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Like a lot of people I can't justify spending 15 bones on maps for a game I spent 60 on. Then again, if you are an extreme player of Modern Warfare then you probably have to sense you will probably be dropped from lobby's without them.  Its a damn shame Activision can't give just a little back to the players who have made them millions of dollars off of one series....What am I saying! this IS Activision.

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I breezed through titan mode, and mostly all of chaos mode...but I can't beat this fucking Zeus asshole once I am inside Giai. Has anyone else had troubles with this finally fight? Zeus by himself is easy, but then a bunch of Zeus's start to multiply one after another. Before I know it I can barely tell what is going on on the screen and I end up dead. I've been stuck on this fight for two days. 
What really pisses me off about this game is, unlike Demon Soul's and Ninja Gaiden (some may disagree with NG) is that I feel like a lot of the time it is not my fault I am dieing. I simply can not see what the hell is going on once Zeus spawns six or so dudes and he starts shooting bolts at me. The camera pans out and you get swarmed. I'm actually pretty good at using my golden fleece, but like I said they just spawn and spawn and I start to run out of magic and before I know I'm fucking dead again.
Does any else feel this game is a cheap on Chaos as me? Maybe I'm not that great of a GoW player, but I've never felt so damn cheated on so many of my deaths.
Thanks everyone.

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I kind of wished for a better ending.As a matter of fact I wish the finally 3 hours or so were much more better. I felt the attempt to have Kratos show some emotion and smypathy came from basically no where an was very underwhelming to say the least. Really... the ending is fine and for any number of other games it would have been nice and sweet. Unfortunately I can't help but feel the ending was lacking any kind of greatness due to the fact that this is apparently the last Kratos game. Also, the explanation of what happened was so F-ing tacked on it wasn't even funny, though it does sound like Sony just didn't give Santa Monica enough time to finish with a proper ending so hopefully we will see future DLC for a proper send off of this character.
 It seemed to me the very final scene after the credits was simply Sony wanting to make sure that they can have some half-assed unexplained ending in which they can make another God of War game. Even though I would love to see another game like this trilogy by a studio as talented as Santa Monica,  I can't see it being interesting if they simply recycle Kratos and THESE Greek themes again and again. But that is just my two cents...Everyone feels different about these things.

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@JJOR64: Good call. I forgot all about that game...I may check both Lost and Blue dragon out..

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@Ace829:  I have played Tales quite some time ago.....great suggestion, it was a great game with lovable charaters.
Thanks away!
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Hey guys,
   I've been hungry for a JRPG for quite some time. I know Final Fantasy 13 just came out, but I simply can't get past the fact that I have ZERO interest in that game. Maybe it is the lack of towns and linearity, but I just don't think I would dig it. 
  The two JRPG's I've been looking at are Lost Odyssey for the 360 and Resonance of Fate. I would love to get Resonance, but it sounds like the story is not really engaging and the combat simply gets old. I'm not trying to make assumptions based on reading someone else experience, but those seem to be two big complaints with the title. Can any give me their personal opinion on the two?