think they feel an enormous amount of pressure to live up to expectations. The rumor is that they have scrapped the game a couple of times because it wasn't good enough. That's the kind of studio Valve is. They'll keep working on it until they get it right. Even if it takes a decade for them to do that.

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The difficulty will be going off that diet. You will suddenly be taking in twice as many calories which might be difficult for your body to deal with. The other thing is that if you are exercising daily you need to be taking in calories to support that. Fat is only one of the multiple things your body needs every day to survive. Hopefully you are taking vitamins on a daily basis. A shortage of vitamins and minerals can be just as hazardous to your health as excessive weight. Just make sure you are getting the nutrients you need on the days you aren't eating.

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College is a time of big changes. You are most likely going to have a lot less free time and money so spending both of those on games can seem like a lot bigger thing than in high school. Personally I didn't have that experience in college but I was a game design major so my social situations involved playing games not clubbing.