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I heard people say hunters aren't great in pvp or multiplayer.

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Is it weird that a exo warlock doesn't make sense and that's why I'm hesitant being one? Ha ha. Like, how does a robot use magic, which is spiritual in nature?

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so ever since I was little I've been drinking water from the water company my dad works at. Then I found out the other day that the water has had fluoride in it because apparently my pediatrician recommended it when I was a baby. I was born in 1989 so I've been drinking it for 25 years now. So, I looked at some stuff online and apparently it's not good to have this stuff in your water due to possible brain development risks in kids, cancer, and other health risks.

So now I'm in total freak the fuck out mode. I've longed complained about feeling spaced out or foggy, now I'm worried it's because of this. I should note that I have OCD and Anxiety, so maybe it's just that acting up.

Anyway, is this shit even worrying about. I did ask if my dad can switch to regular water without flouride.

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So right now I'm trying to figure out which class I want to start with. I was playing a warlock for a bit and they seem cool. But hunters look awesome also. And titans seem cool as_well.

I'm also in a predicament deciding on what race to make the character. Like, if I went with warlock, I think awoken makes more lore sense. However, if I choose exos then I get to be a god damn ROBOT SPACE WIZARD. Who cares if it doesn't make sense that a robot can use magic.

What do you guys think? What's the best class to play as and what race maybe works better with it? I know there's no real difference outside of aesthetics though.

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The problem is slot if tweets I'm getting that are negative are FROM the giantbomb guys like Alex and Patrick. Alex in particular makes it almost a habit to post depressing shit or be,well , a colossal bummer

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Honestly, I'm considering unplugging from twitter for a bit. There's just too much negativity lately. First there was ferguson, then this Zoe Quinn stuff going on and no one knows what happened and didn't happen (if she did do what she's accused if, that's messed up. But we don't know what's true and what's not and wether or not we should care) and there's just a lot of negativity and hate going on right now in my feed. And it suck because even members of giantbomb (Alex and Patrick) are contributing to this negativity lately, particularly Alex. )

And honestly it's all not helping my depression non too much also .

So do you guys ever consider just unplugging from social media ?

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I should clarify that my disappointment wasn't with the PS4 and it's graphical prospects. Just the visuals of the game itself and that it probably should have looked better with better hardware compared to the last gen consoles.

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So I finally got around to playing this game, and while I think it's surprisingly good, I'm not too impressed with the visuals. Looks like a high res PS3 game or something. There's blur and the textures don't all look great. Facial models are pretty nice though. I don't know, I guess I just figured with new hardware it would look nicer and I even thought maybe my cables it tv were kinda messed up. But maybe the game just doesn't look that great?

Again, not horrible looking, just thought it should look better. Anyway else thought this?

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I'd get my ass to Mars.

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@fattony12000: well, there some cloths that might not be good to use . And there's so many different kinds of these microfiber cloths it's hard to know.