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Back up your entire computer to an external harddrive so you can then import all those files onto the new laptop

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Well if you do that then you're doubling the amount of files on your iPod. You have the ones you can play and the ones you can access in a seperate folder. If you have the space, go for it. Otherwise I'd invest in an external hard drive and save yourself time and grief should your computer crash

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if you're running Mac OS X 10.6 [[I'm sure you can do it with previous versions, but 10.6 is all I've worked with]] then there is a program called Time Machine. Get an external hard drive [[I'd work with Western Digital but if you have the funds go with LaCie]] and plug it in. Then open up Time Machine and follow the instructions it gives you. From there you can schedule backups, how often to do it and so on. 
If you're running Windows  7 there is a program or option [[probably on the control panel]] called Back Up and Restore. Use that the same way I mentioned before. Plug in the hard drive and then follow the instructions. 
If you're running Windows Vista then it's the same thing as Windows 7. Go to the control panel and click on Backup and Restore Center. 
Hope this helps!

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@Laketown: Damn, I need to get some of that in my iTunes pronto.
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Oh, are you running on a Mac or PC?

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My longest song is 1 01 Neroli (Thinking Music, Part, IV) by Brian Eno stopping at 57:56. I win?

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@gakon5: Hey there sir. First time popping back into the Giant Bomb Forums and who comes to "last replied"? Thee, sir.
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I'll load up on whatever I got and hit him with all I can then aim to start stabbing away at him.

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Hmmmm. Maybe I'll make another thread for that and title it "RE5 final boss help." to keep it spoiler free.

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@Jiggah: Oh...you have to do enough damage...well that's good know. Good think I have 800 gold left.  -_____- Thank you for informing me though. I wonder if you can get online and do the campaign?
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