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oddly enough i did make sure to DL that because I KNEW that SONY was going to take it down off the free thing in like a day or less. I DL it more for lolz more then anything because that show was terrible.
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You take the footamahball and throw the footahmahball to the dude running towards the end of the field, he catches it, you score. Or sometimes you run the footmahball.
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I would maybe be interested in a  quick look of this. im not even really sure what this game is like.
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lol. Atleast give me some credit, atleast I admit it, unlike some people.
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PS3 is the only console I own that has a web browser and considering everytime I go to a site like N4G.com I sometimes get a virus warning on my computer, I tend to use my PS3 for that site because I was under the impression that its impossible for PS3 to get a virus, or at the very least its like a very small chance. But my computer has had a bad history of virus's in the past, and that makes me paranoid  wether or not my PS3 could be suffering this as well or has a risk. 
I will admit it, I go on Porn on my PS3. Big woop. Go ahead and make your joystick jokes and your sticky controller jokes now and get them out of the way. I do that because I was under the impression that it couldnt get virus's, so I assume that would be a  better palce to do some of that stuff on as opposed to my PC, which can get a virus.  
Im mainly worried that a Virus can effect my PS3 and effect the graphical and performance quality of the syestem. If anyone know anything about this, please let me know. Thank you.
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No surprise since this NPD is only the second NPD since the redesign.I think itll drop off soon though, by how much is up in the air.
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wonder why theyre opting out the PS3 version. that pad seems to be better for games like Madden.
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IT LIVES! Seriously, I hope this game never dies.
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I seriously would like Nolan to say no to a pay check every now and then. Hes on the verge of doing a Michael Cera, who im getting tired of seeing in like 2 movies a year. Nolans running the risk of being over saturated and losing a ton fo work in teh future because were kinda sick of him, no matter how awesome he is. Just because your awesome dosent mean you can do infinite amounts of projects.
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If you could have one TV Show that you loved (Cartoon or otherwise) but has seemed to recieved no love in getting a DVD Collection release, what would it be? Mine would undoubtably, Unequivicably be one of my favorite cartoons of this Decade, Megas XLR. I am utterly baffled that CN has not put this show on any kind of DVD Box Set release. Its not like tis not popular, it has like a cult following now.  Theyve been cranking season collections of their other old stuff like Johnny Bravo and Courage the Cowardly Dog, but why not this great, underrated Gem? I mean, sure I have it available to me on Live Marketplace and Itunes, but I would perfer it on DVD.  
Anyway, whats yours? Honestly, I also wouldnt mind seeing some kind of release for Some of the good old Disney Cartoons back in the day like the Aladdin Cartoon and all taht. But without a doubt I would Purchase Megas XPR Box set day 1.