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Telltale Presents: PSN Network Engineer: It's All Down All The Time

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Telltale Presents: God of War

Telltale Presents: Pawn Stars

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I was just sitting around here at work, and I was thinking about how there is that Telltale Minecraft game coming out, and how that sounds like a weird idea. Now I am trying to come up with the worst setting for a "Telltale Presents" game. Anyone want to join me in some harmless title creating? So far I have "Telltale Presents: The Real Housewives of New Jersey" and "Telltale Presents: Call of Duty"

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I'll still be getting this, but probably just on day 2 this time. I feel a little burned by Unity's technical problems. Otherwise I am still really into the series.

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@finaldasa: Well it seems they're offering the game as a "We're sorry" thing. And I think they cancelled the season pass so people don't buy it simply to get a free game. I think once the goodwill campaign is over, it will be available again.

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While it would be nice if games just shipped in a more finished state, this is the right sort of response when it doesn't. If anything, this sort of expensive goodwill campaign will make companies like Ubisoft invest more in making sure the game isn't so technically flawed in the future.

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PSN: Kesith

Time Zone: Eastern US

I don't play a ton of multiplayer, but I am looking to change that. Picking up AC:U, CoD:AW and maybe even Diablo 3 this week. CoD is way outside of my comfort zone and will be my first attempt at a game in that series, so feel free to laugh at me.

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I really appreciate the sentiment here that "Silence does not equal complicity". Honestly I don't watch Anita Sarkeesian's videos. I tried and found them boring, so I turned them off. I felt no need to destroy her life over them. People who want to fight this fight on either side are more than welcome to do so, and all seem like crazy people in some form or another. What I don't like is the idea that me not getting involved makes me complicit in the hate. I have my own life to deal with, as does everyone else. The idea that just because a social issue has cropped up, I have to take notice and participate, devoting my time and energy to it is silly. I just want to spend my days being a good person and really not get in the way of anyone who wants to accomplish anything. I get the feeling a lot of people are like this as well, but too often get thrown under bus for "not doing their part" to stop the general insanity going on. I feel like I am doing my part simply by not adding to it. Thanks for the post @jeff, it was nice seeing this sort of not...extreme view of things.

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Hey if anyone wants to add me, my FC is 0688-5250-9512 and I have Pokemon X. My trainer name is Kesith