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I'm totally into that. I just need to get a new graphics card before Star Citizen launches :/

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Hello, guys. I have this clues for the game I'm missing.

I think I played it around three or four years ago, on my PC. I don't know if it was released earlier. It is a platformer, 8-bit style, 2d. It actually looked a bit like cave story. The main character was a blond little girl who was a robot, and her creator/father had confined her on a stasis like chamber so the war could not damage her, and she couldn't run because of that. and she had a swimsuit or something like that. The game was a bit risque [as risque as 8 bit allowed] because when you got hit, a piece of your suit flew off. It was a fairly difficult game. You had to recover parts of her body [like leg parts, so she could run instead of just walk] and she is rescued in the end by a soldier in a helicopter.

Thanks a bunch in advance.

The game you're thinking of is called Holdover:

Loli swimsuit Megaman? I uhh have to go find a game. For a friend.

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No way, I love Windjammers.

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Also, if Ryu is a wizard, that means Dan Hibiki is a wizard.

Ryu is to Gandalf as Dan is to Rincewind.

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I keep digging Worth Reading. Kudos to Kleptok for keeping it real.

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I'm purposely not going to play Wasteland 2 until after release. I'd rather sit down with the finished game rather than mess around with the alpha/beta when CRPGs are involved.

If it was an MMO or multiplayer shooter, I'd dive in during pre-alpha but I feel like beta-ing singleplayer games will ruin my enjoyment of them.

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Duders! Get your botany on and grab one of each of the night and daytime plants (not the pinecones, fuck the pinecones). Craft a Lapis antitoxin and yell at whoever's in clan chat. With four players carring the Lapis antitoxin, you can earn the maximum score for the event and win a pair of unique pistols after the event ends.

Even if you get the max score, farm some more plants and help some other duders out. Clans are ranked by how much they participate in the event so let's give GB Heavy Industries a good showing on the global leaderboards!

Stay frosty, Tenno.

EDIT: The most recent hotfix apparently boosted the spawn rate for the most rare plants. Engage mega gardening overdrive!

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Alex Shen is a dangerous man.