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Sonic CD was the last one I enjoyed and I would argue it was the best Sonic overall. I like how you just ignored the existence of Sonic 3D Blast. I wish I could forget my time spent playing it as it was probably the worst game I have ever played.

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I get the argument that RAM is pretty cheap so it's not like this is some ridiculous thing to ask of gamers, but it really makes me wonder what the heck they plan to do with that much RAM. Mind you with their recommended graphics cards you'll also have between 3 and 6 GB of graphics RAM to work with. Lot's of graphics RAM makes sense. Texture sizes are getting pretty massive these days. But I'm just trying to imagine what the hell a game could be doing with that much DDR3 RAM. They are also recommending a rather high end CPU as well, though, so I have to imagine they are running some sort of crazy processes. Being a Techland joint, though, I suspect that the game will in no way justify these specs.

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@belegorm: Do you count playing the iOS version for 10 minutes when Capcom gave it away for free as playing Street Fighter IV? (I wouldn't if I were you). If not then you are correct in guessing I have never played Street Fighter IV. I really suck at fighting games and the thing with that genre is that playing against the AI is only fun for a very limited amount of time. After that the question is just how much fun I can eek out of getting pummeled over and over by people far better at the game than I am. So I'm sure that it's a great game but I just am not the right person to judge it.

@jaycrockett: I'm seriously considering getting a Wii U and if I do I'll be sure to get the Galaxy games along with the Wii U titles I want. My problem with the Wii was that I'm not a huge Zelda fan, and the only Metroid game on the system was far from the atmospheric adventure I would have wanted. So really as far a bigger "AAA" games went, the Mario Galaxy games were really all I was interested in. Mind you I love 2D platformers so I would have gotten Donkey Kong Country and the Kirby games as well but we're talking about four or five games which Nintendo never drops the price on. I just couldn't justify it. But Nintendo's stuff this generation, in addition to their Platinum Games exclusives are really pushing me in the direction of a Wii U, especially with the current state of the Xbox One and PS4.

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@notnert427: Well I can say that I have at least played 2 of those games. And that of those two one I despise and the other I really love. Whether it makes it on my top twenty you'll just have to wait and see.

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@wolfskind: Huh. Didn't realize that. That sucks for PS3 owners I guess, although considering you can play it in a web browser there really is no excuse to not play it.

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@citizencoffeecake: Ninja Gaiden Sigma I count as an HD port so it won't be on the list, but Ninja Gaiden Black would probably top my list of best Xbox games. Of the other two, I'll say at least one of them is in my top 10. I also debated putting DMC on this list but decided against it. Same with God of War 3.

@kaos_cracker: I will. I'm saving up for a new computer and/or console. I felt like playing Last Light on a PS3 or 360 wouldn't do it justice and my PC is nowhere near powerful enough to handle Last Light.

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I'll format this to look prettier later. Sorry if it is a little messy.

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Well this is a multiplayer only game right? And considering how messed up the servers have been for several recent major releases I would honestly not put any faith in a review that didn't spent at least several days with servers at full capacity anyways. I get the desire for launch day or earlier reviews, but I'd prefer an accurate review a week later over an inaccurate review a week early.

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One of the things that's interesting is that you can scale the rendered resolution. So, you can set your graphical resolution to say 1080p but then set the rendering scale to 70%, so it upscales the image, like what consoles do.

Never seen the option in a PC game.

Running a 7950 at 1200p and the game's smooth as silk. The cutscenes are jarringly off and I've found the main menu has some real performance issue if I drop back to it from the game.

It's actually a built in feature of the Frostbite Engine. So Battlefield 4 (and I assume Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare) has it and presumably most of EA's non-sports games going forward will have it since all Bioware, DICE, and Visceral games that are currently announced make use of that engine.

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@bonorbitz I'm from eu. My monitor has a 1600x900 res which is enoguh for me. I'll geck the prices for my country and see with what I'm dealing.

Edit: just had a quick glance over the prices and im gonna go with the gtx 750. Can you describe me the gpu a little? im gonna search for reviews and stuff but atm im on my droid so its gonna take a while

If you want a graphics card that will last you four years at 40 fps then the 750 is NOT the card you want. It won't even hit 40 fps with most current games at higher than medium settings. Plus it only has 2 GB of RAM I believe, which combined with your 4 GB of system RAM is going to leave you with a major memory deficit going forward. I would say that a 760 will last you four years if you get the 4 GB model and are willing to play at medium/low settings. To put things in perspective, I currently have a 560 ti in my computer, which is four years old now. The ti model is slightly more powerful than the normal 560 but it is mostly comparable. None of the major games released this month are playable at above 30 fps on my card with most settings set to medium, low, or even off. The most recent game I was able to play through was The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. At a mix of medium and high settings with AA off and AO off I was able to get around 40 fps on average. With all settings maxed out I rarely broke 20 fps. It might take longer to save up for a 970 but I would HIGHLY recommend that card. It is an amazing value and will last you four years without you having to drop down to low settings in the final year. Again, the 4 GB model may cost a bit more but regardless of what card you settle on make sure it has at least 4 GB of RAM. I would also add another 4 GB of system RAM to your computer eventually.

EDIT: Also, follow CatsAkimbo's advice. Update to the latest drivers, either reinstall Windows from scratch or at least uninstall all programs you aren't using, and only have programs you absolutely need to be running at all times to start with the computer. So basically that means your anti-virus software and Windows Updates. As long as you remember to check for updates regularly with other programs you can turn off all the automatic updates. No other application needs to always be on.