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the added dimension of touch that the vive presents is undeniably more appealing. have to wait and see how the Rift's touch controls compare.

still not worth the price of admission for tech demos, personally.

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They;'re franchises that are a hell of a lot longer in the tooth than God of War.

Whatever....have to wait to see actual gameplay. I'm not really interested, but hardly shocked or surprised Sony is trying to squeeze a bit more out of the property, even if thats hardly pennies at this point.

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fucking whatever. i haven't used my wiiu in over a year, but i always thought the pad was neat and always felt good to hold, considering the size.

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man, just nothing grabbing me yet....already had my 'stardew valley' in Rune factory 2 years ago...

ive played more heroes of might and magic 3 than anything else this year, which is often my sign that nothing has grabbed me at all.

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Its always the guy that actually look like they could fuck a fool up, like bruce lee.

jackie/bruce/Sonny chiba....jackie is fun, but Bruce is extremely intense and engaging. Sonny was always the Japanese bruce lee to me.

schwarzenegger or Stallone.....almost neutral physically, but at least Stallone can persuade some emotion and look like an underdog.

Cruise looks great running. Maybe too damn confident in every action role...never much sense he won't save the day.

Bruce Willis....just no interest.

jet/yen...Jet just always looked more charismatic to me and smoother in motion....but that just personal, 50/50.

always thought Angelina looked legitimately badass and was actually sexy. Much like Yeoh.

Pinkaew is fantastic, though nothing really else to her....maybe just the roles.

Iko is fantastic in all his films, particularly merantau..

Never much a fan of tony Jaa.

Chow yun fat was only ever enjoyable with john woo and ringo lam (still a pretty bug catalogue) . Always enjoyed Andy lau more, probably just the films.

Dwayne Johnson....fucking whatever.

eh, just personal random thoughts jumbled together. Usually the directors dictate the action. I rarely buy in just for stars.

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Full House was horrible fluff when it originally aired...it genuinely amazes me that any traction was built for a reunion season/plus.

It honestly shocks me. We might as well find out what else is going on in Herman's head, as well.

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Freedom Fighters comparison sounds odd if the only lines they cross is that it takes place in a city environment and is a third person shooter. I'd like clarification on that if its actually much more comparable...

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not so crazy to see them do a wolfenstien, kinda sci-fi, 40's type weaponry, bunch of nonsense story stuff. Christ, I'm sure there is more than enough years left in the series for that.

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the building is kinda wonky....but I've been trying to build Columbia....

People have been making some pretty great thing, all things considered.