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There was also an audio only game that came out on Xbox live Indie Games within the first 2 years called "In The Pit". In it, you play a monster in a pit that cant see since the pit is always pitch black, and people get thrown in, and you track them down using the sounds in the game; like their splashing of the ankle deep water or their heartbeat. Even when you hit pause, there were no on screen prompts, as the game just read out the options. It was super cool.

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So, I'm totally into this, I'll hopefully get to play against one of you guys. Fortunately for you, I am a very bad SFIV player, but I will do my best. This is mostly an awesome opportunity to talk to the GiantBomb guys, who are like mini celebrities to me, lol. See you tonight!

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Rock hard, rock forever.

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Awesomeness, please let me get a chance to get this, im really looking forward to giving this DLC a shot.

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going to go to bed, so i can get up early and buy Red Faction. All this talk about video games makes me want to play them!

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Very nice article, and while it might be a bit too soon to see what the Natal really does, I agree with you on all points. That thing looks, as of right now, just straight jankey.

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Well, the 360 gets scarecrow actually, and not the crappy one from the movie, but the badass one from the comic. In all honesty, Scarecrow might be more fun to play from a gameplay perspective, making people go crazy and freak out from their fears.......

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Played it, pretty good. Just about the best DSi game so far, I would say.

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Congratz! Very poetic, indeed.

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Persona is cool,
But Klonoa is better,
I trip out from rings.

The ancient legend
The Glowing Ring in the Dirt
Grab that dude, and Jump!

Hat-less Klonoas
I get hungry for Tacos
Wahoo, free coupon.

Yes, i have a wii.

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