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So your theory is that we get more broken-at-launch games for a little while until there's a significant public outcry, there will be more of an onus on devs/publishers to make sure consumers get a 100% playable experience from the start -OR- they'll be more lenient about refunds?

Why not the best of both worlds? I'd like to see devs/publishers held more accountable for the games they ship AND have digital rights policies that didn't treat the consumer like garbage.

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It's cool that he's apparently working to better himself but actions speak much louder than words and his past actions have been hostility and non-apologies. It's going to take some hard work for Penny Arcade do undo the damage Penny Arcade has done. Hopefully in a few years, we can all look back on this and appreciate how much Mike has grown as a person but until then, the benefit of the doubt has been lost.

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I'd guess that you'd have to find a torrent or something of the unpatched version and set Steam not to auto-update the game. You'd also likely run the game through it's .exe and not from Steam anyway.

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@sgtsphynx: That's too cool! Any way you can upload those in a .zip file or something somewhere?

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Welcome to 2014, same uninformed, butthurt response to a well-written critique y'alls probably didn't even bother to read.

That's okay, the year is still young and we can grow into it together <3

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@generic_username: The Four Kings fight is basically just a DPS check. Put on your heaviest armor, equip a shield with the most magic resistance, two-hand your biggest weapon and just facetank the Kings.

Of course, the strategy changes a bit if you're playing a caster but with the right set of buffs, you can turn that fight into Two Kings.

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@darji said:

@ravenlight: some impressions;

Gameplaywise 2nd one was better than the 3rd which was better than the first.

Half the fights in the 1st one are still introducing you to the mechanics, so there's only one way to win. It's less like an RPG than it is a puzzle until half way through at which point the combat opens up.

The 2nd one is the best in terms of combat because it gives you a full set of tools and battles are varied enough that there is no universal FOOS (First Order Optimal Strategy). The battles require you to pay attention and think about what you're doing. It's pretty damn fun.

The third one is theoretically just as open and demanding as the second one, but because of some of your new moves there's a FOOS that works until the very last few fights

Daystar, Gnome, regular attack until you have enough to Meditate (if necessary), Meditate, Slyph/Fallen Angel Dance or Undine depending on the enemy, attack until you can Daystar again while healing and refreshing summons as necessary, repeat until victory.

And the 2nd to final boss can be locked into pattern that can't kill you.

Storywise it's pretty good throughout. It's a really simple and standard type of JRPG story, but it's told really well and spends as much time fully embracing certain tropes of the genre as it does poking fun at them.

All-in-all as a game, not as porn and not as just a porn game, I found it to be a pretty quality series.

Oh, so it's not a VN? Laaame.

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Completely ignoring the internet vs. Kotaku bullshit, has anyone else played it? Is it any good?

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The pug is the only thing that has ever loved me.

<3 Pugzel

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No, it's not even in my top ten. But that doesn't mean it's not a really interesting game.