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@mjk0104: Here that term is used for the tomato based sauces put on Italian dishes like pasta and pizza. Marinara sauce is another common term for a straight tomato sauce, but the term also encompasses any pasta sauce with a tomato base such as a vodka sauce like one would put on Penne, the tomato component of a meat pie, the tomato base used to make pizza, and occasionally even heavily spiced tomato based sauces used in Indian cooking like Korma (although this is far less common).

Looking through the website of Master Foods, tomato sauce would be what would be found on this page:


The ones with a tomato base would be a tomato sauce. And the things on the sauces page would be called condiments, along with the mustards and relishes. Basically if it goes on a sandwich or any sort of dish that involves meat, veggies, or cheese on or in some sort of bread it's a condiment. If you cover a cooked grain like pasta or rice with it then it is a sauce. Savory pies with meat, cheese, egg, or veggies are not generally eaten in America. Pies here almost exclusively contain fruit so we don't have a specific term for sauces put inside of a crust. You'd generally refer to a pie as being filled and an animal or veggie as being stuffed. Therefore an internal sauce is either a stuffing or a filling. A sauce here is poured over something not found within it. So in the case of a pie, the only time you would have a sauce would be if there was say some sort of gravy poured over the pie after it was cooked. Finally if you would put it on a salad then it is a dressing regardless of whether or not you would also use it as a sauce, filling, or condiment (like a blue cheese salad dressing).

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@mjk0104: Ketchup and tomato sauce are not the same thing. Ketchup is tomato based, but its texture is smooth. Think like a runnier tomato paste. You squirt it from a bottle like mustard or some store bought salad dressings. There aren't any chunks of tomato or other veggies in it. The ingredients also include sugar or syrup of some sort, and vinegar. The common American style is quite sour and often heavy on garlic, onions, and salt. I prefer the less common style which has a stronger tomato flavor and is sweet like a tomato jam with just a hint of vinegar. Regardless, ketchup is made from tomatoes but is nothing like the sauce you would put in a pie or on a pizza. It's a condiment like mayo or mustard. People don't generally put it on pizza or pasta.

It depends on the dish. For a sandwich (including a burger or hot chicken sandwich) I usually put both mayo and ketchup. Only sandwich like thing I don't like mayo on are hot dogs. As far as a dipping sauce goes, I enjoy mixing them together or using some sort of Aioli if the option is there. I guess the answer is probably both in most cases for me, but I openly admit that I put ketchup on many things most people wouldn't, including nuts, eggs, noodles, and honestly pretty much any meat or, grain, or veggie out there.

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@scotto: I never overestimate my aiming ability. It sucks. I can't aim for shit.

Also, over and out, in part because of the above.

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Language evolves with the times and the needs of those times. In English there is no gender neutral singular pronoun. In the age of the Internet where you might commonly speak about someone without knowing their gender, the lack of such a pronoun seems ridiculous. We can choose to create a word to fill that void or we can repurpose another word which is the case with they. The meaning and correct usage of a word is not set in stone. Language isn't physics. The laws of grammar were made by man and can be changed by man. And it makes sense in the Internet age to have a gender neutral pronoun.

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I have been avoiding these topics since I have no knowledge of either new hire but I wanted to say that in general one of my absolute favorite things about this community has been how incredibly open it is to new member and people from all walks of life. No other site of any sort I have been on deals so well with trolls (they are simply ignored here as idiots as they should be on all sites). No site I know has such a massive array of what I tend to think are good and kind people.

Therefore, it continues to surprise me every time someone new is hired, to see the terrible and cruel things said by a community that is in almost all other cases incredibly well mannered and polite, all things considered. One of those amazing moments was during the first 24 stream done with Drew and Alexis where Alexis' sister came in and started playing horribly. Yet despite her bad play and general ignorance about games (not to mention her being a woman), everyone was just very supportive and respectful. It was one of those moments that really to me defined what makes this community so great. So it is incredibly sad whenever I see a community I normally hold so highly behave terribly. Of course I expect this with pretty much every hire.

