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@animasta said:

yes. also visual novels are games.

This right here.

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Digging the art style and minimalist animation. Your stuff rocks!

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Wait, I have something for this!

And y'know what? That's a pretty shitty response to such a widespread issue. We shouldn't be trivializing issues like sexism and harassment. We should be trivializing people spreading hyperbole like Sterling. I've variously agreed and disagreed with his position in past controversies but the fact remains that part of his "thing" is to keep the controversy rolling for as long as possible.

Happy Decembertime, duders!

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So that was you running in front of me when I was aiming :P

I like how pretty much any time I was on your screen, I was hauling ass somewhere like a madman.

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The 90s, just to see how games would have turned out without Half-Life, Starcraft, and other classic games.

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Up until NG+5 or so, I was legitimately good at the game. After that, the strategy became avoiding all enemies and doing death runs to teleporters, then nuking bosses.

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Fig. A: Relevant Internet Meme

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Ryan is my GOTY.