Games You May Not Have Played... But Should

This list consists of games that I have played that most other people haven't. All of them come highly recommended and are worth tracking down.

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Posted by JackiJinx

Man, I loved Might and Magic games. Too bad they went to stink.

Posted by kwyrt

I totally agree with Metal Arms: Glitch in the System. That game was fantastic. I so wish they would make 
another one.

Posted by jonnyboy

The Suffering is the best Survival horror/Action Horror game I've ever played (all Resi's and Hill's included). One of the best uses of sound in a game ever.

Posted by snide

I preferred the first of the Longest Journey games, but otherwise this list is pretty solid.

Posted by spankingaddict

sly cooper is a masterpiece and glad to see someone else say it, and i always wanted to try stranger's wrath but 4 odd reasons didnt( i WILL someday!)

Posted by abdo

You should mention that The Suffereing is available as freeware on the PC now. Can't find a link though.

Posted by Babylonian

Phantom Dust is possibly my favorite video game of all time. I am always down to talk about it. 
Also: what was number 10?

Posted by Raven10
@Babylonian: The first Valkyrie Profile. Don't know what happened to it.
Posted by madhattervx

I loved Dreamfall, and am planning on getting the first soon. This is a good list.