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Entirely depends on the genre. If its pop, then defintely Female. If its Rock, male. If its rap, male. If its Metal, male.
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All you need to say is Fox News and I already know its shit. Do I REALLY need to watch it? cant I just assume that they have no idea WTF they are talking about and just be right?
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I thought it was one of the best movies of the year, if not THE best. Maybe im biased because I play and love videogames, but everything about this movie was great nd enjoyable. It was super funny, rather adult for a PG 13 movie, I LOVED the Visual style of this movie and the fights, I loved the way the sound of the Intruments in the band have actual shape adn neon look, and I love that this movie is using mostly unkown good talent that Ive never seen before save for Michael Cera, which I wouldnt really call BIG yet, but hes getting there. I love movies like that where im introduced to a new generation of potential future big name talent, its like finding a band you never heard of before and liking their music.  
Anyway, I wont spoil anything, but there are ways that this movie is done that are really cool. I dont think itll spoil anything, but I love the little hints at what number Evil Ex he is on, like seeing 5 street signs with Xs on them to signify he still has 5 to go or stuff like that. Anyway, if you havent seen it, please go see it. I think its guranteed to put a smile on your face if you have any love for video games and also maybe if you dont. The movie is just enjoyable all around. Also, I will say that Scotts Gay Roomate might be one of my favorite characters in the movie because he was just so genuinely funny. Also, the music is kick ass. Its probaly the best movie that has anything to do with videogames, and its not even based off a videogame.
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They better have the original trilogy in original and remastered versions. if they only have the remasters, ill be pissed.
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oddly enough i did make sure to DL that because I KNEW that SONY was going to take it down off the free thing in like a day or less. I DL it more for lolz more then anything because that show was terrible.
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You take the footamahball and throw the footahmahball to the dude running towards the end of the field, he catches it, you score. Or sometimes you run the footmahball.
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I would maybe be interested in a  quick look of this. im not even really sure what this game is like.
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lol. Atleast give me some credit, atleast I admit it, unlike some people.
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PS3 is the only console I own that has a web browser and considering everytime I go to a site like N4G.com I sometimes get a virus warning on my computer, I tend to use my PS3 for that site because I was under the impression that its impossible for PS3 to get a virus, or at the very least its like a very small chance. But my computer has had a bad history of virus's in the past, and that makes me paranoid  wether or not my PS3 could be suffering this as well or has a risk. 
I will admit it, I go on Porn on my PS3. Big woop. Go ahead and make your joystick jokes and your sticky controller jokes now and get them out of the way. I do that because I was under the impression that it couldnt get virus's, so I assume that would be a  better palce to do some of that stuff on as opposed to my PC, which can get a virus.  
Im mainly worried that a Virus can effect my PS3 and effect the graphical and performance quality of the syestem. If anyone know anything about this, please let me know. Thank you.
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No surprise since this NPD is only the second NPD since the redesign.I think itll drop off soon though, by how much is up in the air.