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Even as a person who knows quite a bit about Dota, I like tuning into this every now and then. They have a really relaxed pace and are great for putting on in the background while I'm not focusing on the action. Good stuff.

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@lawgamer said:

This game has all the markings of a major upset. If Germany wants to go through, they need to do something drastic. Something unprecedented.

Yes, for Germany to win, Joachim Loew must . . .

. . . un-coordinate his outfit!

Impossible. A german cannot un-coordinate.

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This game is turning out WAY more interesting than expected. Algeria are playing amazingly and have as much right (maybe more) to advance as Germany. Extra time, here we go!

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I think Brad and Jeff could trade off hosting to give some variety to the cast. It would be the best of all worlds. SHAKE IT UP.

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Post above me nails it. Oberyn was clearly looking for a reason to start a war (or maybe restart one? I'm not clear on if Dorne was at war with the Lannisters before or what side they were on during Robert's Rebellion), and now being killed and getting the confession out of the Mountain, it seems like Dorne has its reasons.

As an aside, is it clear that the Mountain is dead? He didn't seem totally dead.

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Some things to think about as you go into Fantasy Dota (assuming you are attempting to win, and not just doing it for laughs).

Some tips for all you duders as I am already in a league with my friends:

  • Players get points for ALL games played during the season. That means matches outside of the International count. There are numerous big LAN events coming up (ESL One, Dreamhack, The Summit - off the top of my head and I have no idea what events are going on in China and the SEA region), and there are lots of players going to these. I would argue players on those teams are more valuable than ones not attending.
  • You can add/drop players later as in regular fantasy football (pick up players playing today, drop them when they are done tomorrow).
  • Rat dota (a term referring to winning by attrition essentially) is great for fantasy Dota. Longer games = more points. So if every player on your team only plays 60+ minute games this can be very boring to watch, but great for your fantasy points.
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Is it just me or is it weird that the editor job it up for grabs like that? ... I would have imagined that they have someone in mind they want for a spot like that.

There are lots of legal reasons that hiring requirements have to be generic and applicable to many people. California law can be particular about this sometimes. (I don't know how this works in other parts of the country or world, though) It can be illegal to give a position to a certain person without first seeing if there are other similarly qualified applicants and giving them a shot at the spot too. In fact, I think it might be possible to sue on that basis (if such a thing were somehow provable). So posting the job this way not only covers their ass legally speaking, but who knows what can happen? Maybe someone awesome they haven't thought of yet will apply. The big drawback, of course, is that you are sure to get TONS of under-qualified applicants (this appears to be true for just about every job these days, I'm sure a GB position is no different and with these low requirements probably much worse) who will waste the time of the people who have to read their applications and resumés. You win some, you lose some. (Source: I know people who work in HR for a big company: ~5k employees)

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From most to least, but anything on the list is a lot higher than anything not mentioned.

  • Suikoden VI (and hell while I'm dreaming just release II, III, and V on PSN. You can skip IV though, screw that game).
  • Demon's Souls 2 (Sony plz)
  • Dark Souls 3 (dat PC version)
  • Fallout 4 (might as well be announced, its happening)
  • Another Fire Emblem (a la Awakening)
  • More Bravely Default
  • More Tactics Ogre
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$61.4 Million.

I am happy to pass on the DS2 copy (already have one), as long as my extremely well thought out number is totally credited as the winner. =)

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That enemy sitting under the tree in that area is holding something for you...