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One of the things that's interesting is that you can scale the rendered resolution. So, you can set your graphical resolution to say 1080p but then set the rendering scale to 70%, so it upscales the image, like what consoles do.

Never seen the option in a PC game.

Running a 7950 at 1200p and the game's smooth as silk. The cutscenes are jarringly off and I've found the main menu has some real performance issue if I drop back to it from the game.

It's actually a built in feature of the Frostbite Engine. So Battlefield 4 (and I assume Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare) has it and presumably most of EA's non-sports games going forward will have it since all Bioware, DICE, and Visceral games that are currently announced make use of that engine.

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@bonorbitz I'm from eu. My monitor has a 1600x900 res which is enoguh for me. I'll geck the prices for my country and see with what I'm dealing.

Edit: just had a quick glance over the prices and im gonna go with the gtx 750. Can you describe me the gpu a little? im gonna search for reviews and stuff but atm im on my droid so its gonna take a while

If you want a graphics card that will last you four years at 40 fps then the 750 is NOT the card you want. It won't even hit 40 fps with most current games at higher than medium settings. Plus it only has 2 GB of RAM I believe, which combined with your 4 GB of system RAM is going to leave you with a major memory deficit going forward. I would say that a 760 will last you four years if you get the 4 GB model and are willing to play at medium/low settings. To put things in perspective, I currently have a 560 ti in my computer, which is four years old now. The ti model is slightly more powerful than the normal 560 but it is mostly comparable. None of the major games released this month are playable at above 30 fps on my card with most settings set to medium, low, or even off. The most recent game I was able to play through was The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. At a mix of medium and high settings with AA off and AO off I was able to get around 40 fps on average. With all settings maxed out I rarely broke 20 fps. It might take longer to save up for a 970 but I would HIGHLY recommend that card. It is an amazing value and will last you four years without you having to drop down to low settings in the final year. Again, the 4 GB model may cost a bit more but regardless of what card you settle on make sure it has at least 4 GB of RAM. I would also add another 4 GB of system RAM to your computer eventually.

EDIT: Also, follow CatsAkimbo's advice. Update to the latest drivers, either reinstall Windows from scratch or at least uninstall all programs you aren't using, and only have programs you absolutely need to be running at all times to start with the computer. So basically that means your anti-virus software and Windows Updates. As long as you remember to check for updates regularly with other programs you can turn off all the automatic updates. No other application needs to always be on.

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@slashdance: Getting through cert requires two things. First that the game doesn't break the console. Second that it follows all of the various guidelines regarding logo displays, button prompts, and so forth. At big publishers they have a department whose sole job is to make sure all of these rules are followed. That is their sole and only job and there are often more of them working on a single AAA game than there are total developers on an indie game. A game doesn't actually have to be fully functional to make it through cert. As long as it doesn't crash the system or interfere with the OS then the game will be approved from a stability standpoint.

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@skywah: I'm just going to throw out a couple possibilities. Disciples or Disciples 2 could be it. I think the expansion for Disciples 2 was specifically about Dark Elves. If that is it I want to say that Disciples 2 definitely holds up all these years later. Great game and very underrated. Then there are the Age of Wonder games which definitely had Dark Elves. Heroes of Might and Magic was a turn based fantasy game series but I'm not sure if there was a Dark Elf race in any of the games. There were Warlocks in the first one which could be what you are thinking of. And then there is always Master of Magic. A bit later there was the Etherlords series although I can't remember the race options for that game.

@sirchocolate: You might actually also be thinking of Disciples. A more recent game is Warlock but I believe it came out after 2008.

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@ashkev: Just for yucks I tried using the Initiates site. I don't own Unity or anything but I have played AC 1-Rev so I just wanted to see how it worked. Upon joining I was told I had 0 XP and had not played any of the games. Now of note I own 1-Rev on PC meaning I have to have played them with Uplay. But just to check I logged onto Uplay. It showed I owned all four games. Since I played 2 on PS3, and Brotherhood on Xbox 360 I also made sure those accounts were linked (they were). So despite having played all four games on at least two platforms a piece (outside of Revelations which I only played on PC) Initiates claims I have not played any of the games whatsoever. So even if I were to get Unity and link it to my Uplay account it seems I still wouldn't be getting those gold chests.

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@dudeglove: I mean the term was invented because it was a cheap way to create a twist in many Greek tragedies. It was a bad way to make a twist 3000 years ago and it remains a bad way to this day. Also, The Wolf of Wall Street was an absolutely brilliant movie. You want to talk about show, don't tell, there is really no one making films today better than Scorsese in that regard. In a movie all about unchecked excess, Scorsese drives home the point by creating a film filled with unchecked excess. The gratuitous sex, drug use and violence, combined with the 3+ hour run time drives many people away but instead of having his characters explain the insanity they were creating, Scorsese recreates the feeling with 3 hours of depravity. The movie would have made sense with an hour less of footage, but just like the Wolf himself couldn't stop even when it would have been best, Scorsese doesn't either. By being overly long the film's structure mirrors the psychology of its character. It's an absolutely brilliant way of making you feel the rush and the exhaustion of the character and as the film starts to drag you can feel how the endless partying and lying must have dragged down the characters of the film. The Wolf of Wall Street may not be a great story, or an original one, but it is an exceptional film that could only have been created by someone as obsessed with the medium as Scorsese.

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Personally I have trouble fully recommending any pre-90's anime outside of Studio Ghibli's movies and Akira (although I believe you are looking for series here not films). I have heard a lot of good things about Lupin III though. I haven't seen it myself so I couldn't say personally one way or another.

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@raven10: Never forget! <--- That's what I honestly want again, but the pizza culture is changing, moving towards what is viewed as "healthier" options even though that is largely a farce, the only healthy option when it comes to pizza is to not eat pizza.

I went to college in Chicago and while there I learned what truly great Pizza is. And it doesn't involve fancy toppings. It involves an inch or more of cheese on top of a solid layer of sausage and pepperoni inside of a massive buttery crust. If the average person can eat more than two slices of a store's pizza then they are doing it wrong. Simple fact is that pizza is never going to be upscale or healthy. It's simple easy, and delicious and that is all it should be.

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I was really hoping they'd go in the opposte direction and try making some super unhealthy fast-food inspired Pizza instead of this more upscale stuff. All these new crusts and I still can't put hotdogs or hamburgers in my crust like they do in Asia. This is all fine, honestly, but I like my pizza with bacon or pepporoni so none of these new toppings/sauces/drizzles are going to change what I order (either one of those two or a meat lovers). I might try one of the cheesy crusts. They had these awesome crusts earlier this year or maybe late last year that were basically a bunch of little crust buckets filled with cheese. They were awesome but they stopped making them almost as soon as they started. I thought that was the best addition to their menu in years.

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@geraltitude: What specific parts did you find confusing and what did you find confusing about them? I'd be happy to make parts easier to understand, but as the writer it is tough to know what parts need more detail/explanation and what parts work as is.