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#1 Posted by RavenShade83 (58 posts) -

I have to restate nrain here, Bungie pulls 800 mp for 3 maps. I don't remember people complaining about that. On the other hand, everyone who will buy this pack most likely already own the last 2 through CoD4. It's obviously Activision's fault, but I don't think it's very clear cut good or bad.

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Seems like a cookie cutter recreation of COD4, complete with overhauled cinematography and all. I approve wholeheartedly seeing as it appears MW2 is losing mass amounts of community support every passing day.

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@Delta_Ass...replacing a word with the same word it's meant to represent doesn't pass for witty, on the other hand, this name does lend itself to an infinite world of jokes.

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I want to see Knights of the Round get a XBLA release. I used to drain money into that game constantly. One of my favorite brawlers, although I must say I have been waiting for Final Fight as well.

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Visions of breach on sandstorm are dancing through my head....strange motion in my pants. All is right with the world

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Game play wise, I feel like GOW is beating a dead horse at this point. Cinematically though, this game belittles most big budget action movies. Games have finally reached a point where movies have a little bit of catching up to do in certain areas.

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The PoP series is famous for having cool abilities and then holding your hand when it comes time to use them. The traversal is just too easy and it seems like they are attempting to make it somewhat of a puzzle. I'm obviously talking in reference to the new ability to freeze water. If you walk up to a wall with a number of fountains in it in a row, then it's obviously time to use that ability. Takes some of the marvel out of it.

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I bought the game thinking the quick look was hilarious. Unfortunately those reviews are accurate. The humor fades quickly, the violence gets old, the levels drag on and theres no incentive to do well. As far as I can tell, the money you collect serves no great purpose...beating this game will be a large chore.

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 I'm tired of PC gamers feeling like just because they're using a mouse and keyboard it's their god given right to mod everything that gets installed on their rigs. If they really think they can make games that much better than the people they buy them from they should try to find a job in the industry. This is simply the natural progression of things and they have no right to complain about an increase in security so all the other multiplayer features will work. I say grow up and play the game the way it's meant to be played.

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I feel that I need this statue to be mine...due to lack of space it would be placed smack dab in the middle of my apartment, forcing guests to walk around.

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