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I'm having a similar issue in halo 3. Gun sounds are quite low.

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@ntm: no, just using audio through my TV. It's not just because it's on a external either, I moved it onto the internal storage and had the same issues.

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My Xbox kinda started bugging out too. When I turned it back on from instant on mode the dashboard started doing this graphics glitch thing and the halo main menu music kept playing. Hopefully this was a isolated issue and my console isn't already breaking.

UPDATE: only halo is doing that still playing music even though I'm in the dashboard. Sunset overdrive works properly. Is it that this game is just fucked?

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I wondered if it was something to do with the usb cable or something, but halo 1s audio seems fine. And other games

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So I notice in the campaign level "regret" there's this weird audio issue where when cortina speaks while in game, it's very low. And when other JOCs talk as well. Is this a known issue? I'm currently re downloading the game to see if it fixes it. I am running the game off of a external hard drive, but that shouldn't matter right?

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I hope Xbox one picks up a bit though.

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@edgekasey: they still have that bundle. That's what I bought

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What reasons did you have for getting both a ps4 and Xbox one? Do you play one more than the other? And do you regret buying both? Personally I got my Xbox one on Friday after owning a ps4 since launch and I like it, though I hope I play it enough to warrant the purchase. See, I got it because there were exclusives I wanted, but I'm probably going to play all my multi platforms on ps4, so I'm hoping this purchase wasn't a mistake. I do know I wanted it for halo, gears, sunset, killer instinct, and recore when that hits. Although I think ps4 is still probably the better console this gen

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So I returned the seagate drive and actually got the Ed my book drive. I got the 2TB version because I thought 4TB was overkill, especially since this isn't my only console. Hopefuly it performs as well as the 4TB version.

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I do wish dee though if there's goi g to be enough exclusives I want to play to warrant this purchase. I got it so I could play master chief collection, sunset overdrive, killer instinct, the gears of war remake, halo 5, rise of the tomb raider, and things like that. Since I'm goi g to be doing my third party gaming on ps4 most likely.