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Did you not read my OP? I said I already have a ME 2 save file on the 360, in fact I have multiple. So regardless of which version I get this game on, ill be set for ME 3 if I decide to get it on 360 when it comes out.
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Ok, let me first say that I own the first game already on 360 and I actualy have played this game through a rental, which is why ive put off buying it already. But, its a game I do want to own, but know im not sure if I should just get the 360 version right now and complete my collection on 360, or get it when it hits PS3 and get it on one disc and maybe some unannounced bonus stuff or, god willing, a bit more polished version then the 360 version. i dont hold my breathe for that last part, but its a possibility I guess. id rather theyd just get it the same though. Honestly, I think the inly thing edging me to the PS3 one is the one disc thing. On the other hand, I already own the first on 360. Although, I already have 2 save game files for ME 2, meaning im all set for ME 3 even if I dont buy the 360 version. However, theyres a great, almost guranteed chance that ME 3 would come to PS3 as well.
what do you think?
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Dr. Ray confirmed in a interview that they will have a inroductory segment in ME 2 for people that dont know the story so far. What this means is unknown, but its nice people are getting something. It could be a gamepaly thing, or it could be a montage. My guess is a montage. Also, he confirmed that ME 2 on PS3 will include cerberus network access and have the DLC. Wether the DLC is on disc I dont think was made clear.  
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... who would be the queen?
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Whenever someone trys to tout the 360s great librarey they used this game. Meaning, to them, it was implied as some kind of Console Exclusvie. Now that isnt the case anymore and the game cannot be used to tout 360 really anymore because its on PS3 now as well. Like wise, this game should not be used to tout PS3s librarey really.   
This is a big thing for PS3 and maybe a not so great thing for 360 because it lost a game that was a selling point for the console over the PS3, because while it was also on PC, it was only on 360 as far as consoles go and it was maybe used as a bases to get a 360 over a PS3 if your looking at getting a console. I think anyone saying this isnt atleast a kinda big thing for PS3 is just damage controlling mostly.   
(also, PS3 lost FF 13 as a Exclusive, DMC 4 as a exclusive, GTA 4 as a Exclusive and etc. While you can argue that last two where never really a confimed PS3 exclusive, they were assumed because the franchises are tied or mostly tied to the PS brand, so it was kinda assumed as a given. FF 13 was confirmed many times as a PS3 exclusive in its early days. If you didnt think GTA was a brand tied to the PS brand, your a fool)
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Its still a great game regardless.
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ME 2s story is great regardless of wether its default. and for all we know, Bioware can maybe do something to rectify this issue. Wether it be working out something with MS to bring the first game to PS3 also in time for the second one or releasing the first some time after the second game. Either way, this is a great thing for PS3 owners.  
I do hope they dont do a "mass effect 1 in 5 minutes" or some BS like they did for the demo of ME 2.
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I dont know, it would be nice. But it needs to be paid for because otehrwise tahts going to really break the syestem for people in some way that I have a hard time explaining. let me just say if it was free, people would be doing it all the time and itll probaly break the experince somehow.
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again I question how widespread it is. The only review ive seen is Jeffs that said anything like that. Maybe they got a bad disc?
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Does the game still kinda look bad due to the intentional crappy cell phone cam look of the game, or are you able to make more stuff out? Like I said, I thought this would be a hard one to compare because of all the intentional awfulness of the look of the game.