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When they turned it from a full fledged product into a budget / download title, I knew it was doomed. There had to be a reason for that you know

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Two days maximum

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Well, usually, If I play a game for 100 hours ( or even longer than 10h), I do enjoy for one reason or the other. Keep in mind that Jeff is also a professional reviewer and with a major release like SWTOR, he has to put in the hours, whether he loves it or not

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After all the hype around it, I finally started reading a Game of Thrones, a tough read but I am enjoying it

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Guns N Roses (Yes, the new Guns N Roses)

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Hello there,

I created a Wiki entry for the game Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle but an oversight on my side resulted in the entry now being called Captain Morgan (missing the e) and the Golden Turtle. I have no idea how to change the name once it has been submitted. Can anyone let me know or help me out here ?


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Thanks for the comments everyone. I am pretty sure we all agree that it lies in the nature of any list by definition, no matter if it's a best-of, worst-of, most anticipated, most under-appreciated, that some people will agree and others will disagree, including on the notion of games being 'unknown' such as this list relates to. So, if you heard of the odd game in this list, no harm done surely, but if you find at least one game you have not heard of before than my job here is done. :-)

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They tried to hype Rage up like there was no tomorrow, but I think, in the end, it was not a very good game. I still think they can pull it off, maybe do a Doom 4 but somehow I feel like their approach to game design is a bit outdated.

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Why is Stacking in this list? It's been almost a year since it was released (in the US, at least).

Because I am a PC gamer and it's coming to the PC this year and I have not heard about it before (at least not to an extent that is is included in any 2012 lists)

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Thanks, I am glad it is of some use, even though it looks like it has been formatted by an automated Atari 2600, no idea how to fix that :-)