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A Fun History Lesson 1

I don't know why I downloaded Game Dev Tycoon. It was on sale? Maybe. I don't normally play these management simulation games, as I tend to really suck at them, and bankruptcy happens kind of fast. Whether it is Sim City, and losing my city and getting annoyed, or Lemonade Stand and spending too much on sugar, I am used to seeing a game over screen, or getting frustrated and quitting. There are tons of cities I have abandoned, businesses given up, people left leaderless; they’re probably better ...

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Persona 3 Portable Review 0

After finishing Persona 4 Golden for the second time, my lost love of Japanese RPG’s was suddenly awakened. Granted, I started a new playthrough of P4G also, but I craved something new, something in that genre I had not really sunk my teeth into in so long. Despite craving something new, I still craved the smart writing, well developed battle system and contemporary setting of Persona. So instead of going back to another medieval-inspired JRPG, I simply went to the PSN store and downloaded Perso...

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A Great iOS Title 0

I am not huge into iOS games. I have a few on my phone, but there are mainly left unused. Once in a while though, something comes my way that sucks me in and doesn't let go. 10000000 is such a game. Pretty much from the minute I started in with the game I was hooked. First of all, the way you play this game is immediately apparent. We have all been here before, the match-three style of game made famous by Bejeweled. However, instead of simply matching colors for score, you match icons to do diff...

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Potential Wasted 0

Assassin’s Creed Liberation is a really odd game. It is a game of combined successes and failures that come together to make a game while original, is not totally great. Let’s talk about some high points though. You know, to kick things off.First of all, this is a console quality game put on a handheld. The Vita is a powerful little device, and its ability to show off Colonial-era New Orleans is nothing short of astounding. While I encountered minor frame-rate issues when too many enemies came o...

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Mark of the Ninja Review 0

God I normally suck at stealth games. They require a patience that I usually lack. It's actually a little sad. Keeping myself perched in one position and waiting is typically so hard for me. Studying patrol routes and waiting for that perfect moment was something that always eluded me. It was never satisfying, I never got the how it could be. Being raised on faster affairs certainly did not ingratiate me to the rigors of stealth gaming; I basically resigned myself to it never being my cup of tea...

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