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So, tonight I decided to play through episode 2 of Walking Dead season 2 and episode 2 of The Wolf Among Us. At one point in the Wolf Among Us I realized Beauty's voice sounded really familiar... Did some digging (on IMDB) and turns out Clementine and Beauty are voiced by the same person, Melissa Hutchinson.

Also, to make things even more awesome she apparently also did the voice of Anna Graham in Deadly Premonition.

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I don't see why those can't run at the same time. One is premium and the other isn't.

ummm... they both say they are Premium... besides, there's only one livestream/chat room as far as I know

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playing a copy on the 360 I borrowed from work (not my primary place of enployment), and it seems fine. Oddly, no split screen in Garden Ops (horde mode) which is available on the Xbox One version. Other than that the 360 version is completely fine.

And yea, I'm having alot more fun with it than I thought I would. Kinda a silly, relaxed multiplayer shooter with some really goofy mechanics.

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Awesome. Never see this kind of community support on other websites. Nice work duder!

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Bought my Xbox One at launch and yea it would have been cool to get Titanfall (or any game, for that matter) for free but think about this: This is a $500 dollar purchase, if an additional $60 for a game is an issue you should maybe take a little time to think through your purchases. I was pretty sure something like this would happen, but it didn't stop me. Plus, as I think someone pointed out I think the Titanfall included is a code for a digital copy. Not sure how Comcast would feel about me downloading something that big on top of all the crap I've bought on steam and the Xbox 360 sale lately...

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as a part time employee as my second job I can tell you yes, this should not be any problem.

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Grabbed Giana Sisters. Thanks, similar to VierasTalo I owned all the others in the bundle and couldnt justify buying the bundle for one game.

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Yea, this is a pretty awesome bundle. Unfortunately in the last steam sale I bought Gaucamelee, AntiChamber and the Swapper, and I already own everything but Gianna Sisters on Xbox 360...

If anyone hasn't played a majority of the games in this bundle they should definitely jump on this.

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Very cool. So many references. In particular I really liked the Silent Hill one. got a good chuckle out of me.

As usual, your stuff is super talented. Keep it up duder!