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I really liked my Monk before the Crusader came along. Now I feel like I have a hard time going back.

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I actually ended up deleting all my characters after Loot 2.0 came out, right before Reaper of Souls dropped. I really didn't like the AH, and liked even less that I was forced to use it to stay current. I salvaged all the items in my stash, but kept the gems, and obviously the money. While I may not have been able to go back to starting completely pure, I feel like I was able to wash the crap of the AH off. It felt good, and now Diablo 3 is the game I really always wanted.

Did anyone else go through a similar soft reset on their D3 account?

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Hey my Friend Code is 0688-5250-9512. Name is Kesith.

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@grantheaslip: Not tying it to the main story gives is a much cleaner ending though. While the story itself could have been fleshed out with more, even say something as basic as a "Someone has been kidnapped" thing, it is nice knowing that this demo puts a bow on itself at the end. That way the demo keeps its very optional appeal. Doesn't force players to try it lest they miss something.

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I am honestly surprised Index went for as much as it did.

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@chaser324: Vita only? I would think more 360 and PS3/Vita, maybe with cross buy/play for saves. Figure that not nearly enough people have a Vita to make that game a system exclusive.

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If it's after 8PM, beer. If I am gaming during the day, water.

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I dunno, I mean maybe it's because I started with Persona 4 Golden, but I like the newer Chie voice. The old voice sounded oddly...mature for a high-schooler. The newer one sounds more in line with how I would imagine a kung-fu obsessed teenage girl to sound.

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Especially with Patrick off in Chi-town, the Bombcast could definitely benefit from a new person being on all the time. Going from 5 regulars down to 3 is really harsh, and Drew offers a fresh voice.

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All-Stars is a really great collection, even if Lost Levels make me want to punch a baby.

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