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No problems cranking the game to max on my GTX 680. Looks great on PC. Dont see any of the screen tearing during cut scenes that i heard about in the console reviews.

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Still can't believe it

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Unbelievable. Definitely going to miss him.

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Seems to be a disconnect between how the fans view this series and how the marketers and developers do (also thinking about some of the awkward jokes in the game itself).

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Awesome. Was going to pick it up on my 360 but would rather have it on PC.

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I was ok with the ending just let down by the galactic readiness not paying off.

I was hoping for a battle cut scene that would show off all the people i brought to the fight. I figured they would have made little clips for each of the readiness bonuses and just stitched those in during the end battle. They did that for the Normandy upgrades in 2, the collector base assault would play slightly different scenes depending on your upgrades. Figured maybe i would see a couple clips while on the ground even. Quick shot of an Elcor with shoulder mounted weapons etc. Im sure that last space battle was shown slightly different if you let the Quarians die but i guess i was looking for a bit more huurah about the stuff i spent time collecting the entire game.
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Great article. Would be neat if Damon gets back to you.

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People are crazy. Even if you disagree with the ending the 20-30 hours before that is great.

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I think they should save themselves the extra work and remove user reviews on metacritic or not allow them till the game has been out more then a week.