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Depending on what you are looking to accomplish with your music, I would be working on getting to know a ton of scales. I''d pick a song and find out the key of it then  jam with it using those scales (maybe one or two of the scales). I think it is vastly important to familiarize yourself with the scales of the instrument and to learn how different notes play off of each other. of course, it depends on your wants and how comfortable you are with basic rhythm and improvisation. 

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@drac96 said:
" Disgaea 4! "
haha, Yes! it is was pleasant surprise to this is coming shortly as I loved the last 3, but had kind of forgot about the series for a while. That's probably my August game. Also hoping that Dues Ex 3 doesn't turn out to be like a first person Alpha Protocol...probably unimaginable for Dues Ex to be that technically inept, but for some reason I am a little worried even though they are entirely different developers.
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thanks alot. I was waiting for this to come down a little bit in price.

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@stafax said:
" @Arjuna said:
" @RavenX302 said:
" not really interested "
LOL!  Check your pulse, dude, seriously... "
Don't worry about him, he's just some anti-ps3 shill "
Ya that must be it. I'm not a huge fan of the Uncharted franchise. That must make me anti PS3....grow up.
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The Uncharted games are certainly well made games and I doubt that will be different with the new one. Personally, I think they are unbelievable bland and the way some people think the characters are so fantastically drawn out makes me wonder just how many people have ever picked up a book or watched any number of decent films. 
To me Tomb Raider sounds a little more interesting and has more promise for my personal taste, but we'll have to wait and see some more of the new Reboot.

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I never played any of the other ones, but I loved that one. I can't remember much about it and I don't know if I would find it as exciting as I did when it came out, still, I would love to bust that out again.

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Desmond is easily the worst part of that game, along with his buddies. They could not be more bland and dull and it is so fucking annoy how developers simply get Nolan North to play basically some form of Drake. That said, I think you are right. Ubisoft should stop fucking around and just put their effort into AC3 in modern day with Desmond. After that they can do whatever they want to do with the series.

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There is no man funnier than Redd Roxx and if the show's humor and actors didn't go so badly around the 4 season than Sanford and Son could have lasted at least 5 or 6 more seasons than it did. It probably would have lasted longer than six seasons anyway if Redd didn't apparently quit. which is funny because he went on to do junky spin off shows. Either way, unfortunately the humor was most certianly dead by the fifth season anyway.

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@Ace829 said:
" I approve. "
haha, looks like you have Kirby's thumps up which is all that matters....Seriously, I know from experience that the simplest things are using the hardest as a single misplaced or exaggerated line can destroy to whole thing. Kirby is certainly one of those things. good job sir.
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There are certainly some promising titles, but damn...I wish they new Kingdom Under Fire would be out some time.