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*checks back in after a lengthy break*

*GB forms still full of mostly closed-minded white dudes*

*peaces back out for awhile*

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Just a thought, but is it possible that the way we think of animals is skewed by inherent gender bias/roles in human society at the time the animals were classified and studied?

IE: Researchers looked for patterns that mirrored the dominant gender ideals in our society and fit animals society into that structure?

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Still disappointed you can't hook Misha and Shizune up.

And that you can't romance Nurse-kun or Yuuko.

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Kane & Lynch: Dog Days

It's not completely terrible.

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Like, cool but why even include the T in LGBT if all they'll focusing on is same-sex relationships?

This is a good start, for sure, but it seems like "equality" only extends so far in issues like this.

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I melt it down and make it into delicious confections.

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Awesome! Wallpaper'd!