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Silent Steel

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I think in this case, a conspiracy is almost certainly warranted, but people really need to claim down until more facts come out and the investigation is completed. Honestly, even an investigation can be extremely tampered with if need, but still people need to really wait and see a little but more on this one. If anyone seen Geraldo Rivera's twitter saying something about 'condolences, but don't forget he killed 1 career', or some horse shit.....fucking garbage and disgusting. Its nice to see that all those REAL MEDIA types in the US have the back of a true journalist.

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I never had any issue with finishing any of the missions or getting 100% sync. but holy fuck does it ever take a long time before you get to Connor and get to really open things up. What is it, like 6-8 hours in? I never had experienced such a terribly paced and edited beginning to an otherwise pretty alright, solid Third person action adventure game.

Fucking terrible beginning, and the crafting bullshit was completely left out in left field and almost made no fucking sense at all. It was like they started building systems, then just forgot to fill them out.

Man, oh man, I really enjoyed my time with assassins creed 3 and it is one of those games I could jump back into and play around in the combat, but holy fuck did that ever let me down. Some how, before release, I just knew it was going to be a let down.

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Put him in a slung shot and send his ass to the moon. Long live that swagger ass goat tee and almost (not really, but should be!) Fu manchu. Sense that bastard has been sporting that, he just has this undeniable swagger about him.

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I know this is not useless at all, but I straight up don't use potions...only healing. so they are useless to me, at least.

Actually, I used to use Haste a lot in Bauldurs Gate 1 and 2

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I dont even give a fuck. I am probably only going to play maybe a few hours every few mouths on line....I play for PS+ not for online gaming.

@shadowconqueror Because it's sick, bro!

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Still my favorite call of duty, but after I beat it on Veteren.....I never want to see that fucking game again.

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yes, Monster Hunter.

thats it....that's all I got....

Oh yeah!....No...no never mind. Well...Lego City is alright....actually I really enjoyed my time with it, but FUuuuuuuuuuuuckkk those loooooad times!

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Christ, everytime I see Ouya, I can't help but say it like Macho Man....OOOOOOUUUuuuuuyyaaa

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Project X zone next week. I played the demo, and have been playing JRPGs all my life, and it didn't make any fucking sense to me at all, at least the combat...HOWEVER, it does look and sound pretty fucking awesome, so maybe its just slightly odder learning curve.

Super Mario 3d land is great and much better at the end of the normal game.

Animal Crossing is fucking amazing, it is just a hard game to play for hours and hours on end, which can be hard when you REALLY just want to keep playing. The real world clock and how everything is at such a long pace (it is always TOMORROW WE WILL HAVE IT DONE FOR YOU) can drag some sessions down, but it is prefect for quick 10-20 minute chunks.

Honestly, I got bored with Fire Emblem pretty quick. I found it got very easy once you start getting people grouped up and leveled.

If you like adventure games and don't mind a DS game, Hotel Dusk is fantastic. Its a bit low key at first, but there is something about that hotel that just stays in my head. Every few days I keep wanting to go back and play that.