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The problem is slot if tweets I'm getting that are negative are FROM the giantbomb guys like Alex and Patrick. Alex in particular makes it almost a habit to post depressing shit or be,well , a colossal bummer

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Honestly, I'm considering unplugging from twitter for a bit. There's just too much negativity lately. First there was ferguson, then this Zoe Quinn stuff going on and no one knows what happened and didn't happen (if she did do what she's accused if, that's messed up. But we don't know what's true and what's not and wether or not we should care) and there's just a lot of negativity and hate going on right now in my feed. And it suck because even members of giantbomb (Alex and Patrick) are contributing to this negativity lately, particularly Alex. )

And honestly it's all not helping my depression non too much also .

So do you guys ever consider just unplugging from social media ?

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I should clarify that my disappointment wasn't with the PS4 and it's graphical prospects. Just the visuals of the game itself and that it probably should have looked better with better hardware compared to the last gen consoles.

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So I finally got around to playing this game, and while I think it's surprisingly good, I'm not too impressed with the visuals. Looks like a high res PS3 game or something. There's blur and the textures don't all look great. Facial models are pretty nice though. I don't know, I guess I just figured with new hardware it would look nicer and I even thought maybe my cables it tv were kinda messed up. But maybe the game just doesn't look that great?

Again, not horrible looking, just thought it should look better. Anyway else thought this?

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I'd get my ass to Mars.

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@fattony12000: well, there some cloths that might not be good to use . And there's so many different kinds of these microfiber cloths it's hard to know.

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So, I have some kens clothes and microfiber clothes and I was wondering if this is cool to clean my tv screen, phone screen , tablet , computer, and etc. I probably have done far more research than necessary, but I really want to make sure I don't damage any of my gadgets. I have these clothes I bought from LensCrafters to cleans my glasses. They are a 50 percent polyester and 50 percent nylon mix, according to the tag. The others I have are clothes called toddy clothes. They actual were a bit pricy (9.99 each) but they seem high quality. The other I have are automotive detail microfiber clothes I got in a 6 pack from target for dusting. They say they are a 80 percent polyester and 20 percent polymer mix, whatever that means.

So my question is, what kind of microfiber is best for cleaning electronics? The suede kind that are for eye glass lens ? The hatched fiber kind from bulk microfiber clothes? Or something else? Also , how do I was these properly? Handwash with dish soap? Washing machine with mild detergent?

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@northsarge: what if you need to deposit cash? That was my only real headache with ally.

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I've actually had most the major banks and one point or another. I switched for various reasons from each one , but I really just need to stick to one I think .

I like that I can pretty much throw a stick and hit a chase branch or ATM. Seriously, there everywhere. It also looks like their iOS app is very good.

Wells Fargo is ok, but I think the only reason I went back with them is because they were doing a sign up bonus and I already have a credit card with them.

I like that there's a lot if B of A ATMs, but there branch locations are a tad scattered in my area . Again , seems like there's a chase on every corner where I'm at . The reason I switched from them was I was mad about there then new online banking change and that they pretty much want people to use online banking only it seems (or at that time ) however, I realize over the years most my banking I of either through a app or online anyway , so perhaps I overreacted. I didn't gave a problem really with them. They were a bit fee happy if I remember right. Like with overdrafts and what not.

I'm probably between chase or B of A right now .

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