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Everyone please stop complaining about the $15 dollar thing, you didn't change anything a year ago, you won't change anything now, so please just trade the game in so you have nothing to complain about anymore. That being said, I know all of you will be on xbox playing the new maps come release day. kthxbai.

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I don't understand why people would want to do this. I'm sure people will use the feature because it's there, but I can't see anyone requesting this.

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@KaosAngel:  They're not late with the news on this, they reported Blizzard backing off of the idea. If this was an article just about how Blizzard was planning on doing it, then yes, it would be viciously late.
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You can't beat mega man 2 with a dance pad. I heard your face lights on fire if you even try.

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@MrJared said:
" As I said on my Twitter yesterday, "Melee" and "Switch Grenades" swapping buttons, along with the decreased emphasis on melee in Reach means that I'm now a Default player as opposed to Green Thumb.  In Halo 3, melee was so strong and encouraged that I played Green Thumb, which places Melee on the right thumbstick and weapon zoom on B. With the new changes, I no longer have to to choose between moving my thumb for either melee or zoom. I get both.  Bumper Jumper, the go-to control scheme for the super hardcore Halo 3 players, sees a decrease in effectiveness since now those players will have to move their thumb for the absolutely vital equipment button. Not moving your thumbs for mobility is the entire point behind Bumper Jumper, so having to do so to say, activate your jet pack or sprint sort of defeats that purpose.  "
Definite 10-4 on that. Loved bumper jumper, but with the new gameplay mechanics I can see myself making a comfortable transition to default without too much confusion. Haven't played halo in a while anyway, so I should be fine. Just happy Bungie made me excited to play halo again.
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I understand the Activision hating that's running rampant these days and support it whole heartedly. Now that that's been said, the fact of the matter is the cash cows in publishing are presently Activision and EA. There is a chance Bungie will be screwed in this deal, but they seem to be taking the necessary precautions. It's no secret that working under Activision is somewhat likened to producing running shoes for 10 cents a week, but in the end, Bungie will need financial backing in their future endeavors and as far as I'm concerned, Activision is no more devious than EA, it just so happens Activision's shitty dealings are a bit more recent.

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Blizzard has always defeated mac's reluctance for compatibility. I don't think starcraft II coming to mac will change much, although I'm happy just the same.

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great idea, count me in

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Don't get me wrong, I haven't played halo in quite a while, but hasn't the melee system always worked like that. I seem to remember the one-two punch being the quick fix for melee not doing the job on its own. Assassinations also existed before minus the animation, hence the assassin badge. Changes to map selection seem cool though.

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right there with ya, it was my first comp as well. I still remember my parents surprising me with it when I was younger. Started me down a winding path that eventually turned into a love of CG art.