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I was fooled a couple of times over the few days seeing the MGScanlon in 'Latest Premium Content.' 'Oh theres a new one?' 'Oh..'

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@darson said:

Capcom published it as well?


In Japan. Sort of like how EA published Final Fantasy 7 in certain territories.

Square Enix also publishes Call of Duty and Diablo in Japan.

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@mb said:

Some topics are classics and should never be forgotten, even if they're really dumb. Maybe especially if they're really dumb.

I think with legendary threads like these and all the stuff Jeff said about how the sites turning into them just being able to do dumb stuff the site should undergo a name change -

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1 hour min, 2 hour max. They're generally on the shorter side of that, he had a bit of trouble in the most recent video...

I think this can be safely applied to every part of the Metal Gear Scanlon series thus far and in perpetuity. (Sorry, Drew.)

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Not justifying the jokes because I don't think they're done all that well and I also ended up hating Rufus after the first game because he's just an unlikeable snarky dickhole but some of the quoted could be explained with attempts at Black Comedy and Gallows Humour.

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I immediately judge anyone who self identifies themselves with any label. It just feels desperate like they're trying to cling to some perceived ideal of what that label is. If you are in fact that thing you say you are then you wouldn't need to proclaim it you would just be it.

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Always and forever.

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Ctrl + F 'Virtual Springfield' 0 of 0 :(

I played the shit out of Virtual Springfield as a kid. 'Played' may be a subjective term as it's more like Google Street View: Springfield Edition with some limited interactivity but as a kid who was way into The Simpsons at the time it was pretty fun to delve in and check out all the references and call backs to episodes.

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For some reason I always thought Fortune Street was really boring and didn't find it nearly as fun as everyone else.


I have tried to watch the Fortune Street video multiple times but I just find it incredible boring. Mario Party on the other hand was great.

Question: You guys ever played/ got into Monopoly? It's the same kind've deal, being a land owner, being a dick. It was hilarious to watch everyone get in the landlord/slumlord persona and prophesying what districts were on the come up or come down and their need to 'get out' or bet big.