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@JJOR64: Good call. I forgot all about that game...I may check both Lost and Blue dragon out..

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@Ace829:  I have played Tales quite some time ago.....great suggestion, it was a great game with lovable charaters.
Thanks away!
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Hey guys,
   I've been hungry for a JRPG for quite some time. I know Final Fantasy 13 just came out, but I simply can't get past the fact that I have ZERO interest in that game. Maybe it is the lack of towns and linearity, but I just don't think I would dig it. 
  The two JRPG's I've been looking at are Lost Odyssey for the 360 and Resonance of Fate. I would love to get Resonance, but it sounds like the story is not really engaging and the combat simply gets old. I'm not trying to make assumptions based on reading someone else experience, but those seem to be two big complaints with the title. Can any give me their personal opinion on the two?