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@moonlightmoth: thanks for Broforce. Played a little this afternoon and it's freakin' awesome!

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Damn, always sucks to hear when someone as influential as he was to punk music passes. Actually just listened to them in the first time in a long time the other day....

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It's up now (premium, obviously) and MAN this is something special...

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K, if your having problems getting into chat this is what I did.

Log out, Go into the livestream while still logged out. Chat was showing for me at this point. Log back in and go back to the livestream.

Don't know why but this seemed to do something...

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@alkusanagi: Yea, I've even tried flushing my dns, no luck...

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@davidmerrick: have to agree with you. Speaking of Ryan, having a glass of Eagle Rare with ONE ice cube while I watch in honor of the man...

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we should probably get ahold of them and let them know the chat has frred itself from our chains of oppresion

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yea, saw this as well. As most have said, I enjoyed Murdered. Scratched that adventure game itch, plus you got to be a cat!

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@sammo21 said:

@development: I am all for diversity, but most people who complain about it in cases like this simply want it to feel good. They want people like Jeff to ignore whoever the best applicant was, or the best person he had in mind, and to simply hit a checkbox on whatever demographic, sexual orientation, etc that they are wanting to see. I don't really get that.

Your claim that people only bring up the lack of diversity among the staff to makes themselves feel better is utterly baseless, and a really cheap way to avoid the issue. If you're going to argue for the status quo, at least do so in good faith.

I think the point he was trying to make is that alot of these people start this stuff so they can be like "I'm making a difference!" or "I'm fighting for change" or whatever. The simple fact is, Jeff will hire the people he feels are the best fit. If those people happened to be a woman or an african american those are the ones he would have hired.

In this case Dan Ryckert is the best hire. (Although, I was kinda hoping they'd get Jeff Green)