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Jeff is going to an event in NYC at which he is speaking or something before PAX. So he is in fact in Brooklyn.

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Did something happen to the actor to the left for them to replace him with Mr. Generic to the right?

Sadly, my guess (with no insight whatsoever) is that Mr. Left Picture did not focus test well enough. Viewers liked Robb/Jon more and when it came time for Season 4 they evaluated who they could get to be the new heartthrob for the ladies and Daario made sense to get a do-over. I guess no one likes Fabio anymore. =(

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The cardinal rule of Souls games for me is to speak softly, carry a big sword, and if that doesn't work resort to poison arrows to give those jerks what they have coming.

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A true legend. He will be sorely missed.

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I ended up crafting a upgrading a bow SPECIFICALLY for Shrine of Amana. Nothing else was nearly as difficult.

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$74.3 million.

Also if I win, please give someone else the copy of Ni No Kuni. I have one and want someone else to share the joy of Drippy.

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When I started playing DS2, I thought that the game must be so much easier as I was 1 shotting bosses left and right without preparing or any foreknowledge. The first 4 bosses I tried all fell immediately. Then I met this guy: Lost Sinner (also it isn't a guy!) . Who worked me over right good. Since then there have been some easy bosses (Covetous Demon), and more than a couple hard ones (WTF SMELTER DEMON, RAAAAAGGGEEEEEEEEEEEE).

IMO, anyone saying this is too easy needs to keep going. It gets quite a bit harder.

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It could be. For example if the weapon had no scaling at all before, giving the weapon a way to scale might make it better than it was previously when you get your stats up to a certain level.

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@vextroid said:

@basketsnake said:

He's going to create an exact replica of his old studio, only inverted.

The studio better be called 200.6%

The best name for a studio ever.

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I still barely believe that gif of Sen's Fortress. I died on that bridge SO MANY TIMES.