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Chrono Cross has the better music but Suikoden II is the better game by a wide margin.

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The continued death of Konami breaks my heart. Knowing that I will never get another Suikoden (good on them for finally getting Suikoden II out there on PSN), makes me sad.

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My permanent approach with all Netherrealm games (until I see change from their end) is to wait for the inevitable GOTY edition that includes everything the year or whatever after release. Usually the community is still OK and the game is often much more fun when all the moves are understood. At least I prefer to play fighting games that way.

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The games I'm most excited about @jeff didn't even mention on this list. I'm sure he's mostly trying to think of $60 box on store shelf kind of games, but those are mattering less and less these days. On PC there barely even exists such a thing as boxes on shelves.

Pillars of Eternity releases Late March. After loving Divinity: Original Sin, I can't wait to sink my time into this game. PC exclusive as there is just about no way you can play this kind of game on a console well (see Dragon Age Origins). Hell this game alone would have been a reason for me to buy a PC back in the heyday of the Infinity Engine games. That this thing isn't getting more big press is insane to me. It has easily been my most expected game since Christmas, and now its almost out!

Broken Age Part 2. I adored the first half of the game and can't wait to see where the story goes. Def not coming to a store shelf (unless you are a kickstarter backer maybe? I dunno how their reward tiers went).

Xenoblade Chronicles X 2015 for Japan, though I bet we have to wait for 2016 to get it stateside. So prolly doesn't count. Still hyped for this one though as I also really liked the "series" going back as far as Xenogears on PS1.

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Thank goodness you can customize the main character. That design they have for him is pretty awful. I don't mind the faces as much as some others seem to but holy smokes that MC looks so bland.

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For real, Smaug dies like 20 pages before the end of the book so it isn't surprising that he dies early in the movie. The real and continuing surprise is that the movie somehow has any worth desptite being 1/3rd of a movie. The book was a children's tale that should have been 1 movie or less. Getting 3 movies out of 1 book is already pretty good.

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It was up for a brief window at $5.99, but they fixed that and its back for $9.99 now. Worth it in either case.

Suikoden II is legitimately my favorite PS1 RPG. I like it better than FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, Xenogears and all the rest of the hallowed and revered collection there. Suikoden I isn't as great as II, but it is an easy game to get through (25-30 hours for a PS1 RPG is short), and the save import stuff into Suikoden II is really cool. Everyone that never had a chance to play this game needs to give it a chance. It has auto-battle to deal with the "grindy" nature of old school RPGs, and characters that are behind in levels will catch up quite fast. I think the 2D nature of the graphics lends it a more timeless quality than some of the early 3D stuff being done on the PS1 (FFVII I'm looking at you).

Please play this game if you haven't, it really is a great game.

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And another big point is that a lot of the recently shipped games (at least the ones I've played: Civ:BE, Mordor, & Valkyria Chronicles) have had weird issues running at Refresh rates above 120Hz at least at release. I know Civ:BE got a patch pretty close after release that took care of some of that stuff. Valkyria looks like it works well most of the time but encounters weird bugs with high refresh rates (like some things are being done faster than they should have, equipment wearing out early, taking more crossfire, etc). Mordor had reports at launch of it straight up not running at 144Hz. You had to drop down to 120Hz or less to get the game to boot, but those were again fixed in a patch after a week or two.

I'm sure it will get better with time as more PC devs get used to that hardware being out there, but be warned that you need to be ready to deal with that stuff.

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Nice to see Vavle at least trying to clean up the Early Access mess. I doubt this will stem the tide of junk being shoved in there, but hopefully it will at least slow it down and maybe make some dev consider skipping it altogether.

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That DA article from Kotaku is quite a great read. Thanks for the good links, Scoops! Now all I want is that Valkyria Chronicles QL:Solo =)