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are we still doing this?
Humble indie bundle 2/3

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@H2Oyea: Yea, my bestfriend passed away not too long ago still can't come to terms with it very well regardless of how I try.
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@GunslingerPanda: You too? God I hate that girl!
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As much as I pride myself on being able to articulate fairly well with the written word, sitting down and trying to make your feelings come across while writing, still seems to be something that is difficult for me. I have a weird compulsion lately where before I go to sleep, I feel the need to put something up on facebook trying to describe my feelings for people and what they mean to me. I tend to write status updates before I fall asleep trying to express my feelings for someone or several people, such as tonight where I tried to let the most important people to me, know how much I love and appreciate them.
I know in essence what I'm doing is trying to get over the guilt I have for not telling my best friend how much I love him and appreciate him. I know he knew it, but I look back and realize I didn't tell him as often as I should. I'm getting emotional up in this bitch.
Besides the obvious suggestion of you guys making sure everyone you love knows how much you love and appreciate them, how do you guys deal with loss? That doesn't involve drinking cause I have that one down pat.

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Burritos are hella good, god dammit now I want a burrito look what you did!!!
Portal, please and thank you

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@matthias2437: How is IDTech4 your favorite engine? That's like someone saying the Gamebryo is their favorite engine.
For just general all around versatility I'm going to have to go with Unreal 3.
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@PeasantAbuse: I've already made it through highschool, not everyone on here is a teenager.
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I have no idea what is going on and what we are supposed to be outraged about, but someone used the word fag and now i'm pissed.
Also why are you getting so bent out of shape that people are disliking something that you did? You only assume that it's because it's tangentially related to something someone else did, maybe that handful of people don't like your review and seeing as how you keep deleting and putting it back up feel the need to make sure that your review has their score on it.

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@crusader8463: Gotta love the Penny Arcade show it's soo well done, and I love just listening to Mike and Jerry talk about basically anything. I miss their podcasts and I really loved listening to them.
I'll have to check out these extra credits show, i've never watched it before. I hardly ever remember to go onto the escapist anymore. 
Also, yes kurts comic is terrible but the blaminations are decent.
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I've just started Space Marine and the game is fun as hell, I really enjoy the multiplayer I think it's a really well done game. I'm probably going to pick up Dead Island, and I will eventually get back into Deus ex:HR but other games have my attention for the moment. I'm going to grab Hard Reset as the team making it is really awesome and i'm a fan of the setting. I'll need to grab the Blood Rayne XBLA game as it's freaking beautiful as hell. I've been playing the MK Arcade game with friends here and there, i'm still debating whether or not to get Driver as the game wasn't great when i played the demo (the car controls really weird for me. I'm definitely going to be playing Gears 3 though.
Also, Portal please and thank you