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I thought the game was going to be garbage from everything I seen, so the reviews I have read acutally sound really, really good. It's certainly not something I would pay 60 dollars for, but I'll be very interested once the price drops down around 30 or so.

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early things to focus on is speech, hacking, and depending on the way you play, upgrading your storage size. I also found the double takedown aug very useful and if you are going stealth i would focus on invisibility aug with a faster battery charge. I wouldn't even bother upgrading more batteries and I never found the 6 stealth augs useful at all. The jumping and falling augs a very useful later on and can open different avenues. If you are going through all the side stuff and buying kits then you won't have any shortage of aug upgrades before too long.

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I don't know much about IGN as I don't really visit there site, but that was a terrible review. I don't look for much in a review and I could care less about the score, I just a simple breakdown of the flow and features that the game presents and if they are fun or not. That review basically told me fuck all. It was nice to know that there is a possibility for lots of side quests, but that's all I got from it.
Personally, I think the game looks like junk. However, It could be great and if people are looking forward to it then that is always a positive, but this is a game I would need some more informed opinions on. IGN's review was not informative in the least and felt more like a very short preview than an actually play through.

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When waiting for a lift in Picus, I baricaded the 2 entrances to the room with heavy objects, so didn't have to fight anyone at all. Dudes couldn't get into the room :)

I love hearing how people solved this part of the game.

I just hid in the crawlspace under the stairs until the doors opened and used my 3-seconds of cloak to sneak up over the rail and into the elevator. Did anyone actually have trouble at this part?

haha, I agree...I didn't even move from the security computer area. I just set there waiting for the elevator. when the door opened I just cloaked and went into the elevator. I didn't even realize that this was apparently a hard part of the game.
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I check the GB Skyrim forum every day and I appreciate you digging up every little thing so that I don't have to. Keep at it.

I agree with this. I don't have much time to serf around and look for things...I manly can just check my email and check a couple other sites during the weekdays so it is nice to get some updated info, however small, on basically the only game for the rest of the year I am interested in buying on launch.
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It is a very easy S rank. The E books were the hardest for me as a couple of them are hidden well. One of the early one's, (like the second one) is under a box in a control room just before you meet the dude that shoots himself.....
Also, the pacifist achievement is very easy as the game gives you just as many non lethal options as lethal...The only thing that fucked that achievement up for me was at the ending boss. I won't spoil anything, but the last boss has a few guys that run out of little rooms and the floor will become electrified at times. If they die from the floor than it fucks your achievement. You have to stun them with the P.E.S.P (I think its called) while they are still in their little rooms. It makes no sense to me becasue the achievement states that as long as they don't die from your hands your fine, but I reloaded at the beginning of the fight and that was the only thing i did different and it worked.
As for the tranq dart gun...it was all I used and I never used gas grenades. All the boss's can be dealt with very easily on whatever difficulty without any armor upgrade simply by using the stun gun on them and if you want, throwing mines around them.

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They're very easy even on the hardest difficulty setting. Stun them, kill them with something while stunned. Takes about 20-30 seconds.

They are boring and bad however.

this is exactly what i did on hardest difficulty expect for the the final dude. The last guy I just ran to the right side of  the room and shot explosive rounds at him from cover. I don't know if the ending would be considered a boss fight or not...I just stayed in one of the rooms that opened up until the overload thing had happened took a couple shots at her.
Like everyone else says, the boss fights were a major flaw in an otherwise great game along with some questionable A.I.  To me, it cheapens the experience and takes me completely out of the world they created and back into some odd video gamey atmosphere.
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I'm not huge on achievements, but they can add some value and some times help to explore a game a little more. I only find multiplayer achievements annoying when they become utterly ridiculous and sometimes almost impossible. The one that always comes to mind is the Ghost Recon one where you had to be top player on the leader boards or something like that.
 I think prefect dark had one that was along the lines of play 2500 games online or something like that. If someone played that game for 2500 match's online then they deserve some sort of frozen cherry flavored treat.

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They claim in one of the loading screens that you will not be able to upgrade them all, but I had all the augs the OP had with the exception of the full Armour upgrades and maybe one of the accuracy ones and I might have taken out 20 guys the whole time. I didn't even get the 'knock out 50 guys achievement' my first play through, and I missed buying two Priaxis kits, so I am sure you can get damn close.
I found I didn't even upgrade my guy at all once I got hacking, invisibility,falling damage and faster battery recharge, so it wasn't till around the end that I put points on all the other things.  I also found upgrading more battery's was completely pointless, at least to me.
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it says anyone killed by your hands, does it count if you turn turrets and robots against their buddies?

If you use turrets and robots you will not get it. I don't think you can throw things at people either. The two achievements for not killing anyone and setting off alarms are really easy once you get full invisibility. You can basically sprint from one room to the next without anyone really bothering you as long as you can hide in cover awhile to charge the bar up.
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I find it interesting that one can judge someone's character and intelligence based solely on a game and how they enjoy it.