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Going to try the raid Saturday morning (9AM EST). We should have 4 so far, all lvl 28-29. Anyone interested reply here and send me a message! GT: RawknRo11a

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yea, I have been wondering the same thing... the $60 version of Driveclub is in the store but I've searched high and low and can seem to find the PS+ version...

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Up For Download in US


yep, just noticed this. Lately microsoft has been jumping then gun on digital releases. First the Dark Souls 2 DLC a day early (Old Iron King on 360) and now D4! Can't wait to dive into this!

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awesome! thanks for the heads up!

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I could be down for this. Resident Evil and thus the Gamecube remake hold a special place in my gaming history. Memories...

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I occasionally work at gamestop (2nd job, mainly for the discount)

may have accidentally hit the button. after scanning the barcode the POS throws a bunch of probts up, things like: Of age to buy M rated games? Purchase Warranty? and a few others I can't think of at the moment. So it is possible he just hit the wrong button and added it. Hell, most of the time I don't even ask people if they want the warranty, 99% of people don't want it.

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everyone was all "don't upgrade to Windows 8..." Man, now I'm missing out out dat Bingo action...

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Hearing JEFF talk about this on the podcast has me wanting to upgrade to Windows 8 (dumb, I know) but not gonna happen unless I can find it for insanely cheap...

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I was a bit worried about the whole Vinny moving back east thing but it seems like it has made for even more content.

Also really enjoying Dan playing World of Warcraft since I never really jumped on the MMO train so it's fun to see someone else who has no idea what that game is about.