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@mb: well, I'm not even going to have enough for the car for some months. So maybe it's not worth doing that yet

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So, I narrowed down the choices to the Mazda 3, Mazda 6, or Ford Fusion. I'm not sure which of these would be the better car. Suppose I'll research more. My plan is to get this car towards the end of the year after I've saved up some or sooner.

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It's hard for me to know what my price range or budget should be.

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@alexw00d: I need good gas mileage and reliability. I'm driving to destinations that are up to a hour away on the highway. So I need those two things.

What I WANT is something that's fun to drive, comfortable, and looks good.

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So my short list is going to be the Mazda 3, Mazda 6, Ford Focus or Ford Fusion.

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@alexl86: I realize that. It's just, to me, Hondas and toyotas do not look particularly good. Very middle of the road.

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@bradbrains: I'm not opposed to buying used. It's just finding the car, trim, and color I want could be hard.

The Mazda 3 is going to be the cheapest of the bunch. The trim I want is about 19k. The Mazda 6 was 23k. The fusion I think was 27k, and the scion is around 27k as well. Considering I'm only 26 and that my job, though it does pay more than my last, isn't a massive amount I may just got with the Mazda 3. Though the Mazda 6 is very nice as well and may be worth the extra cash. I think I'm gonna skip the scion. Just isn't super practical I think. Plus I need a decent amount of trunk space for my work stuff. The fusion I'm still unsure on, I hear fords depreciate real fast and that the reliability, though better, still isn't really above average.

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@bradbrains: from what I've seen on car max last years models are only a few thousand dollars less or so, not "significantly less expensive"

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@maginnovision: my short list is the Mazda 3, Mazda 6, Ford Fusion, and Scion FR-S. Though I may take the frs off because it would be nice to have usable rear seats and I need a trunk that's no super tiny, just average sized.

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@vinny_says: ha ha, didn't mean it like that. Just saying I'm not sure Hondas or toyotas are attractive looking cars.