I know absolutely nothing about the new staff members so I don't know about their qualifications vs other potential hires, but I assume Jeff chose the people most qualified to fill the positions. And I also think it is worth mentioning that while I would normally like to see some "new blood" enter the game journalism field, what the site needed right now was several highly experienced editors. Ryan and Vinny are two super experienced folks. Ryan's death and Vinny leaving left open two senior positions, not two junior positions. You don't hire fresh blood in this position. You just don't. And sadly there just aren't a great number of minorities of any sort with 10+ years of game journalism experience out there, especially in the case of women and homosexuals. I understand that there won't ever be someone with 10+ years of experience if people don't start hiring them, but, again, this was not a junior position. If in a year things are more stable and the site needs to staff up again, that is the point where you hire a junior editor and that is the type of person who can have only a couple years of experience. Right now, though, with how limited the staff is, you can't take that risk with someone you aren't sure can deliver.

I do hope we eventually get some more diversity on the Bomb Squad, but I think this is not the time to take some risks on less experienced people. This is the moment where you hire your safest bets to try to stabilize the ship. To compare it to the ongoing world cup, this is the beginning of the second half and you are down one. You don't put in the rookie here. You don't need fresh legs. You need an experienced player who knows how to work the field and can come up with opportunities that you only see after having done this for years. The rookie comes in either during overtime at the 100th minute where you are one down and you need a kid with boundless energy who can just run the ball up the field while the tired old men huff and puff. It's the final desperate push. Or he comes in at the 80th minute when you are up 3 and they are playing two men down. You give him 10 minutes of glory and then use that to push him to train harder than ever so he'll get to start next time. The ship isn't sinking here, nor is it smooth sailing. You need one of those two situations to put in a rookie on the major stage. When you are in the middle of a tough storm you don't take a risk until something goes terribly wrong. You play it as safe as possible with your most experienced crew and try to get through with as little damage as possible. A year from now hopefully we'll be in smooth waters and then they can put the rookie at the helm. But not during a storm. That is just asking to sink the whole boat.

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I appreciate how much Kojima grew as a writer over the years. MGS has such terrible dialogue it's amazing the cast could deliver it with a straight face. The second game made no sense whatsoever but at least it reveled in how batshit crazy it was and you only had to play for like a quarter of the game. The rest was just cutscenes. The third game had semi-decent dialogue and a coherent narrative, but the pacing was awful and the romance still seemed like something out of a bad porn movie. Four I appreciate that the dialogue actually often sounds like how actual humans talk, and the women even behave like people not sex toys most of the time. Explaining the entire series by saying it all happened due to nano-machines is ridiculous but I think MGS4 did more to make me care about the characters than the entire rest of the series combined.

Also his trailer making abilities seem to have grown drastically over time.

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I played through 3/4 of the original game. That makes me entirely unqualified to answer this question, but I thought I would say that I loved the 30 hours or whatever I spent on that game, especially when I learned a spell that let me beat any enemy including bosses in seconds.

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Well I've seen threads brought back from the dead but this thread was made a day after this site launched. Doesn't get much older than that.

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@brendan: They also did the Wii RPG The Last Story which was most critics say was their best game.

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Get a 3DS or Vita if you don't already have one. Then purchase some lengthy RPG's. They'll last you the summer. Just make sure to bring headphones. I used to just bring an iPod Touch when I had a half hour commute and play various small games on it. I wasn't living in a great part of town and the bus was usually so full they couldn't even take everyone who wanted to get on, so headphones were usually out of the question. I must have played like 200+ hours of Tiny Wings the year it came out. Assuming you are taking the train, I don't think the subway in NYC is usually anywhere near that busy (at least not from my limited experience on it) so if you can get a seat I would go with gaming with headphones. People also commonly use Kindles to read on trains. I saw that a lot when I lived in Chicago. The main thing I always say is that if you are going through a not so great part of town, make sure whatever you have with you is not plainly visible at those stops. NYC is much safer than Chicago these days, but it still pays to be safe.