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I don't think they will, the IP is not very popular (apart from us knowledgeable gamers) and enjoys more of a cult following. I think people are much more inclined to play the Marvel Alliance games, which are similar but sport a stronger license. Apart from that, I think that each generation has its paradigm of games and at the moment it seems its FPS and MMO games and squad-based tactical RPGs are not really en vogue. Look what is happening to XCOM and Syndicate, two isometric squad-based games, both are being turned into FPS games. Anyhow, I think the two FF games are great and many people are yet to discover and play them, good thing they're on Steam and GOG.

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I always like the Sim City series, the CitiesXL franchise seems like a worthy successor to me. I played Sim Copter and liked it a lot, although it is less of a strategy game and more of an action/simulation game. I actually bought Sim Tower when it came out and never got into it to be honest. I did like Sim Earth back in the day and the Sims 2 !

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Well, not to me personally but the best answer is probably World of Warcraft, it changed the industry quite a bit I date say. To me, well, Left 4 Dead was the first online game that really grabbed my attention so that was the defining game for me

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My fellow gamers, like many of you, I have been captivated by the recent surge of amazing Indie and Flash games and whenever come across a particulary interesting Flash game I make a note for future reference. Here are some old and newish flash games I enjoyed and I would like to share with my gaming community, let me know whether you have played them and/or what you think of them ? If you an think of similar games, let me know as well, it is hard to seperate the good from the bad with so many games out there in the wild . . .

The Arrow Of Time

An interesting defense-shooter with a lovely illustration art **** taking place in various eras of human invention. The player is shooting arrows, which in turn can be upgraded to have fire damage, lightning damage, ice damage etc. Some special powers are particularly odd, like timewarp etc. The enemies range from quick and and weak to slow and powerful. The game is challenging but can be completed within an hour or so. It is great fun and you should try it !

Effing Hail

This is a funny game with interesting controls and neat graphics. It might get repititive quickly but it is fun as long as it lasts and the basic idea is just too good to pass on it. The player control the winds and needs to create big rocks of hail and hurl them against buildings, satellites and airplanes. The crux lies in the controls, it is not always easy to create those big rocks, let alone hurling them at the targets and mastering this is both challenging and fun and will appeal to all those who always liked to send arrays of catastrophes towards their cities in Sim City or kill their Sims, HA HA ! Good stuff.

Elona Shooter

Just in case you missed it, Elona is one of the best freeware RPGs out there, but this is a defense-shooter based on the same franchise. The player has to hold out and defend the tower against an onslaught of monsters and beasties firing weapons. The great thing is all the RPG elements, there are so many weapons to be found, upgraded and used, henchman to be hired and buildings to be upgraded, it is a great game and offers a rewarding progression pace. The controls are great for a flash game and very satisfying and the artwork is lovely too, with the stage in between the action phases showing a lovely little village and graphics, giving the player lots of stuff to do in between the attacks. I know there are other games like this out there (with Zombies) but this puts it up a notch.

The list goes on, but that will do for now, have a go at the games and let me know what you think !


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I reckon the people who just enjoy the game and have nothing (or only minor things) to complain about are just playing the game and not lurking on the forums and complaining. I have played for 14 hours and only experienced minor glitches and clunkiness but no major bugs etc.

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Next time you go to your local gamestore, take a detour and go to the library instead and your questions will be answered

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Nice video, I kind of ignored this game because of the similarities to Skyrim (and WOW) but I guess I will keep an eye on it after all. It is certainly not innovative or looks particularly good, but it might be solid RPG.

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I have no taste :-) (translate: This is lame)

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98, not sure why, but I really want to crack the 100 followers barrier ! :-)