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Applied, it says it's full so if anyone wants to play in a squad or something - PSN: rawrsair

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PSN: rawrsair

Time Zone: England, GMT.

Games: AC4, Battlefield 4, COD: Ghosts, Dead Nation.

Mainly playing Battlefield at the moment, it would be really neat to play with a squad of duders as the Platoon is full.

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I have a Trine 2 Steam key and Eets: Munchies if anyone wants, just pm me.

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Feel free to add me if you want to - rawrserah

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@nictel: Dude, my bad. Completely forgot to change it. Done it now.

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Completely awesome.

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We just had a thunder storm, and it's now raining (which is fairly typical for us brits) but it's still boiling outside (which is not typical).

We moan constantly, if we aren't moaning something is wrong. Very wrong.
If it's wet, we moan. If it's raining, we moan. If it's sunny, we moan.
Most of us do actually like mugs / cups of tea.

Eh, but I love it here.

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@mattyftm: Ill trade Torchlight for your Prison Architect, added you.

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  • Chivalry - 2
  • Torchlight II - 1


  • Kerbal Space Programme.
  • Prision Architect
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  • Scribblenauts Notebook
  • Skyrim
  • Monaco: The Hacker
  • Bioshock Infinite


  • Kerbal Space Program

Steam name: rawrserah / rawrsair (I forget which)