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I find most that i have played, the patch downloads while I'm still getting used to the game, so it doesn't really interrupt my play time with it. However, the Evil Within is basically unplayable without that, (I think) 3Gb patch...shit like that feels completely unacceptable.

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literally stay close, circle left or right around him and hit. all his attacks get stunned and his punches do barley much damage.

People seem to make these fights way harder than they are.

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I'm not a big "souls" guy, but I platinum'd it in about 40 hours and I'd say around the 20 hour mark, it started tiring on me. Just not enough variation in the combat. The game funnels you down a much more strict combat path, which does feel good, but ultimately very one noted.

Not nearly enough weapons, even if they were just skin swaps of the previous or different combos.

Just wasn't as mysterious or foreboding as the previous games. Felt like an awful lot of the same old tricks, but much less reward and much less variety.

I don't know...I really enjoyed the first 20 or so, but can't say, even as a non-Dark Souls guy, that I am not a bit disappointed. Just feels small and linear compared the the past, both in exploration and in combat variation.

Interested in what is coming next for From Soft. Got to think its due time for a shake up of the mechanics and structure.

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I seem to be in the minority of people who are cruising through this game without any real problem. I've beaten six-seven bosses and most of them, I beat on the first try...odd to me because I don't feel its a "skill" thing and I also don't play much souls at all, (maybe 20 hours with each when they came out.) Almost feels like I am missing something. I guess the combat system and encounters are just making instant sense to me? I have no idea. Almost feels like its based solely on that parry system and or staying on top of your enemy's constantly.

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There is a ton of fun shotguns for a variety of different purposes.

But on the most basic level, the doom shotgun is unmatched...the fucking thing will hit enemy's with almost full power across the map. That's difficult to dispute.

Though RE4 and Evil within's crowd controller style is my most favourite style.

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@tru3_blu3: Okami....the industry's best Zelda game....motha fuckas dont know what art is!

Also, to add to the legions of people who can't explain how some other kind of Nuts and Bolts game has not been released...absolute skulduggery afoot.

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@fredchuckdave: I'd focus on just the healing for powers (or skills???) and then the best skills (or...powers? i can't remember) are aswang hunger, kenshi and kensei and inner reserve 1 to 3 and the recovery...I also found the ammo upgrades to be great..and the fucking bow with the hold R2 upgrade is amazing at head shots....just pop in and out of zooming and it triggers on their head, and can take down the big red dudes in 5 or 6 hits and most small with one.

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I have been having a terrible time with Zilla on Heroic for the PS4...

I didnt have a problem with heroic and just kinda cruised thought it, (which, was a bit surprising) However, on chapter 16, you take on Zilla (again) and once you beat him down enough, he goes into a healing state where you just cut the bitch up until he dies. But, on this difficulty I can't seem to press the R2 button enough to fucking kill the prick. I pounded the damn thing for 45 minutes and had to give up, it was just too tiring. I know this is the way that you beat him (at least I'm pretty sure) because I beat this game twice already.

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its pretty good, maybe better than it should be...its also really frigging long for this type of game.

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Once Vinny and FMV left (VinMV), everything is stale in comparison. Honestly, they just seem to all blend to me.