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Fast & Furious 6. Its dumb, its crazy, its fun as hell and very enjoyable. 4 stars.

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Anything off of ...Is A Real Boy by Say Anything.

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Halo: ODST

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Im excited to give it a go and hope its nothing as terrible as Halo 4 was.

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Loving this gamw so far. I mean sure its lacking in a lot of options but people like Alex saying this game is bad are crazy. I've had far more realistic matches play out so far then I have in past games and the slower, more realistic gameplay is great. I especially loved this Punk/Cena match where Cena kept crawling to me and I kept slapping him in the face, but like a good heel Punk I did it once too often leading to Cena countering and having a flurry of offense before I shut it down, tool control, got too arrogant and got caught with an AA and lost. Very realistic, very fun.

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@alistercat: You dont need the update. Live and the Halo servers are just fucked right now since people also have issues connecting to parties to play custom games so id imagine trying to party up for co op is the same struggle.

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@thiago123: Yeah sadly the version in 5 is like blue which at first bugged me. I want Midship to be its iconic purple but oh well. Ill take blue Midship over no Midship.

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@thiago123: They didnt do Midship because it has already been confirmed to be in Halo 5.

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Currently on the Master Chief Collection hype train right now!

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Dont get how anyone says 3 is better then 2, at least from a multiplayer standpoint. The hit detection was bad, the netcode sucked and it had a couple standout maps but many mediocore to bad ones unlike 2 which had far more gems in terms of maps. Overall Ill say 2 is the best because im into multiplayer but from a single player perspective id go with Combat Evolved since the whole thing was full of mystery and intrigue. People can argue that it has The Library, but Cortana from Halo 3 is the worst Halo level of all time.