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@northsarge: what if you need to deposit cash? That was my only real headache with ally.

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I've actually had most the major banks and one point or another. I switched for various reasons from each one , but I really just need to stick to one I think .

I like that I can pretty much throw a stick and hit a chase branch or ATM. Seriously, there everywhere. It also looks like their iOS app is very good.

Wells Fargo is ok, but I think the only reason I went back with them is because they were doing a sign up bonus and I already have a credit card with them.

I like that there's a lot if B of A ATMs, but there branch locations are a tad scattered in my area . Again , seems like there's a chase on every corner where I'm at . The reason I switched from them was I was mad about there then new online banking change and that they pretty much want people to use online banking only it seems (or at that time ) however, I realize over the years most my banking I of either through a app or online anyway , so perhaps I overreacted. I didn't gave a problem really with them. They were a bit fee happy if I remember right. Like with overdrafts and what not.

I'm probably between chase or B of A right now .

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Right now I'm using Wells Fargo. May switch to chase or Bank of America for more ATM access though.

Which bank do you use or recommend?

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Ha ha, the responses here are great!

I'm going through BF4 on normal y axis and its pretty jarring. If I'm not focusing I go back to invert mode in my head and it gets all kind of fucked.

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Ok, so just got done watching space mutiny.

Oh my good Jesus Christ. That movie man,

I think my favorite part was when they show the lady who worked on the bridge in the very next scene AFTER SHE WAS SHOT AND KILLED. like, what?

Oh, and there stupid little zambonie cars. That end fight with them was gold. Ha ha.

I think my favorite episodes so far are apace mutiny and the final sacrifice.

Sacrifice did have rowsdower, who I'm probably naming my next elder scrolls character. Lol.

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It's good to know that I'm maybe not crazy for not liking the Joel ones as much. But again, I've inky watched four episodes so far of the whole series, so I guess I can't judge yet. I thought maybe I just missed the boat and you had to watch it during the time to get this show. But honestly, I really like it. Even if all the jokes don't land for me sometimes, it's at least a enjoyable way to watch these movies that would otherwise probably be unbearable to watch.

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@peezmachine: none of them seem to be in episodic order on Netflix/amazonprimeinstant. So it's hard for me to tell which episodes are what season. Are the gamera episodes season 1 or 3?

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So I just started watching episodes of mystery science theater 3,000 today. I know, late to the party much. I've obviously heard of the show before, but never actually watched any episodes before today. I saw that Netflix had some and I streamed the first gamera episode. Then the final sacrifice episode, then laser blast, now I'm watching the second gamera movie right now.

Honestly, I like it. There's some very funny stuff, and there's something strangely cool about terrible movies.

My first reaction to the way the shows episodes began when I watched my first episode was that I thought It was a kids show. Or something like peewees playhouse or something. The tone seemed like something I would see in the 90s as a kids show, if that makes sense. A lot of it I think was the intro song and the puppet characters. Naturally as they went in and first started watching the movie, I learned it really wasn't something aimed at kids. Bit that was just the first impression I got never seeing the characters before or knowing what the show looked like. I'm curious if this is maybe a common feeling of first time viewers?

anyway, another thing I'm finding is that it seems like the ones I watched from the early seasons (I guess called the Joel era) don't seem super funny to me. A lot of what I saw seemed like goofy jokes or pretty basic observation humor if the movie. I laughed a lot more on one of the Mike episodes. (Final sacrifice)

Are the early Joel episodes more basic or not too laugh out loud funny? Obviously I've just started watching and can't give a very educated opinion, I'm just wondering what those who have watched a lot of it think.

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And I probably should say that when I think about it, I really don't have many expenses.

We actually have gamefly, so I actually don't ever really buy games that much anymore.

And my parents actually pay for most my expenses. Which while I'm very grateful for, I'm beginning to wonder if I should start going off on my own when it comes to, like , my phone plan. Right now they pay for my phone plan, car insurance, for the gamefly, and they don't charge me rent.

I'm thinking of maybe going off on my own phone plan on Tmobile. They have a plan for 30 dollars a month that I liked that gives you 100 minutes of talk, unlimited texting and unlimited data.