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I'm concerned that for some reason you wouldn't really be that cross about killing your wife for money, the only down side to it is that you might suffer eternal god wrath.

How can you on one hand put so much stock in material things (money) so much so that you are only shied away from it by fear of eternal damnation. If you knew, YOU KNEW, that there was no after life and that you only have this one life why would you completely snuff out the one life someone else had for a slightly bigger TV and apartment?

Sometimes I just don't quite understand the human psyche.

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Cool baby knows what's up!
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Oh man I want to put cool baby in every picture!

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I have learned how to slap images onto other images, I am a god at photoshop!
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I had my Halo 3 console stop reading discs on me, so I let my ex scavenge it for parts for her 360.

My original ps2 died on me so I had to go out and get a slim to replace it. It still works even while I've been playing the Persona games a lot the past month or two.

I also had a video card die on me but that is about it.

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Fuck yes, I think I love you!

I'll be waiting patiently for Hardcore Dave and Alex!

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Where is the eh I just live here option?

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Sessmoney; he's always been the saving grace of G4 since they took removed all traces of TechTv

Brothers McElroy; Love them on MBMBaM and their humor and wit makes them two of the best in the business

Dan Ryckert; Though he likes to play the idiot for the amusement of others he is very smart and a great writer.

Andrew Reiner; Great writer and one of the top talents at GameInformer

Dan Hsu; One of those people that has been all over the industry and has only gotten better and better at their job.

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It's so nice to see so many MBMBaMbinos here


The Satellite Dish, it's a show with Justin and Sydnee Mcelroy in which they talk about Tv shows

Irrational Podcasts (done by Irrational Games)

Rooster Teeth Podcast (or drunktank)

The Game Informer show (I love Dan Ryckert)

The Tolkien Professor