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Probably $50 or so at a Theater/Bar in Chicago. Most expensive meal I've eaten but not paid for would likely be a dinner I had at this super fancy oceanside place in San Diego. I would estimate we spent a good $100 a head for six people (no drinks outside of a couple sodas involved) but I wasn't the one paying so I don't know for certain. Also recently took a trip with my parents to NYC and ate at some swanky spots I would never be able to pay for myself but, again, I don't know how much the total came out to.

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@believer258: I hear the iPad version actually fixes the performance issues of the PSP version so unless the controls don't work well, which shouldn't be an issue for this type of game, I would assume that would be the definitive version. Also, I haven't tried this, but I would bet playing the downloadable PSP version would fix a lot of the load time and stuttering issues.

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I'm not sure if this counts, but I often end up buying the PC version of a console game I previously owned as part of a bundle or the GOTY Edition or what have you of a console game I had played and beat. I don't think I've ever sold and then bought back the same game on the same system though.

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Let me just say, when trapessing through the jungle in full armor, carrying all those supplies you are going to sweat. Movies might make you think people managed to march for days without looking like shit, but when you've marched through a hot forest for hours you are going to look like that dude did.

The thing that caught my eye the most about the UI was how the character portraits were very stylized. I'm not sure if I like it or not but I appreciate them trying something different. Other than that the UI looked fine. And to be totally honest, as long as I can see the actual item stats somewhere, having some color coded bars that let me see on a glance if a weapon or piece of armor is better than what I already have is more than fine by me. Maybe include an option to just show numbers for the ultra-hardcore that want to figure that stuff out themselves, but for me I would really like it in RPG's if there was a simple way to say that X item is better or Y item is. I don't need to be doing math while playing a game.

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@finaldasa said:

EA has just been giving games away recently. Sims 2, Peggle, Bejewled 3, and Wing Commander 3 are all games they gave away. Kinda crazy.

Also Battlefield 3

I think they put one of the Dead Space games on there as well. I like this version of EA. Desperate enough for customers to give away their back catalog. Nothing to complain about there really.

And to all those people saying Origin sucks, it has worked perfectly well for me whenever I have used it. I prefer to support Valve and I also prefer having all my games in a single location just for ease of use, but if I was forced to use Origin instead of Steam from now on I wouldn't be especially bothered outside of there being far fewer sales on Origin.

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I continue to like Origin's attempts at getting new members. Free games and week long full game trials are exactly what I need to use Origin for the length of time it takes to beat said free games and trials. EA gets +1 in its userbase. I get free games. Everyone wins. Now if they expect me to then go and buy games that I can get on Steam on Origin then they have another thing coming.

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@cloudymusic: Well Square Enix's last effort with using Unreal for an RPG let's just say didn't turn out too well. See The Last Remnant and its insane technical issues for more. Short story is that the Xbox 360 version pretty much didn't work, which lead Square Enix to completely cancel the PS3 version, with the PC version the only version that actually functioned as advertised, assuming you had a (for the time) beast of a PC where you could simply brute force your way past the technical issues. It's a shame because the game itself is actually pretty good. But not many people play their JRPG's on the PC and the Xbox 360 version just isn't worth messing with. But, hey, with Unreal 4 and the ridiculous amounts of RAM on the PS4 they don't have to worry about actually making their world stream in correctly so hopefully there will be no problems.

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I have to go with Halo. Marty O'Donnell is just so damn good.

I'd also put the Elder Scrolls up there.

I'm a big fan of orchestral soundtracks so I personally wouldn't put any chiptune stuff on a personal favorites list but I think Mario and Zelda both have incredible music and Super Metroid has some outstanding tracks. I also am a fan of the Streets of Rage tracks. As far as tracks using more modern styles I would say Hotline Miami was great, but that is only one game. Mass Effect does a great job mixing classical stuff with electronic stuff.

The other series I'd have to mention it Locoroco. Not a series many talk about, probably due to it being a PSP exclusive series but it has awesome music.

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@memu: I think the key difference to me is that Ethan Carter has puzzles whereas Gone Home literally just involves walking and looking at things. Now I loved Gone Home personally, but the more traditional gameplay of Ethan Carter I think might make it easier to swallow for those who felt Gone Home wasn't enough of a game.

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@pimblycharles: No worries, dude. I know there was no harm meant. Just thought it was a surprising moment and after Alex skipped over that puzzle in the quick look I thought it was best left for people to discover on their own.