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@iigrayfoxii: Funny how they use that claim of trying to figure out what people enjoy, as if all the fan outcry hasnt been obvious since like Reach. No matter how many people bitch about Halo feeling less like Halo, they keep making every game feel less like Halo. Sad im more excited for this then Halo 5 since 4 was awful.

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@extomar: Reach and ODST are left out because they have nothing to do with Master Chief. Id guess this is just a way to let new players be able to catch up on the whole Chief saga before 5 next year.

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Kinda sad now I want an Xbox One just because Halo 2 is still my favorite multiplayer game ever and I want to play the shit out of it again.

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It was alright except for the part that it likes to freeze up my xbox every few matches.

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Yeah I remember it and Shadow Broker is still better. I kinda hope they get into yet another long stupid argument this year since its just kind of what always happens and id find it far more boring if they just agreed or came to an agreement rather quickly.

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Halo 4 at like 170 hours

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8 months ago people were acting like whiny idiots. To start petitions, and threaten to sue a company over an ending to a stupid video game is insane. The msot I got out of there discussion is that the ending was bad and there are other parts mishandled as well but overall it was still a great game. Still baffles me how people will claim its bad over 10 minutes when the rest of it is really quite good.

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@big_jon: haha I thought so. By the time I posted i figured the glitch would have been fixed so why not turn this into talking about the maps instead of just free or not free

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Glad I got them free since id be pretty mad about paying for them since Harvest is decent, Wreckage is a clusterfuck and Shatter is terrible.

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As someone who has pretty much been a diehard Halo player, Halo 4 pisses me off. Now I wont say that its a bad game since its really quite good and ive had a lot of fun with it, it just has some major issues that if fixed could really make the game as good as it could be. Most of the people complaining on Waypoint are pretty hilarious though some have valid complaints like how the from a competitive setting the DMR is damn near game breaking.