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I don't care what people say about boxes....I miss the days of going to stores and picking up big hulking PC game boxes and opening up the flap to view even more crazy taco fantasies! obviously, I'm not going to win an argument over convenience of digital, but man, I wish all games still came in terrible massive cardboard embroiled boxes with system specs that were often misleading. Yes, come to think of it, I want even console games to have system specs...if your gonna sell me box, go all out, mother fucker.

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Way to get those hard hitting questions out of the way, IGN....

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No where near the same and nothing will change that. Still enjoyable, as far as podcasts go, but nothing will replace the interplay of Jeff and Ryan. It is kind of depressing to listen to now, honestly....knowing how much Ryan was the wheel man. She's not the same man! she's not the same! :*0(

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Clearly not enough people have played Phantasmagoria for the PC. A beautiful representation of true romance.....

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Ani't no fun when the homies can't have none...

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I just want an updated version of the Pirates of the Caribbean game released on Xbox and PC. I remember trying to play that on PC a few years back and it was a fucking buggy mess on that as well. Though, I hope they release Okmai again and again. Each gen, sense the PS2 I have bought that game, over and over again. Actually...I want them to port it to the SNES, as well as a Sega CD version. On the Sega CD version, I want to be able to mix my own video of me playing it as well...with bad ass scenes of Marky Mark.

Oh man, the 2600 version would be SIIIIIiiiicckkkk! I'm paintin all those sprites, motha fucka! Amaterasu's foot steps would be that sick ass sound from Haunted house! The brush would make a terrible CUUUUUUuuuuuuussss sound and caught all other music out. Yes.....that is what I want....fuck releasing Old games for new systems....I want New games ported to old systems. Intellivision presents.....Ubisoft's Watch Dogs....

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NES. Forever shall the Mega Man 2 ice level music be stuck in my head

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Oh Jesus Christ.....It would be vastly shorter to list ones I have actually completed. Very, Very few games stick with me and even when they do they are usually long ass RPGs and JRPGs which I never can truly finished as I get sidetracked as a mother fucker. I've fallen in love with shin megami tensei iv, which hasnt happened since last years Xcom, but I knew before I even started I would never finish it.....as a matter of fact, I never finished Xcom. I got to the last level then just said, fuck it....I don't think I ever got tired of something so quick.

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Tacos....the answer is always tacos....

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Part of me wants to see people who complain about such trivial matters be issued only (though Mircosoft Law, of course) ]super Famicon length cables for all wireless devices from now on. It is just so silly to complain about AA batteries. The AA batteries are obviously to help power and facilitate the cloud, as well. its not just a battery...