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I am thinking of resubscribing for Live gold so I can start getting this free with gold games. But I don't really do multiplayer.

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@sethphotopoulos: yeah. These games are getting rather cheap. I could pick up mass effect 3 for like 20 bucks or less now.

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Im curious to know how many here own next gen consoles but still play the PS3, 360, or wiiu (or wii) regularly? I Know I still play my PS3 and 350 for things like skyrim, gears of war or games I'm trying to finish like bio shock infinite (even though I got spoiled on the ending) and I still would like to play mass effect 3. Plus, with things like ps plus I get access to games I never got around to playing before. So I'm gonna go buy a new 360 and maybe PS3 controller because I still like head old systems even though I own a ps4.

What about you? What syestems do you still play regularly?

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So right now I'm looking for something other than the built in windows defender in 8.1. I'm considering either avast or bit defender, but would like to hear what you guys recommend? Also, please only list free products: I don't want to pay for a antivirus when there's alot of great free options. Thanks.

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And that's the thing, this game is so good that I'm playing it 3 years later: this is my favorite game series and I guess I should just accept some bugs and glitches: my thing is though I don't know if restarting my character would even do anything, because it seems like a crap shoot if your going to get these bugs or game breaking issues.

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@corevi: yeah, I wish I had a gaming capable PC. One day I hope to invest in one. But for now I'm on consoles. What's weird is that it's not every character I made that has hear issues. Some that I created earlier seem to play without crashes. Could it be I just have too many saves and that's causing issues?

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so while this game is rather old now, I still play it a ton. I Honestly just keep getting these same bugs and glitches on 360 and can't figure out why this game isn't more stable after all this time for patches.

I'll get in game graphics breaking sometimes and clutching out and my conse has a tendency to freeze up during loading screens.

Also not to mention the usually bank that comes with Bethesda games. Is this a issue with my copy or is this game still kinda unstable after all these years on consoles.

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It's good to see I'm not the only one that doesn't root for all home teams. Was worried that made a weirdo.

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Mine are:

NFL: Chicago bears

MLB: Boston Red Sox

NBA: Boston Celtics

NHL: I don't watch much hockey, but I've been following the Boston Bruins.

Even though I like Boston for most sports, I'm a Bears fan for football. Never cared for the patriots: great team, just not for me.

I live in LA, but hate pretty much every team here, ha ha.

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I heard people say hunters aren't great in pvp or multiplayer.