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I'm NOT saying that man had any right to chase the kid and kill him because of what he wore, I'm saying that I can see the logic in someone mistaking an innocent person for a bad guy because of a suspiciously-worn hoodie.
Again, I know I'm sounding like I'm defending the guy, but I'm not. My original point was that suspecting someone for wearing a hoodie is NOT entirely groundless.

he wasn't suspecting him for wearing a hoodie, not really, he was suspecting him for being not white, so this argument is somewhat pointless.

I was originally replying to the guy who said that there's no reason to associate hoodies with criminals, that was the point of my post. So yeah you're right we got sidetracked by a pointless and inaccurate discussion :P

I'm going to have to say that associating hoodies with criminals is rather stupid. I associate ski masks with criminals before I would associate hoodies, hoodies are a popular piece of clothing. More than half of every high school I went to people wore hoodies on a daily basis. You should not associate an item with intent, I've noticed a lot of criminals wear converse. I should beat the shit out of the next person I see wearing converse. It's a 13 year old girl, she should have known better than to wear those kinds of shoes where others could see them. Should have taken off her shoes and held them aloft as a sign of good faith as she walked through the good neighborhoods.

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Fuck Geraldo Rivera for putting any blame what so ever on a clothing item for the murder of a young man. Next are you going to tell me that the clothes women wear are just to blame for them being raped?

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Cause it's Dean, also this was actually my reaction

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:( video got taken down before I could see it.

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I've been with you guys since the arrow pointing down podcast and I'm not going to second guess you guys now. Congrats GLHB

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Adam Sessler is fucking amazing, intelligent and well spoken and if this totalbiscuit guy is nothing like him then I probably hate him.

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Don't buy the dlc, it's a waste of money. Nothing new is learned and there are no choices that you can make/that effect mass effect 3.

Bottom line Shephard destroys a mass relay by pushing an asteroid into it and killing a billion Batarians. He did this to postpone the reaper invasion by not allowing them to use the relay and making them travel farther to find another one.

When I say bottom line I mean you can't not do this, there are no choices inside of this dlc.

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I want a picture of the Giant bomb crew ( Vinny, Jeff, Ryan, and Brad) jumping and giving a high five to each other.

Femshep is in this picture somewhere, riding rainbowdash across the sky.

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Couldn't describe it, but I just got my haircut earlier
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I was holding out hope for japan in the edo period, or china hence the fact that assassins creed embers ended with basically having a chinese assassin looking for ezios help. I don't think I'm going to like the period much, especially considering the fact that nothing was sprawling during the time period and place. It was a couple buildings that made them up.