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Duke Nukem 3D Multiplayer session went on for 20 hours back in the day, longest session I ever played and it was LAN. Phew !

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Good work !

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Already on my radar, I hope it will be any good. There are so many awesome new devs popping up and as much nostalgic as I can be when it comes to Ultima ... Garriot's design style might be a tad outdated. Fingers Crossed (Same goes for Chris Roberts)

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I enjoyed Shadow Watch, a great Squad Based Strategy game that never enjoyed the success it should have. Good game.

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I am sorry to hear that man. I agree with many others who posted on here. Self-hate is usually a deeper-rooted problem than just superficial things that are wrong with your life or you 'think' are wrong with your life. Almost everything can be changed and most of all, your perception of it. I used to hate myself and I still do sometimes. I suffer from mental health issues, depression, anxiety attacks etc., but I have accepted the fact that I will and must be a constant and life-long struggle with the illness to stay as happy as I can. I have good days and bad days and every time I have a happy moment, I am thankful for it because they are rare but I also know that it lies within my power to make sure happyiness get find its way into my life. First and foremost, don't accept your fate and talk about it, on forums, with friends, with your doctor etc., it is nothing to be ashamed of. Take care buddy.

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If I had to pick my top three: Garrus because he is the man, Tali because I am in love with her ! and Thane because he reminds me of myself in real life . . . sadly, he won't come back (at least not in my ME3 game) . . . *sadpanda*

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I did not enjoy SWTOR at all, I admire the poster's honesty and I think it is always good to have as many opinions than possible. And no matter what you may think about the game or whether you enjoy it, no one can argue that this game adds anything new to the table and that is what disappointed me.

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I agree with some of your points and I think Reckoning will benefit from the fact that there is no Skyrim DLC in sight. Some people will be happy to take a break from it and delve into a new RPG. As for the UI, Skyrim's UI is terrible but there is a great mod to fix it and I doubt there will be that many handy mods around for Reckoning so that is another disadvantage the latter has. Skyrim might have some interesting narratives but the story in the game just has no structure due to the open-worldness of it, you will run errands towards the end of (your game) just like when you started out because the game does not scale when it comes to making sure the hero's journey moves towards a climax. That is one reason why I am looking forward to Reckoning, the story might not be better but the way I experience it might be more streamlined, focused and ultimately more enjoyable. I think the art style is the one thing that puts me off, nothing I dislike more than cartoonish art style. I don't mind stylization ( I did like the look of Borderlands), but everything that looks remotely like your generic WOW-close does not get my vote when it comes to prettiness.

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That's funny. I am also making a game, all I need is all the money it takes to make it ! Cool . . . :-/