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X-com, if you please

and thank you

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This would probably be way more "WTF?!" if they dug a tunnel under said swimming pool, dragged dead guys and girls down under the pool and then set them on fire.

I totally expected this to be happening......

You disappoint me with this pussy footing around UK.... Shame on you.

Yea, this is what I pictured when I read the headline. Thanks for disappointing me OP!

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I didn't realize that the new vox site was up with the Mcelroy's, let me go take a look.

*comes back*

Oh, jesus that site is horrendous! How are you expected to navigate that mess?

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The entire time I read this as Pants in the oven, I was becoming increasingly concerned as I read more and more replies.

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As an aside I'm a little annoyed with the title, only because it's a featured article that the guys at official xbox magazine do.

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You need more important things in your life to worry about.

This pretty much sums it up

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I jump on Swtor and listen to MBMBaM, when I come to a conversation I pause and unmute as soon as I'm out of it though MBMBaM is back on!

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Yes, I still play I have a level 46 sith warrior that I've been playing since it launched and I love the game. Then again it looks like i'm in the minority in that I love star wars and never touched WoW. I'm in a very friendly guild and we chat, laugh, have fun, and play the game together. I wasn't looking for this game to be something that blew me away especially because it was an mmo, I wanted more Kotor and that is what I've gotten. Sure you can say that maybe the kotor content is spread out but I love everything about the game.

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Unless Vinny and Jeff both come out and say that they want to do an endurance run and they found the perfect game to do so I don't care about no endurance run.

That said while the Chrono Trigger ER wasn't my cup of tea, I'm glad others enjoyed themselves.