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Also watched Sonny Chiba in Return of the Street Fighter! never gets old seeing that goons eyes POPPING right out of the socket from the great power punch of CHIBA!

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Just watched Bittersweet life again.....still amazing and two thumps up plus a pinky!

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hahahahaha "Have you seen TITANFALL!? have you gone through Titanfall yet? enough said!" hahaha

I may have added the punctuation, but maybe he should tone it down....A FPS in which you enter a larger FPSer mode isn't necessarily set in stone to be the next CoD.

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I think its the Rogue Warrior one for me. That just holds a special place for me.

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Its not even the money for me. Its the '24 hour check in, have to be connected' bullshit. My 360 is my main console which i buy all my multi platform games for, but I'm not touching 'one' until that shit gets cleared up, if it even can at this point.

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I added over 40 people...how do you open your gate for people? is that with the monkey? Tom Nooks already riding my ass for back payment!

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@Canteu said:

@RavenX302: I didn't say the shotgun was fair, not quite sure where you're getting that from.

I've been using the freeze gun for pretty much the entire time I've been playing now, and I am basically MVP every match.

I choose to use weapons that require skill. I choose to win in a way that is most fun for me to play, not whatever the most powerful or easiest weapon to use is.

Getting one shotted from across the map (or indeed doing this to somebody myself) is not fun.

Saying I don't understand balance when you come out with a shiner like "It is very easy to miss your shot" is pretty fucking farcical - Aim better perhaps? This is not a balancing issue, this is down to player skill.

its a one shot bow. I never said anything about that having to do with the balance....its the fact that you have to draw it all the way and if you miss your open. Thats the way it works

Aim better? that wasn't even my point from balancing, its was just another simple fact.

Your whining over something so small and stupid. You act like it breaks the game.

you use SKILL??

its a game buddy. Don't give your self that much credit

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@Canteu said:

@Napalm: No, no i did not. I just see imbalances as soon as they are presented to me. Freeze gun doesn't work on airborne targets. It doesn't freeze heavy body types either.

Shotgun is almost OHK on mighty, which is a bit too much.

The bow is a OHK, to any part of the body. It's for twats, who like to sit in corners and don't understand the meaning of the sheer amount of fun to be had by any of the other weapons and tactics.

Case in point, Arthur was using the bow on the TNT. This man is a soulless fun dumpster.

Other than the fact you have to have the bow fully pulled back and it is very easy to miss your shot, (also it doesn't instantly kill the latter two body types)

I've used the bow a few times to see what it was like. very odd weapon to use in a FPS. rather just stick to the old dawn patrol, but the fact you whine about the bow and think the Shotgun is basically fair make it sound more like you don't have a fucking clue about imbalances in a game.

Honestly, the game is so hectic in very tight corridors that at the end of it, it doesn't really matter a lot of the time and the people using bows are super easy to kill on there own.

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The Japanese film HOUSE is pretty fucking odd...then again it IS Japanese so, I don't know if it should even count.